Monthly Special: Pink Aloe 2-Pack

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Pink Aloe – 2 Pack

Why is it pink? We don’t know. It turned pink… and will turn clear again if you let it get to room temperature for a few hours. We sent it to laboratories for analysis and they could tell us either. But we have customers that prefer it pink… that say it works better. I think it is the same and just psychological.

Why is it on sale? When we get pink aloe, it confuses some customers… even though their clear aloe often turns pink. We really only want to send it to those that request it. Since we rarely have it, we want to move it and go back to simplicity with less choices on our website to make things easier for new visitors.

How do you know it turns clear again? A scientist at one of the labs that tested it told us. So I re-created the environment to verify this. Then, I made a time-lapse video demonstrating the change. You can see it here:

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4 reviews for Monthly Special: Pink Aloe 2-Pack

  1. kathrin

    Dear Dr. Haley,

    I received my first order and I am exited what it will do for my messed up bowels (so far so good). Now, the Aloe tastes extremely bitter and I am wondering this is due to chemo. My husband tastes no bitterness. Have you had such comments form other customers?

    • Dr Michael Haley

      This is a good question and I don’t know the reason for the outcome. I don’t think it is necessarily the chemo, because I have seen people side by side drink from the same bottle where the same thing happens but neither are taking medicine. I think it is more just evidence that everyone is different. When new customers complain about the flavor, I do ask them to get a second opinion from a family member. I’m glad that you did and I encourage you to work through it suspecting it won’t taste the same to you after a few days. I’d love to hear if that is the case for you.

      An option to kill the bitterness is to add a couple drops of stevia to it. There is also research showing the benefits of stevia against cancer.

  2. Jennifer Delgado

    Is there a way to get an email when this is back in stock? Thanks

    • Dr Michael Haley

      Not specifically when it is back in stock… but I suppose if we had a lot of it, we would announce it to our subscribers. We usually only have it a few weeks out of the year.

  3. suellen

    Do you sell aloe gel?

    • Dr Michael Haley


  4. peacefullwarrior32

    I bought the 4 gallon bucket and drank it w/I 1 month- didn’t notice anything different in my body, was hoping for better bowl movements- but no change at all, bought the skin cream used it every day & nothing different! I love the aloe drink & believe in the power of its healing- I’m gonna try it 1 more time… very LEARY but I’m in love with all that pulp & the flavor!

    • Dr Michael Haley

      Thank you for the feedback. Please don’t buy it for the flavor… we don’t process or standardize our product, and the product changes with the climate… every batch is different. You might not like the taste next time!

      Regarding bowel function, our aloe is NOT meant to loosen the bowels… if that was your intention. Some aloe products have more “outer leaf”… and people use the “whole leaf aloe juice” for the laxative effect. We only use the inner leaf which is helpful for healing inflamed bowels and impacting the immune system… and may have blood sugar benefits; but it should not have a laxative effect.

      Feel free to contact us to schedule a nutrition consultation to discuss your health goals and maybe uncover what might be holding you back from achieving them.

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