Aloe Joy® Ingredients

The primary ingredient in Aloe Joy® (97%) is our organically grown Aloe vera. We hand-fillet the inner gel from the potent and rare barbadensis-miller-stockton variety. It is never heated, filtered, or preserved; nor is it ever powdered and reconstituted. We make sure Aloe Joy® is formulated and handled a manner that will retain the natural lubricity […]

Which Aloe Cream is Best for You?

WHEN WE TOOK OVER Rodney Stockton’s product line, there was very little room for improvement in the raw Aloe #1 health drink he pioneered, though we did invest in modernized equipment to freeze the product faster and preserve maximum freshness. But, when it came to the Aloe #1 skin cream, we knew we could make […]

Youth-Derm® Aloe Cream

We Are Proud of our improved Youth-Derm® Aloe Cream Our customers spoke and we listened. Youth-Derm® Ultra Healing Cream is certainly a favorite among many. However, plenty of our customers requested a product that would be “all purpose” and ideal even for the most sensitive skin. To accomplish this, we chose to remove many of […]