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Ever since Dr. Michael Haley applied Rodney Stockton’s Aloe healing cream to a serious rope burn and experienced first-hand the incredible power of Aloe vera to restore health to damaged skin, he has been telling everyone who asks about the benefits of Aloe vera … and especially the barbadensis miller-stockton variety.

Dr. Haley founded the Stockton Aloe Research Library to collect information about Aloe species and to answer questions ranging from “What is in Aloe vera gel?” to “How can I use Aloe vera gel for medicinal purposes?”

This is the place to talk about Aloe products — whether Aloe gel, Aloe juice, Aloe cream, Aloe cosmetics … or any of the many health-promoting goods formulated from 100% raw, pure inner leaf Aloe vera gel. You are invited to join the conversation.

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Aloe vera questions

Q: I heard about you on Paul Nison’s Raw Life Health show. I am dealing with leaky gut. Do you have any experience with aloe vera gel contributing to the healing of leaky gut? Please let me know your thoughts about this.

A: We have tremendous experience with customers that consumed raw aloe vera gel for help with the full gamut of stomach and intestinal disorders; from indigestion to cancer. If someone in my family wasn’t drinking aloe and had leaky gut, aloe vera gel (inner leaf only) would be the first food that I would add to the diet. Of course I would eliminate some things too… starting with gluten – which you have probably already done.

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    Dr. Haley,
    I have been so sick for almost 7 years now. I lived in a house with several inches of black mold for 15 years. The lining of my lung was badly damaged, leaky gut, and my intestines feel like it was shredded. I knew if I could not find a holistic answer I was going to die soon. I have a hard time finding true organic. True organic is not true organic unless you grow your own. I live in a small apartment. Everything has to be delivered to me. I have not left my apartment in almost 4 years.
    I had a few Aloe Vera plants from last year and last month I began to eat my Aloe Vera plants out of desperation. My body INSTANTLY started to respond and detox. I tried to find larger plants because I am on my last leaf. There are no large Aloe Vera plants anywhere I have searched that could be delivered to my door.

    Most of my hair has fallen out, my food is not digesting, I am weak and all the doctors want to do is put me on medications, take out my colon, and feed me antibiotics. I refuse to go to a doctor because I do not trust their clinical advice because they do not care. You don’t take antibiotics for severe cases of leaky gut. ***I found you yesterday and now there is hope.***

    When I turned in my order for frozen Aloe juice just now sweet Selvia who answered your phone told me you have large plants you need to find homes for. PLEASE (if they are not too expensive) can I purchase some from you? She said you would read my message to you Dr. Haley. Please respond. I know Aloe Vera is my answer for some recovery. Life is in my colon.

    I pray all of the time for guidance… I search everything on YouTube searching for help… and then I found you.

    Thank you,
    Valerie Skiles

      Please contact us and schedule a 15 minute phone conversation with me. We’ll help you to the best of our ability… which I believe is quite a bit.

    Can you tell me why I can’t freeze my aloe in glass jar? I really don’t like using plastic.

      Too many customers have reported the aloe expanding too much during freezing breaking the glass.

    Hello Dr Haley

    Just watching your videos…on root regrowth. I live in UK and have a potted aloe vera which has flowered and has pup …is it safe to cut flower and at which part of the flower stem do I cut it? And shall I remove pup to save the mother?
    Thanks Stevonah

      It will not make a difference where you cut the flower… so pick a place where it will look nice when you add it to a flower arrangement! A few weeks later, the remaining dead stem will pull gently off the plant. Regarding the pup – you don’t need to remove it to save the mother… the mother will be fine. But she will do a lot better without the babies taking all the nutrients from the soil. Removing the babies help the mother plants grow bigger and more nutritious.

    Your aloe was recommended as a binder for the purpose of mold detoxification. Do you have a protocol (how much and how often) for the purpose of mold detoxification?

    Also, I have been doing coffee enemas and wheatgrass enemas for months for detox. Any benefits of/research on/protocol for aloe taken in an enema?

      For aloe, rather than enema a, we recommend consuming larger amounts of inner filet only and letting the unabsorbed amounts pass through your whole digestive tract. Remember, our aloe vera is NOT pasteurized and not intended for use in an enema.

