Aloe Vera and Liver Toxicity

QUESTION: (Is Aloe Vera Toxic?)I’ve been taking your delicious aloe for a few weeks now and am loving it. I recently started working with a nutritionist; she will be helping me detox my liver and strengthen my digestion. When I mentioned I was drinking fresh aloe vera gel, she said I should stop using it […]

Can I Order Just One Bottle Of Aloe?

Many people want to order just one bottle… but we don’t make that available on our web store. You may be wondering why…Actually, you can purchase just one. I’ll explain how in a moment. But let me first explain why that is NOT the best option. If you are buying it for the flavor, don’t […]

Ask Us A Question 12-6-2013

See our most frequently asked questions HERE. Q: How many billions in your probiotics? A: I believe you are referring to the Biokult. We don’t manufacture the Biokult and only sell it because in my experience as a physician, it is the one that people come back for… they can actually feel / experience a […]

Is Aloe Vera Good For IBS?

Inflammatory gut conditions are the most common reasons people ingest Aloe Vera. Whether it be acid refulux, GERD, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, etc., aloe has been used to “put out the fire”. However, there is controversy over its use. People frequently ask: “Is Aloe Vera Good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?” (or GERD, IBD, Colitis, etc.). Even […]