PDF Files

Rodney’s PDF Files

  1.  Aloe Vera Gel Drink
  2.  Acute Diverticulitis
  3.  Annals of Surgery
  4.  AntiviralAloe Vera Gel Drink
  5.  Chronic Hepatitis C
  6.  Colon Cancer
  7.  Rope Burns
  8.  Experimental Thermal Burns
  9.  Health Drink
  10.  How Important Is Your Health?
  11.  Lung Cancer
  12.  Melanoma and Basal Cell Carcinomas
  13.  Malignant Lymphoma
  14.  Medical History
  15.  Open 5 Gallon Container
  16.  Radiation Cancer
  17.  Recovery Cases
  18.  Skin Cancer
  19.  Thermal Burns
  20.  Youth Derm® Ointment

Rodney Stockton worked mostly with paper files. When someone requested a little information about aloe vera, it was not uncommon for that person to get a large stack of files to look through. But an handful of his documents nade it to the original aloe1 website. The list above are those PDF files that he listed on his website. It is only a small sample of the literature he liked to hand out. 

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