Live Beyond Organic — Reading Circle 2

The doctors and their prescription pads couldn’t help Jordan Rubin. He was down to skin and bones before finally getting the help he needed. And that last-gasp advice, from a rather unorthodox nutritionist, transformed his life. Jordan gained 29 pounds during 40 days of intense dietary focus, and he regained the health others thought was lost forever. […]

The International Aloe Science Council

Today, we received an inquiry from someone wanting to know whether or not our Aloe gel is certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). This is an excellent question, one that deserves a solid answer, so we decided to respond here on the Stockton Aloe 1 Blog. THE IASC IS A NON-PROFIT TRADE ORGANIZATION that […]

Be Serious For 30 Seconds – Aloe

We thought you might like this. If you have been drinking Aloe vera gel for any length of time, you can certainly relate to these videos. But first, let me show you the inspiration behind them: So, this guy Fred (is he on Saturday Night Live or something?) created this YouTube channel asking for 30-second YouTube […]

Why Become a Vegetarian

This may make you cringe. You might think, from the headline, “Oh, I’m going to learn why I should become a vegetarian.” Or, maybe you heard a sarcastic tone in the question: “I could be eating meat … why become a vegetarian?” Let’s just explore the topic with an open mind, and consider both sides […]

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What is Raw Foodism?

Most grocery store foods have been processed in one form or another. That is, they have been changed from their original raw state. This is often done to improve the appearance, change the taste, change the texture, to make it suitable for use in other foods, and to make the food last longer without “spoiling”. […]


Sábila is Aloe in Spanish; that is, aloe vera. The inner part, often referred to as the “crystal” is the source of aloe vera gel. It is not uncommon to continue to refer to aloe vera as sabila in non-Spanish speaking countries. The gel from the sabila plant has traditionally been used to treat various skin […]

Nutrition Therapy

Chemotherapy is Chemotoxicity   It is interesting how we choose words based on their sellability. For example, “health care” is really “sick care.” Nobody wants to buy sick care, so they call it health care. You don’t go to the doctor when you are healthy, but when you are sick. If you go when you […]