        I had a question about coffee enemas. I have read so many conflicting things about them online and I know that the Gerson Therapy does many in a day for cancer patients. Are they safe to do once everyday? Not sure this is in your wheelhouse but would love any expertise you have.

          For most people that don’t have coffee allergies, for instance, done properly, they are safe. There are contraindications. They may increase pain with hemorrhoids. Rectal prolapse… pregnancy… drug interactions with caffeine… those come to mind. So checking with your doctor is a good idea.

    What is your aloe’s pH level? I am on the acid watchers diet and it doesn’t say anything about aloe. Thank you

      The pH is right around 4.5.

    Hi Doc.
    I’m a 75 yr. old male with non hodgekins lymphoma I take a drug called Imbruvica my platelets are 92 thousand will the aloe vera gel cause or enhance bleeding ???

      I do not have a definitive answer for you. I have never heard of the inner leaf gel thinning blood. I suspect the outer leaf could be a problem for you with it’s laxative effects, but our brand does not have that part of the leaf in it.

    You were not able to ship kits with our recent order. WE found bottles but where can we find that excellent funnel? Can we order online?

      We definitely had a hard time finding those funnels and found one source that we buy in bulk direct. We will have them available again as soon as our boxes are delivered… we currently don’t have boxes big enough to include the funnels and bottles with the bucket and the box company is way behind. But the funnel is not a necessity… just helpful. You can also pour from a pitcher into the bottles without a funnel… or through a smaller funnel. I think this is the same funnel:

        Hello Dr. Haley – I recently had an Endoscopic procedure which discovered 2 large hemorrhaged stomach ulcers and biopsy results showed Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) present and likely cause of the ulcers. Do you have any insight on consuming Raw Aloe internally to provide aid with stomach and digestive repair from things like stomach ulcers? Also if its okay to consume when taking antibiotics like amoxicillin?

          It won’t interfere with Amoxicillin but are supposed to ask your prescribing doctor when you have questions like that 🙂 People take it for ulcers all the time… inner leaf only, that is. The outer leaf parts could actually make things worse.

    Hello, Are any pesticides used on or near your aloe farm that could cause pesticides to be in the aloe you sell?

      There are no chemicals used at all on the farms where we grow. Although I do not know whether or not neighboring farms use chemicals, I do know that in the Dominican Republic, they do not farm like us in the United States. They actually have people in the fields raking, pulling weeds, etc. so neighboring farms are unlikely to be using chemicals… but that doesn’t mean they don’t… we just don’t know.

    I will be starting breast radiation soon. Do you recommend your products for helping alleviate possible effects of the radiation?

      Many have touted the Youth-Derm® aloe cream as being something that certainly decreased the expected skin symptoms.


    I thawed my aloe and won’t be able to drink it, it’s unopened. Can I refreeze it?

      Yes you can re-freeze. We recommend total thawed time to be 10 days or less.

    Hello! Would it be suitable to use this in a homemade hand sanitizer with alcohol and peroxide? Considering the alcohol is organic cane ethanol, it might help preserve or kill bacteria but still aloe the aloe to act as a lubricant for skin.

      Yes, we have heard of people using it for this purpose. However, at the same time, I discouraged people from buying ours for this purpose! Why? Because it is overkill. You can buy filtered pasteurized and preserved aloe for much less… after all, you are using it as a sanitizer… so does it really matter if food grade preservatives are in it? Also, ours has pulp in it which not only clogs spray nozzles… but looks like dandruff when it is on your skin.

    Is it soothing or healing to use active aloe juice on gums?

      We have heard of people having significant gum improvement with inner filet aloe vera… swish before you swallow.

    I have some frozen Aloe Vera that is 7 months old. How long will frozen Aloe Vera keep before going bad?

      although it diminishes over time, we actually had a competitor that SOLD it for consumption up to 5 years later! They are no longer in business… but I don’t know of anyone having problems from that. We recommend up to a year… which is the recommended upper limit for meat… and aloe vera should stay much longer than meat, so I wouldn’t be concerned about going a little longer. But there isn’t much nutrition health benefit by leaving it in the freezer!

