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    Hello! How do you recommend consumption of the aloe? I was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma in June and wanting to incorporate the aloe into my healing routine. Thank you!

      I believe most of our customers just pour it in a glass and drink it. Those that are taste sensitive might mix it with something else. A drop of stevia cuts the bitter. I like to pour my E3 Live algae right into it! Feel free to call and ask for the doctor to discuss this further.

    How much of the “life” of the aloe is lost in freezing?

      We don’t have a way to measure that.

    Boy it sure would be nice if roleing the bag over the rim of the bucket worked as easily as it does in this video. But I have bought many of these pails and never was I able to get the bag to roll over the rim of the bucket. I’ve always had to cut the bag sometimes even cutting that spout out of the bag. The whole process is taking me an average 15-20 minutes and that’s just to get the bag over the rim of the bucket. Maybe when you made this video the bags were a bit larger.

      Yes, Glenn, they started making the bags taller and thinner. Sorry about that. I recommend you cut the top of the bag off… but then pour it by holding the yellow spigot in one had and supporting under the bucket with the other hand. The bag will “funnel” on the low side and pour quite easily… but do it over the sink just in case!

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    A friend is taking your product and I wanted to know if taking Aloe 1, is it good for hair loss?
    Thank you so much!
    Debbie :o)

      I have heard people talking about the benefits for hair loss… but I question the validity of their claims and am super confident there is no science to support the use of aloe vera for hair loss or to prevent hair loss.

    Hi there. I have been struggling with healing my body for a while. I am placing an order for the aloe. Wondering why it couldn’t be added to a smoothie or does it have to be taken alone? Looking forward to reaping the benefits of your amazing plants.

      You certainly can have it in a smoothie. Just flash blend the aloe in at the end… otherwise it might foam up if in a blender too long at a high speed.

    Does aloe vera help heal the gut in a similar way as bone broth? And does it help with any food sensitivities one may have?

      It does seem to support gut health but probably by a much different mechanism. Aloe vera has been proven to help skin heal faster following burns. I suppose this is more the mechanism of aloe in the gut whereas bone broth is providing building blocks for new tissue.

    Peace to you Michael!
    I watched your video presentation for the first time. I, also watched someone using aloe tell cut into four pieces. They were used to make cleanse and toner mixed with Green tea for toner, and sugar for a scrub. My question should I soak the leaf getting rid of the yellow first?
    The video suggested putting the yellow leaving the eyes. I see your company offers a creme. Will this be a better solution to my facial problem?

    Thanks in advance.

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The beneficial components are in the gel. The yellow stuff will stain and can irritate. Our aloe creams are emulsified in coconut oil and work wonderfully.

    i don’t like the flavor of my first shipment.What can I do to enhance the taste a bit. Thank you

      A single drop of stevia goes a long way.

    what’s the difference between grown on certified organic property and a product that is certified organic?

    Hi there
    Could you confirm that ALL your drinking gel Is taken from aloe Vera 5 year maturity plants? Also are these plants grown with the use of herbicides and pesticides?

    Why do your not use preservatives? And how fresh does the aloe keep if left in the fridge or out?
    Also, do you ship to England and do you
    Sell at wholesale?

      Indeed our aloe is taken from mature plants at least 5 years old. Our aloe is grown on certified organic property – we do not use chemicals to grow them. There is a good reason we don’t use preservatives (click HERE). Kept refrigerated, I would try to use it within 10 days. If you don’t plan on using it that fast, as soon as it thaws, pour some into smaller containers and re-freeze it. Remember to leave room for expansion when it freezes. Regarding International Shipping, (Click Here). Regarding wholesale, please contact us.

        Hello Dr Haley,

        Since the aloe has to be used up in 10 days, it will need to be ordered one every 20 days.

          Many people re-freeze in smaller containers to take out as needed. It can last a year or more in the freezer without much degradation.

    Hi Dr. Mike!
    This 80 year old is so vibrant! Amazing! But I’m concerned that she has been avoiding the sun because she fears that it will increase her chances of dying from cancer. There is a big difference between the skin melanoma she has (which can be removed surgically and are usually not life-threatening), and life-threatening breast, prostate, colon, or brain cancers which have become epidemic in our country (1 in 4 people now?). As you know, the elderly are usually VERY deficient in Vitamin D (easily obtained from the sun), and thus have much higher risk for death from life-threatening cancers. The research is pretty clear that we NEED more sun as a country to help PREVENT cancer. We can’t dismiss the idea of moderation, however, vitamin D experts like Dr. Holick suggest 15-30 minutes 3 or more times per week (cover face with large hat and sunblock). Please let this wonderful woman know she needs some sun on her body and not to lock herself in her home! 🙂

    Hi Dr Michael Haley,
    God Bless you & your Family,
    Just want to thank you for taking the time to make such informative videos!!! i have learned so much 🙂 I am looking forward to receiving Stockton Aloe 1 plant pups in the near future…I don’t live in a hot climate such as Florida or California (in NY) however i am excited and do look forward to tending this Special plant…..i have an aloe plant at the moment- but i realize that the Stockton variety differs in quality & value and i would be able to consume if i choose to…Again , i thank you for such great information have a wonderful day!!! 🙂

    Is drinking aloe Vera good for skin and weight control?

      I have read of a metabolic increase related to the increase in immune function. Regarding the skin, if you want healthy skin, you should focus on the health of your gut. Aloe Vera is great for the gut… and skin.

    Hi dr. Haley,

    I wish you use glass jars for freezing.

      Actually, we are making the frozen aloe vera available in quart size jars. We have to leave more room for expansion, so there is 24 ounces in a 32 oz. jar. Two of those ship together instead of the 58 oz. bottle. You get 48 ounces instead of 58 ounces, but it is in glass. Because the glass can break, we require insurance with your postage, so the charges are just a little bit more. Please call in your order.

        I live in Canada
        Mama Z recommended your product.
        What # do I phone to order it
        Ps I want the frozen aloe

          Feel free to order online… just change the “Country” field from United States to Canada. Or, if you would rather call, we are at 1-954-532-0792.

    Hello Dr. Michael Haley,

    Can I come over and visit you at your place and buy one of your big aloe in the front yard or big aloe you may have for sale?

    It would be great to buy some of your big aloe plant!

    What city and state do you live in?

    I locate here in the Bay Area in California.

      We don’t sell the mature aloe plants, but there are some nice pups for sale in our online store.

    Hello Dr. Haley,

    How long does the aloe pups grow before you can harvest it?


    Hi Dr.
    I would like to have a couple of these aloe vera in my patio in my apartment,
    How can I get one?
    I locate in San Jose, ca.

    By the way, i see all these white rocks on top of these aloe plants you have on your yard,
    What all these white rocks for ?

      Hello RJ.

      We do sell the pups – they are available in the shopping cart. We would use USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping which gets them there in 3 days.

      Regarding the rocks… well, it’s kind of funny… you see… they are supposed to stay on the ground… but we have 4 kids and the little ones get a creative. There is no “secret sauce” or reason for putting them on the plants 🙂

      We don’t harvest our leaves until the plant reaches maturity – 5 years. Many will consume aloe when it is much younger; and that is OK. It just doesn’t reach the full nutritional potential until maturity which takes about 5 years.

        I just wanted to say your website and blog is most helpful. I just got a aloe Vera/barbendis miller which I believe to be true aloe, but you never know anyway thanks.

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