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Aloe Testimonials

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So far, Dick is drinking the aloe and not making too many faces.

I hope it works as well for him as it does for me. I really feel great and seem to be [great]. My last annual physical, was really good.

I’m 78 and my lab work was excellent and so was the rest of me. I have two artificial knees and screws in one ankle and not much arthritis and I’ve had a mastectomy about 12 years ago and I forgot the arm I broke 6 years ago. The orthopedic guys love me.

Dr. Jeanne Petan (the nutritionist in SC) told me to drink the aloe years ago (she does or did back then). I went to her after chemo, when my immune system was wiped out and I’ve been drinking it ever since. As far as I’m concerned, it works!

Hope we’ll have a chance to meet some day! LOL

This is a small sample of the aloe vera gel and aloe vera ointment testimonials that Rodney Stockton collected over the years:

  1. Acute Diverticulitis
  2. Chronic Hepatitis C
  3. Colon Cancer
  4. Rope Burns
  5. Lung Cancer
  6. Melanoma and Basal Cell Carcinomas
  7. Malignant Lymphoma
  8. Medical History
  9. Radiation Cancer
  10. Recovery Cases
  11. Skin Cancer

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