    What is “Route Shipping Protection”?

      because shipping has been so sporadic lately… actually, lots of businesses are understaffed and sporadic. Well, they offer a ‘no fault shipping protection”… no matter what goes wrong – whatever damages the product… even if it is a late delivery – which has happened quite a bit lately. So, if it is damaged in shipping, they replace it – Route… the 3rd party shipping protection.

    Hi, have you had experience with very young children drinking and/or using your aloe on their skin? I have a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old who both have eczema (with the older one having severe eczema as well as numerous food and environmental allergies). How do you expect your product to affect them and what kind of dosing would you recommend? Thank you!

      Sorry for the delay as I have been out of town for continuing education. Yes, children have done very well with our grand aloe vera internally and topically. Regarding “dosing”… we call it serving size with a rule of thumb 1 oz. per 20 lbs. body weight to start… to see how things go and then more or less based on desire.

    My daughter is 4 months pregnant and has the MTHFR gene. She was told not to consume folic acid only folate or methylated b vitamins. She has been suffering from acid reflux and your aloe is the only thing that we have tried that works consistently and quickly to alleviate her discomfort. My concern is that other websites telling the benefits of aloe say it contains folic acid. Can you tell me about your aloe…I was under the impression that folic acid was man made and since your aloe is pure and straight from the plant I assume it’s ok.

      a search for “food sources of folic acid” will lead you to content showing you common foods that contain folic acid. I don’t know how much folate is in aloe vera. I know nothing is added… but that is not a nutrient that we have ever tested for.

    Can you explain why Colloidal Silver Drops are beneficial? Not sure what it’s health benefit. Thank you.

      We carry Silver because healthcare providers recommend them with certain protocols that use aloe vera… so it is on our website as a convenience but not something we manufacture. You would have to check with the company that makes it or the healthcare professional recommending it for your question.

    My Dr. recommended that I use your product to help with
    heartburn. I have also been experiencing loose bowels for the past
    several months that we are trying to figure out the cause and cure for. I tried your product for 3 days and it seemed to give me diarrhea. It did seem to help my heartburn. No other changes to diet or supplements. Any thoughts ? Thank you.

      Diarrhea is an unusual symptom from adding our brand aloe vera… since it is inner leaf only. However, it is not unusual for someone that makes significant changes to their diet to experience changes in the way their bowels work… sometimes uncomfortable “worse before better” changes. Also, diarrhea may or may not be related to adding aloe to your diet. If our aloe contained outer leaf like many aloe products, I’d have a different opinion about this… but I’m confident if you stay the course, things will improve quickly.

    Being that you no longer produce AloeJoy, what would you recommend as a substitute?

      This video shows how the plant can be used instead of aloe joy:

    How do I counter the extreme gas and bloating I experience after drinking your aloe vera gel? My practitioner recommends 8-24 oz a day and I was in extreme pain at 1 oz a day. I’d love to continue, but I also need to weigh the pros against the cons. I have taken digestive enzymes and digestive essential oils. What else is recommended? I may have leaky gut and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks.

      I’m sorry to hear of the gas and bloating you are experiencing. I suspect something else is causing the bloating since this is not a typical response to aloe vera. Were there any other changes such as using probiotics, prebiotics, silver, fermented foods, fiber, juicing… or was aloe vera the only change at the time? You might discuss coffee enemas or colonic irrigation with your health professional as a possible help.

    Is the reason that glass is recommended against for freezing strictly one of possible breakage? I would prefer to use glass and would take the proper precautions to prevent breakage as long as there isn’t some other reason (which I cannot imagine). Thanks!

      Yes, it is the breakage and remorse that people experience when their expensive products are wasted.

    Are there any reasons to drink the pulp? To not drink the pulp? Is it just preference?

      A “whole food” is the whole thing. The pulp of vegetation serves as food for the gut flora among other things. Some people juice the pulp out of things… really so they can consume more of the nutrients by getting rid of the bulk. That is, the fiber takes space and satisfies… so by juicing, you could actually consume more, carrots, for instance since drinking the juice from 10 carrots is easier than eating 10 carrots.

    Will drinking Aloe #1 interfere with cancer chemo and radiation treatments and other related medications?

      Sometimes the purpose of cancer treatment is to make you more sick so the cancer cells die. When this is the intention of the chemotherapy for instance, aloe vera can work against it by supporting stronger health and healing.

