Living with digestive issues, battling cancer, trying to stay healthy despite all the environmental toxins is NOT easy.

In fact, it can feel overwhelming, confusing, and like a very long road with no end in sight.

Whether you want to calm intestinal mayhem or clean out your system of unwanted debris and toxins, chances are you’ve heard about the many benefits of Aloe Vera gel.

The fact that you’re reading this page means you’re considering
Aloe Vera Gel for your health and well-being.



Maybe a friend told you about how effective it was for her colitis or leaky gut.

Maybe you heard a cancer survivor talk about how he uses aloe vera gel to beat cancer.

Maybe you researched and read that aloe is a “miracle plant” and you want to try it as a part of your wellness routine.

  • We know that Aloe strengthens the immune system.
  • Research and studies provide evidence that nutrients found in aloe vera can speed up healing in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis. It may even inhibit cancer growth.
  • Apart from all this, Aloe is good to soothe skin irritations and conditions like premature aging and psoriasis. It promotes general well-being and life.

This is why it isn’t surprising that store shelves are flooded with aloe vera gel and eager-to-heal consumers, like you, flock to their local grocery store to grab a few bottles.

You chug it down enthusiastically. Day after day.

You’re surprised at how it tastes. Watery and filtered.

But mostly, you’re disappointed when even after months, you don’t see any results. Zilch, nada, nothing.

Which leads you to the question…
… Is all aloe created equal?

Short answer: NO.


Most commercially available aloe vera gel health drinks in the market are overly processed and filled with stabilizers, additives, and preservatives.

  • That is why you find them on a shelf.
  • That is why they taste “watered down”.
  • That is why when you drink them, you end up feeling like there is “no difference”.

In fact, a 2016 article by Lydia Mulvany and Zeke Faux in the Chicago Tribune revealed how nearly all samples of store-brand aloe gel had NO evidence of the plant in them.

  • “The aloe vera gel many Americans buy to soothe damaged skin contains no evidence of aloe vera at all. Samples of store-brand aloe gel purchased at national retailers Wal-Mart, Target and CVS showed no indication of the plant in various lab tests…”
  • “You have to be very careful when you select and use aloe products,” said Tod Cooperman, president of White Plains, New York-based ConsumerLab.com, which has done aloe testing. Aloe’s three chemical markers – acemannan, malic acid, and glucose – were absent in the tests for Wal-Mart, Target, and CVS products conducted by a lab hired by Bloomberg News.” (source: Chicago Tribune)

But what if you do see a difference? What if those commercial, chemically-altered aloe vera gel drinks
do help you feel somewhat better.

Aloe vera is a lot like intimacy.
Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

So, yes, you may find that drinking off-the-shelf, preserved aloe vera gel health drinks leads to marginal improvements but in the long run, you’re only putting more preservatives, additives, and chemicals back into your system.

  • Have you ever considered the purpose of chemical preservatives?

    Most people think their purpose is to make the food last longer. That is actually their side effect. The purpose is to KILL… to kill mold, yeast, fungus, and bacteria.

  • Do these chemicals know to STOP killing once you eat them?

    Real food, my friend, doesn’t last for months or years without losing effectiveness. It doesn’t come with stabilizers and additives.

Now, is that something you want to put into your body and believe you’re getting healthier?
If not… read on.

Let me actually show you why the aloe you may be using right now isn’t what you think it is.

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When you choose Stockton Aloe 1, you choose the Virgin Trinity – a rare and high quality of aloe that Rodney Stockton, a chemical engineer, discovered way back in 1941 and then, researched deeply to find that it was more effective than all other varieties for supporting health and healing skin conditions.

It was Stockton then who worked to stabilize the gel.

He was then able to produce and distribute his Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink® and Youth-Derm Ointment®. The drink was first introduced in 1951, and the ointment in 1953. Stockton remained vibrant and mentally sharp up to his passing in 2009, at 96 years of age.

He attributed his excellent health to the fortunate discovery and regular use of Aloe barbadensis-miller-stockton.
  • Aloe#1 gel is from the Aloe barbadensis-miller-stockton leaves. The leaves are harvested, washed, hand filleted, ground, chilled, packaged, and frozen.

    There are NO additives, preservatives, colors, or flavors added to water down the benefits of this miracle plant.

    There is ZERO chemical processing of any kind to increase the shelf life.

  • There is nothing but aloe in your drink.

    That is why it’s shipped frozen to you. And you can’t drop into the local Walmart and buy it off a shelf.

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    SPECIAL OFFER: Order NOW and we’ll include a tube of our “Youth Derm® aloe cream”
    for no extra charge so you can enjoy the same aloe vera benefits topically.

At Haley Nutrition, it’s all aloe, all.the.time.

Not only do we spend endless hours building our own deeper understanding of aloe’s potential use in a variety of health and wellness needs but we also believe in empowering YOU with the right information and resources.

So, here’s what YOU need to know…

  • Aloe may have applications for Crohn’s, IBD, GERD, diabetes, immune system disorders, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, vaginal yeast (Candida albicans), and much more.
  • Aloe also shows promise for helping shingles, acne, and other ailments. Many use it for their pets…including aloe for horse health!

You’re someone who is committed to creating and living a naturally healthy life.

