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United States ONLY! FREE SHIPPING. Twenty 8 ounce BPA free Recycle #2 bottles with caps. We give an empty sample bottle to new customers first purchase as a teacher… so our customers know it is OK to re-portion aloe into smaller containers to re-freeze and take out as necessary. This helps preserve the freshness. Many have asked us to provide additional bottles to them, however, they are costly to us. We do not manufacture them and do not purchase them at wholesale… which is why our prices are high. We also include the FedEx Medium Priority Flat Rate in the cost ($13.15 in 2020). It might be cheaper to buy juice at the grocery store and dump them out for the bottles! But, as a service, if you really want them – here they are… no returns accepted this product.

If you are ordering other products with these bottles, we may ship these in the same box… if they fit.