    I would like to start drinking your aloe Vera juice but I am worried since I am in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy if I can safely do so. What are the heath risks?

      Feel free to call and ask for the Doctor.

        Is drinking aloe vera beneficial for people with gut health issues and colitis?

          Inflammatory bowel conditions is the number one reason people consume aloe vera inner leaf.

    Can you use the Ultra Healing Aloe Cream on small wounds, or do you have another aloe product for helping heal wounds?

      Our products are wonderful on small abrasions… but aren’t ultra-pasteurized and over preserved… so not intended as a medical grade anti-bacterial. Many use them around healing wounds to keep the tissue soft but not in the open wound.

    Hi! I recently started with a new ND and he said the aloe is ok to take separately but if I’m adding supplements to my smoothie (which I am) that the aloe could block the absorption and not to combine it. Thoughts??

      Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach studied our aloe vera given to a group with supplements to a group who only got the supplements. The group that took aloe with their supplements tested higher plasma concentrations for every nutrient tested.

    Is it possible that drinking the aloe can help heal Barretts esophagus?

      Feel free to call us and ask for the doctor to discuss this.

    I clean and blend my aloe, then I left it in my fridge for 3 weeks because I forgot all about it, and now it has a scoby, what do I d with it????

      throw it away… start over.

    Plz let me know

    Is aleo vera gel helpful in removing blamishes

    Can aloveera gel is used for treatimg blemishes ?
    For how many days we must apply it?

      Many have reported dark spots lightening and even disappearing within a few weeks of daily topical use. However, I am hesitant to suggest it will work for such an application without the science to support it – which, to my knowledge, has not been done.

    Aloe #1 Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink
    Is this inner leaf aloe ONLY? I am allergic to latex.

      “allergic”… is an interesting term… because if it’s a true allergy, than even the cleanest inner filet only is not going to work. We test at about 4 PPM which is EXTREMELY LOW aloin content… but it is still detected.

      But many would consider the laxative effect from outer leaf to be an allergic response – which might be what you are referring to? If you have a true allergy… aloe might not be the right thing for you.

      Though we process thousands of leaves in a day, this is the process we use and what is in the bottles:

    Hi, I just ordered your aloe gel and am hoping it helps to decrease acid reflux problems. Has this been successful for people with a hiatal hernia and chronic acid reflux? Thank you!

      Many have said they don’t need their GERD medications when taking aloe.

      Is this organic?

        Stockton brand is NOT certified organic. From a standards perspective, it is way better than merely organic. There are no chemicals used at any point in the fields or manufacturing process.

    Is aloe vera consumption safe while breastfeeding? I am interested in adding it to my smoothies. Thanks!

      Not all aloe veras are safe during pregnancy. Avoid those with outer leaf aloin or those that may be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.

    Will this cure toe nail fungus?

    I have been ordering Haley’s 5 gallon frozen aloe vera for a couple of years now. After my first order, I have never received enough aloe vera to fill 9 plastic bottes as is recommended. At the most, I can fill only 8 plastic bottles. I have become an expert at transferring the aloe vera from the 5 gallon bucket to the plastic bottles, but I cannot get 9 smaller plastic bottles filled. This aloe vera is expensive and I would like this situation remedied.

      Although the label says “4 Gallons”, there is actually 4 gallons and 10 ounces… plus a tad bit extra – enough to fill 9 bottles to 58 ounces… with a tad bit extra. The bottles that you get from us say “58 ounces” but they hold much more. the “58 ounces” refers to how much aloe you are supposed to put in them. But the reality is, they hold 71 ounces if you fill them to the top. The extra space is supposed to be to allow room for expansion during freezing to prevent stretching the bottle too much. When filling the bottle, fill to just below the flat part beneath the handle.

      The other reason some people run short is they eliminate the pulp. All contents in the bag that is in the bucket are meant to go into the containers.

    Does your aloe provide enough electrolytes for someone who is fasting and only drinking aloe? or would one need to supplement.

      Hmmmmm… honestly I know aloe vera, like coconut water, is electrolyte rich. But is it enough? I suppose it depends how much aloe vera you are consuming… vs. how many electrolytes you are losing. Factors that will affect your electrolyte balance include sweat, vomit, diarrhea, fever, respiratory problems, metabolic alkalosis, medications (especially diuretics and laxatives) and intake, of course. Depending on how long the fast will be, you may want medical advice.