Which is why you need to know these three truths:

  • Truth 1 Nature over drugstore: Nature has remedies that are often more effective and better for your health than anything the drugstore has to offer.
  • Truth 2 Raw equals really good: The closer we can get to raw and natural substances, the more life-enhancing are the potential benefits. Raw Aloe, for instance, can be much more beneficial than aloe that has been filtered, pasteurized, and preserved. Every artificial treatment — whether by super-heating or by adding chemical preservatives — brings about changes to the gel that may not be desired.
  • Truth 3 Fresher is better: Anything designed to sit on a shelf for months or years is suspect, in our opinion. Fresh apples beat canned apples for nutritional value, and fresh aloe beats preserved aloe for the same reason. Moreover, preservatives may pose unnecessary health risks.

Which is why… When you drink your Aloe#1 health drink, you’re drinking pure, unprocessed, unfiltered aloe.

Now, you may be wondering…
… well, that’s all well and good but if this is Stockton Aloe#1, then who (or what!) is Haley Nutrition.

Hi! I’m Dr. Michael Haley known as “Organic Mike” by my peers.

I’m the owner of Haley Nutrition, the only place known for distributing pure, raw, unfiltered Stockton Aloe#1.

A graduate of the University of Tampa, I went on to Life College of Chiropractic where I earned my Doctorate in 1995.

I’m a passionate bone moving chiropractor, health coach, and certified GAPS practitioner.

I emphasize a healthy lifestyle and a clean nutrient-dense diet as a means to achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

My health principles are based on science, tradition, and are in line with the scriptures.

I am a teacher of phytonutrition and superfoods and the leading authority on Aloe Vera.

In fact, the reason I’m so deeply passionate about the barbadensis-miller-stockton variety is because I’ve used Rodney Stockton’s Aloe healing cream for a serious rope burn and experienced first-hand the incredible power of Aloe vera to restore health to damaged skin.

I know the right aloe vera gel can change lives and I’m excited and honored to carry on Rodney Stockton’s legacy.

Haley Nutrition is trusted by

“The coolest thing about them is how great the service is…”

(Our customers say the nicest things!)

SPECIAL OFFER: Order NOW and we’ll include a tube of our “Youth Derm® aloe cream”
for no extra charge so you can enjoy the same aloe vera benefits topically.

Questions you want answers to before you try
our Aloe #1® Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink

What does your aloe gel drink taste like?

It tastes like it should – pure, raw, with chunks and yes, the real taste of aloe.

Here’s the thing… If you’re someone who’s squeamish about real food and you can’t tolerate texture and slight bitterness and you’d rather drink the Kool-Aid, this product is not for you.

Why is your aloe health drink so expensive?

Great question! Our product is raw, unfiltered, and unprocessed, and it’s also frozen. This does add to the costs.

The frozen food industry is tough. HOWEVER, we want this to also be as accessible as possible which is why when you order more, our costs go down.

For that reason, you can get a 2.5%, 8%, or 18% discount depending on how many bottles you order at a time.

Can I order a single bottle?

You sure can! While we don’t recommend it because it’s not cost-effective for you and us, but here’s how to order a single bottle so you can try it out to see the difference for yourself.

Why do you ship them frozen?

Our aloe vera gel has NO preservatives in it. We freeze the aloe to preserve it.

Please open your package immediately and refrigerate or re-freeze. We recommend that you use your thawed product within 7-10 days or re-freeze it immediately.

How long can the juice be kept in the freezer?

1 year is reasonable. We have known customers who’ve kept it frozen for more than that though.

Can I keep the bottles in the refrigerator or do they need to go into the freezer?

You’ll need to store them frozen… or in the fridge for up to about 7-10 days. Depending on how many bottles you order, it’s recommended you make room in your freezer before they arrive.

What is the recommended serving size? I am trying to figure out how long one or two bottles will last me.

It depends! I’ve answered this question in great detail right here.

Doesn’t drinking aloe cause diarrhea?

It does if you use the outer leaf. Our Stockton Aloe 1 is extracted from the inner leaf.

How quickly can I see results? Will this work for my specific health condition - IBS, leaky gut, Crohn’s, colitis, etc.?

Aloe, like all the other natural health food products, works in combination with everything else. This is not an outside-in, magic bullet approach. If you only add aloe vera gel to your diet, it might be a waste of your time and money.

Having said that, I’d suggest drinking a glass every day for a full week and then, look in the mirror. You very well may see a change in your complexion. That’ll tell you that you’re changing on the inside and it’s showing on the outside.

Can you ship this overseas?

Our website handles some countries.

But we may “outsource” the shipping to other parts of the world. When you check it out, it might take you to a third-party website; one that calculates actual postage charges and duties and taxes.

We have them charge the duties and taxes on the front end to prevent delays in customs. Your aloe will probably be melted when delivered… but still cold.

The third-party site might offer shipping choices. Please choose an option that gets your package to you in 3 days or less to prevent spoilage.

Although the transaction occurs on a third party site, we handle the shipping from our main office.

We do not accept product returns for International Shipments. We do not guarantee that you will like the taste nor texture of our product.

International shipments sometimes get held up in customs where frozen products spoil and live plants die. Furthermore, many countries radiate everything that comes across the border. Some countries have significant theft problems with their mail carrier systems. We recommend you insure any products using a guaranteed 3 day or less delivery time.

More questions?

Check out our Aloe Research Library or reach out to us right here.

SPECIAL OFFER: Order NOW and we’ll include a tube of our “Youth Derm® aloe cream”
for no extra charge so you can enjoy the same aloe vera benefits topically.

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