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Be Serious For 30 Seconds – Aloe

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We thought you might like this. If you have been drinking Aloe vera gel for any length of time, you can certainly relate to these videos. But first, let me show you the inspiration behind them:

So, this guy Fred (is he on Saturday Night Live or something?) created this YouTube channel asking for 30-second YouTube submissions with the following rules:

Rule 1: It has to be serious.
Rule 2: It has to be 30 seconds or less
Rule 3: No more than 2 people in it
Rule 4: At least one 5 second dramatic pause
Rule 5: At least 1 cutaway to an object
Rule 6: Do your best acting
Rule 7: It needs to have a door slamming

With rules like that… do we have good material to work with or what? We’ve got Aloe! But… we don’t have actors. So after a few takes, we just had to go with it… after all, I already had about a quart of aloe in me. So here was our submission of our attempt to “Be Serious For 30 Seconds“. Getting it done in 30 seconds was the hard part. It sure does go by fast.:

But, like I said, things don’t always go as planned. So we had to include at least one blooper. Besides, bloopers are always fun:

Please use the comments below to tell us if you can relate at all to these videos.

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