Aloe Research Pack

Rodney Stockton’s Aloe Research Packet PREAMBLE Mr. Rodney Stockton liked to provide every new customer with an aloe vera gel “Information Packet”. He kept hundreds of these packets ready to give to anyone needing to learn more about the benefits of aloe vera gel. Some of the copies were 8th, 9th, and 10th generation copies […]

Admiral Frank Voris MD

PREAMBLE   APPROVES ALOE OINTMENT Rodney M Stockton was requested by the Federal Government to serve as a “Member of Space Medicine Branch of Aeropspace Medical Association” where he served for nine years during the Cold War with Russia. If the Cold war accelerated, the U.S. Government planned to stock pile ALOE OINTMENT in every […]

Oral Toxicity Aloe Vera Gel

PREAMBLE NO TOXICITY REPORT ACUTE ORAL LD50 TOXICITY STUDY ALOE GEL FOR ALOE CREME LABORATORIES, INC. This Clinical Research Report is the sole property of ALOE CREME LABORATORIES, INC., Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This Clinical Research Study was made by an Independent Testing Laboratory recognized by the FDA and represents positive conclusions and is based on […]

Experimental Thermal Burns

PREAMBLE   We were unable to locate the original publisher of this document and chose to reproduce this important document to preserve the information. We were unable to locate the next page and additional references if they exist. In essence, this research proved that Aloe #1® Ointment proved the rapid regeneration of tissue, and healed […]

Aloe Youth Derm Ointment Testimonial

Please see the PREAMBLE The following note was written on two pieces of a doctors medical prescription pad marked “Form M D 215-1 July 1947 PRINTED IN U.S.A.”. Dr. Alice Eliclas, M.D. from 1 Madison Avenue, New York 10, NY TELEPHONE MURRAY HILL 3-7000 refers to aloe-creme. Alo was Mr. Stocktons early product name. The […]

Aloe #1 and Wound Healing

Please see the PREAMBLE FDA Research Submitted by Eight Doctors as Follows: FDA presented to the top medical chiefs of armed services. Only one Doctor out of 35 or 40 questioned anything about the research. The one, Doctor Kernel Gold of Cincinnati, questioned how a wound could heal so quickly without bringing the two edges […]

Aloe Creme Laboratories 03-12-1965

PREAMBLE RADIATION VICTIM Entire Body Exposed to 10 Million Linear Accelerated Bolt NEWS From ALOE CREME LABORATORIES, March 12, 1965 Most Effective Medication in Atomic Age – ALO-OINTMENT (55% aloe) Aloe Creme Laboratories, Inc. was alerted by the world’s foremost atomic burn specialist immediately following the unfortunate radiation accident reported in the reprint below, released […]

Use of Aloe Vera on Radiation Induced Cancer

PREAMBLE Prevention and Treatment of Radiation-Induced Cancer, Including Pure Atomic and Cathode-Ray Lesions Use of Aloe Vera James Barrett Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S. Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. Mr. Rodney Stockton spent some time with Dr. James Barrett Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S. Dr. Brown was a well known plastic surgeon. Dr. […]

Aloe Vera Gel and Radiation Burns

PREAMBLE From “ANNALS OF SURGERY” VOL. 162 No. 3 p. 435 September 1965 HIGH ENERGY ELECTRON INJURY (cont.) …”It was not done because her arm was not swollen, and it was thought that manipulation around the axilla in getting a flap in place might result in a less favorable circulation in the arm. This equivocal […]

Aloe Vera Gel and Immunity

PREAMBLE NEW CLINICAL RESEARCH PROVES ALOE VERA GEL GOES TO EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY AND KEEPS EVERY ORGAN FUNTIONING CAN HELP PRESERVE ORGAN FUNCTION AFTER MASSIVE DEADLY AMOUNT OF BLOOD LOSS The Aloe Vera Gel can help keep alive trauma victims such as battlefield casualties until they can get a blood transfusion. Researcher stated […]

Aloe Research Packet Cover

PREAMBLE Rodney M. Stockton presented research to: Dr. Barbara Moulton M. D. And eight doctors of the FDA January, 1959. 35 of the top Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Joint Armed Services Medical Division “I was asked to present the research to Admiral Frank D. Voris M.D., for his final approval” (Rodney Stockton) This […]

Aloe #1 Youth Derm® Ointment

PREAMBLE 70% Genuine Aloe Vera Gel The Barbadensis-Miller-StocktonTM Specie Privately Grown Research demonstrated regeneration of tissue twice as fast as the controls, and healing without scar tissue. “Experimental Thermal Burns” published in Industrial Medicine and Surgery 28.8, 364-368 8/59. Reprints available upon request. “High energy electron injury” “Indication the Aloe Vera Ointment may bring about […]

Aloe Elimination of Cancer

PREAMBLE Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. F.A.C.S. Was the First to Discover That Aloe #1 Could Heal and Eliminate Cancer I didn’t believe Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D.’s story as he accused me of withholding important medical information from the medical profession. Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. stated that he completely eliminated all signs of […]