Youth-Derm® Aloe Cream Ultra Healing 2 oz. Tube

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Aloe vera cream with 70% Aloe Barbadensis Miller Stockton base and 30% synergistic ultra-healing ingredients.

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Aloe Cream Youth-Derm® Ultra Healing

Aloe cream with the same 70% Aloe Barbadensis Miller Stockton base, but used the remaining 30% for synergistic ultra-healing ingredients including:

Organic Glycerin
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Coconut Oil
Tremella Mushroom
Centipeda Cunninghamii Extract
Manuka Honey with Bee Venom and Propolis
Tocotrienol (Vit.E.)
Dimethly Sulfone (MSM)
Organic Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip) Oil
Oat Amino Acids
Copper, Magnesium, Potassium Mineral Cofactors
Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil

See all of the ingredients HERE.

Ultra healing aloe cream is for anti-aging wrinkle treatment, acne care, spot treatments, scrapes, small incision after-care, and can also be used as an “all purpose” healing cream… however, it may be “overkill” for slathering on your whole body; for that, we recommend Youth-Derm® Aloe Cream in the 4 oz. tube. Many of our customers choose to buy both products.

NOTE: We don’t add strong chemical preservatives to our products. For that reason, it is best stored in the refrigerator after opening. Feel the cool, healing joy of Aloe–order yours today.

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Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 5 in

1 Tube $29.95 / ea., 4 Tubes 20% discount, 10 Tubes 33% discount

6 reviews for Youth-Derm® Aloe Cream Ultra Healing 2 oz. Tube

  1. mariaadkins1 (verified owner)

    I too have Rosacea. While I have had mild redness on my face for about 10 yrs., I have been battling a more severe flare-up with open sores on my leg for over a year now. I have been using Ultra Healing Anti Aging Aloe Cream for only 4 days 2x day and have seen about a 70% improvement on both leg and face!!!! It is incredible!!! I am over excited about my results and plan to continue to use in my daily healing regimen. Thank you Haley Nutrition for providing such a wonderful product at affordable prices!

  2. Brenda Ow-Wong (verified owner)

    I have Rosacea. Redness and itchiness, dry flaky skin from steriod cream. This Ulta healing lotion is super moisturizing. However redness comes and goes from heat and environmental exposure. I also drink the Aloe Vera juice , together they make a good combination of moisturizing skin.

  3. Darlene

    I use this product everyday… everywhere!
    Living in Canada leaves my skin dry and sometimes patchy in the winter, but since I discovered this product I find that people actually compliment my skin. (Winter and Summer!) My face looks virtually radiant, which is awesome for being 50-something!
    Use this product! Be Happy!

  4. Laura (verified owner)

    I used Youth Derm after my lumpectomy and following brachytherapy radiation. Not sure, actually, if the redness and irritation was from the radiation treatment or the adhesive used on the bandage, which seemed to be an issue. If it was the adhesive, the radiation was probably a factor in its not healing faster. The skin on my breast was red and rather leathery. After starting the Youth Derm, within a couple of weeks I could see a major difference and at the end of four weeks it is completely healed.

  5. Sharon Stackhouse

    I had a mild case of shingles last year. My husband had tried the Youth Derm cream at a health expo in Chicago and it worked very well for a dry skin problem on his hand. He called Aloe1 when I got shingles and the Youth Derm Ultra Healing Cream was recommended. I can’t say enough about how well it helped take the pain away. I have recommended this product to several of my friends. Thanks for your great customer service and your fantastic products.

  6. karen robins

    I recently was hospitalised for a procedure that required a general anesthesia and I am extra sensitive to latex, silicone and adhesive. The electrodes that they place all over your body used to aid in monitoring breathing and heart rate left prominent red marks wherever they were placed. I used the Aloe Youth Derm Cream on them upon getting home. The next morning the red and scaly patches were dramatically improved and after day two of applying the cream they faded so much they were barely noticeable and not in the least itchy or patchy. I also applied the cream to the hematoma on my hand that had the IV line in it and that also faded quickly and well.
    I thought if the cream worked so well on those marks maybe it would do well on my fair and sensitive skin. I have yet to find the right cream for my face that is moisturizing, non greasy and helps with the onset of middle aged wrinkling.
    I was a little dubious however I was pleasantly surprised that Aloe Youth Derm smooths my complexion, and is completely non greasy and absorbing and though wrinkling is part of aging skin, the appearance of my skin is much better and brighter.
    I will keep on using it and I am going to give this product an all around thumbs up!

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