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Between the ages of 12 and 20, I suffered from chronic strep throat which was treated with increasing dosages of antibiotics (penicillin) – I ended up becoming resistant to penicillin with the increasing dosages. I also developed gastritis. I subsequently suffered from recurring urinary tract infections which were also treated with antibiotics. At the end of my first pregnancy, I developed a severe case of vaginal itching and burning which the GYN stated was normal. I visited several doctors to no avail. At the very start of my second pregnancy, I suffered a burst appendix which almost took my life. The recovery period was long and painful as I carried my baby. Due to the treatments I underwent to treat the burst appendix coupled with all the years of antibiotics and my poor diet, I lived through a severe case of immune deficiency which exasperated the vaginal itching and burning, the gastritis and neck, head and back aches. My stomach stopped tolerating most foods.

To summarize, I spent over 15 years visiting doctors, drinking conventional medicine, including anti-depressants to treat my pain; being constantly misdiagnosed and having medical personnel doubt my emotional integrity as I battled the vaginal itching and burning. Two years ago I met Dr. Haley to treat my back pain. He and his wife changed our family’s perspective regarding nutrition and general well-being, and provided valuable advice that allowed me to take a completely different road to my healing as I stopped conventional medicine, went through a natural detoxification process and started eating unprocessed whole foods which allowed me to improve about 40%. I learned that I was suffering from a severe case of candidiasis which doctors were never able to diagnose. Five months ago I started to drink Aloe #1 and to apply topically – this led to an overall 80-90% improvement immediately after starting to use the product. The aloe vera has made a big difference in healing my broken skin and in boosting my immune system. I can see and feel a major difference in my life and I expect to continue consuming Aloe #1. I want to thank Dr. and Mrs. Haley for assisting me in my road to recovery. The aloe vera is just amazing.

02-2011 (name withheld for privacy)