    Which of your products do you recommend most for treating severe teenager acne?

      We can only discuss the benefits of our products. We can not treat conditions with them since none have been classified as drugs.

    I am 67 years old with stage four colon cancer, secondary liver and lung cancer. I weigh 108 pounds. I have just received my aloe gel, and want to know how much I should drink.

      Please refer to this page for details on how much to drink: Regarding medical conditions, we can’t really discuss them here, however, please feel free to call us and ask for the Doctor.

    I have HPV+ squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil with some involvement of the lymph nodes in my neck. I am ordering 3 bottles of aloe1 to drink, but am wondering how I might make a poultice or oral patch for use inside my mouth, and also topically, outside, on my neck. Will a gargle with your aloe vera health drink also be beneficial? Wanting to kill this asap. Thanks

      You can certainly “swish before swallowing” for teeth and gums… and gargle. But the immune system benefits come from absorbing the nutrients like acemannan. The drink can be used to make a patch for external use… but we do not recommend a patch in the mouth.

    I would like to purchase Aloe Derm cream in the largest quantity, 10 tubes because it is cheaper. If I keep all tubes in the refrigerator will they stay fresh for possibly up to 1year?
    Thanks Junetta

      Yes, they will be fine if kept refrigerated.

    Not quite a question, but your aloe has done WONDERS for mast cell activation disorder and panic disorder for me. Anytime I run out of your aloe I relapse. I believe these conditions for me are related to leaky gut somehow! Thank you so much for changing my life!

      I’m so happy that it helps you. If it is the gut… and I agree, there is a good chance it is… I wonder if there are other changes that will further help prevent it from coming back?

    Is there what is referred to as Mannose binding lectin in your aloe gel?
    Thank you

      Aloe has naturally occurring lectins and natural occurring mannose. I am unfamiliar with “manose binding lectin”.

    I have just recently purchased your Aloe and am trying it, I like the taste of it and that concerns me as I recall a comment “If it tastes bad then it is meant for you”. My Gastro did a partial diagnose of Gastroperesis and wanted me to take Reglan (for some reason I don’t think they are diagnosing me correctly). After I read it was black boxed by the FDA I changed my court of action. I heard you on Learn True Health and was very intrigued with Aloe. In the past year I have gained 30 pounds without knowing why, I have always been petit and around 105-110. My PCP keeps telling me it is age and or menopause. I disagree. I have known my body for 57 years and know when it is not acting right. I have severe bloating, previously diagnosed with Diverticulitis, IBS ect. And during a meal I feel so full, I rarely finish. I digress, I started with 3 8 oz glasses of aloe vera (today is my second day), how long before I notice a difference with my digestive system? I am reaching out to try all natural before I give in to Pharma. Thank you in advance.

      There is a bit too much in this comment to discuss here. Feel free to call and ask for the doctor.

      Barbara Hoffman (naturopathic dr) has helped me so much. For me…it WAS hormone balance. I was estrogen dominant!
      She has a wonderful youtube channel, website and facebook page.
      Here is a short video
      I use organic excellence bioidentical yam based micronized USP progesterone cream and 10mg micronized DHEA.(Pure Encapsulations brand)
      Liposomal GABA and LIPOSOMAL CBD at night for peaceful sleep! (Quicksilver Scientific brand)
      These have made a WORLD of difference in my life!
      Love in Christ Jesus,
      Mrs Bacon
      in florida

    Can you help me giving more clarity about the INCI of Aloe Vera in cosmetics? What are the differences in aloe composition between Aloe Leaf Juice, Aloe Leaf Gel, and Aloe Leaf Extract. Which ones contain the whole leaf and which ones only the inner fillet?

      Aloe leaf juice is usually the whole leaf. Aloe leaf gel is supposed to be inner leaf only. Aloe leaf extract is usually the outer leaf only.

    Where in Canada can I get a comparable product? What would be a good quality second choice? Due to the extremely high shipping costs to Canada, exchange rate and duty plus taxes it makes more sense to source out an alternative. The shipping and duty/taxes costs as much as let’s say a bucket alone. Thanks

      We are unaware of comparable products.

