Aloe Empty Bottle


(you’ll need 9 of them to dispense the bucket) Includes one empty bottle and cap



Aloe vera gel container
Aloe gel container (empty)

RE-USE: We hope you rinse them well… and probably keep them stored with municipal tap water in them… since the city water usually has chlorine in it… which you should NOT drink! But it will keep things from growing in the bottle. Before you re-use them, empty them and give them another rinse before filling again with Aloe vera.

Buying the 4-Gallon Bucket? Consider the “bucket kit“! It really helps. Have you seen the pouring video?

A 4-gallon bucket of Aloe gel will fill nine Stockton Aloe 1 jugs. These are 64-oz BPA-free containers. You should pour only 58 ounces of Aloe gel into each. That will allow room for expansion during freezing.

Are you a Math Genius? You may have realized that 4 gallons is LESS THAN 58 oz. x 9! The reality… we put 4 gallons and 10 ounces in the “4 gallon buckets”.

Includes one empty bottle and cap

Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 10 in