4 Gallon Buckets Frozen Pallets


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Each bucket containes 4 gallons and 10 ounces of 100% Pure Raw Unfiltered Frozen Aloe Vera Gel. This is NOT ready for use in cosmetics – the pulp is still in the aloe. It is intended for ingestion.

Bulk Aloe Vera by the pallet is intended for Juice Companies, Juice bars, horses, and those that go through a lot of raw aloe vera. We recommend keeping this product frozen for up to 1 year or more… but not too much more.

Do you qualify for wholesale prices? If you do and don’t yet have a wholesale account, contact us to establish your further discount on bulk raw unfiltered unprocessed frozen aloe vera.

Pallets of frozen aloe must be shipped using a TWO DAY OR FASTER delivery option… unless you are providing your own frozen transportation (Local Pickup – Free).

We do NOT use frozen shipping methods but instead, insulate the pallet with cardboard and stretch wrap. It should be placed back in the freezer immediately upon arrival.

Raw frozen unfiltered aloe does NOT taste good to most people. It is mildly bitter containing minimal outer leaf parts.

Pallets are big and heavy intended for delivery by an 18 wheeler to a loading dock.

Pallets are not yet available for shipping to West Coast USA

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Weight 1000 lbs
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12 Four Gallon Buckets 25% disc., 24 Four Gallon Buckets 28% disc, 36 Four Gallon Buckets 30% disc