    I’ve learned so much just reading these comments. Clarity, professionalism, & knowledge sharing at their absolute best.

    Finished watching the Chris beat cancer interview and found my way to your website. (Excellent, and recommended for all reading this!!)

    Question: if one were to grow and harvest their own aloe plants of the Stockton variety and follow the method you describe, I’m assuming this would also be an optimal choice for consumption and consequent benefits? Are there any varieties that you recommend other than the Stockton one?

    I am definitely planning to order your Aloe1 in lieu of growing my own for now which is not very practical living in Minnesota!

    Thank you!

      Stockton is a variety of the species “Aloe vera” aka “Barbadensis Miller”. Stockton my very well be the most potent variety, however, the growing conditions and maturity of the plant may play an even bigger role. Regardless of the variety, grow the plant to maturity – 3 to 5 years before harvesting. If you extract and make your own gel the way we demonstrate on YouTube, I am confident your fresh gel will out perform any processed aloe vera drinks available in the stores.

        awesome, thank you!

    I have an overgrowth on bad bacteria and yeast in my body and have been dealing with it for well over a year. I’ve probably tried everything under the sun and thought why not drink some aloe. Have you heard of anyone having success with aloe and these problems ? Any feedback helps. Thank you

      Aloe may help heal damage… but probably not “reset” your gut flora. I am wondering what you tried and if you were really led in the right direction. Too much to write in comments. Feel free to call.

    I am wanting to make a facial creme that consist of Aloe Vera. Not just for 1 use but for Several. I would say about as much as a pint jar would hold so I will have it on hands for a while till I use it up. You were recommend to me as having the best aloe Vera. I have searched your site but can’t find anything that sounds like I can use and keep on hand a while. Is there one of your products you recommend?

      Lots of people use our basic Youth Derm Aloe Cream and add their own essential oils to make each use unique (mixing it in the palm of their hand each use). Some buy the 100% pure frozen drink to thaw and refreeze in smaller containers to take out as needed.

    I am from the United Kingdom; have recently been diagnosed to my complete shock with Diverticulitis. a few days ago with Hiatus Hernia with a severe Urinary Tract Infection post an operation in 2010. I am under a top Urology consultant called Professor Malone Lee in the UK & the treatment is long term antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria for the Urinary Condition Ecoli.
    ▪As you can see from my message here that one needs healing & pure good bacteria to heal
    ▪I have a severe Nut Allergy last 17 years due to hair dye prepared incorrectly at a hairdressers where upon I stopped breathing nearly died. Thank goodness I survived but, 5 days later after having 24 hrs of fits every 20 minutes on the day of the incident, I was eating a food I had been eating all my life consequently eating on the 5 day when suddenly J started to go into anaphylaxis.
    This was the beginning of a very difficult journey suddenly becoming allergic to virtually everything post hair dye incident including a most medicines.
    Not a good case scenario.
    I am very pleased to inform J am on a better road with food allergy now but, medicines are quite another story putting me at high risk.



      We will likely be shipping to UK starting in a couple weeks… but it will indeed be costly. Most brands significantly filter, heat, and add preservatives. That is the primary difference. Some add thickeners to make it thick again so it feels like aloe again. We just filet, grind, and freeze. It keeps the thickness, has not be diluted by filtering, has never been heated, and has nothing added.

      I’m sorry to hear about that tragedy that put you in a tailspin. Thank God you survived and are making good health decisions to continue your recovery. recommends your aloe for helping heal cancer based on his experience. Do you know of any reason against using it for a person with cholangiocarcinoma?

      I’m sorry, Donna, I do not have any reasons one way or another and must admit I have never even heard of cholangiocarcinoma.

    Looking through numerous reviews on “Best Aloe Vera Juices”, from what appear to be neutral sites, I don’t see your product listed on any of those lists. In fact, George’s is listed, and in your video you talk that product down somewhat. Can you comment on why your product doesn’t show anywhere in comparative analysis?
    Thanks, Dave

      Hmmmm… I appreciate your comment Dave. I’m surprised that I talked down about another product. Can you share the link with me? I’d like to consider removing the video… unless I was merely making a non-judgmental accurate comparison. But I’d like to see it just in case. I did a search for “best aloe vera juices” and the results are humorous. I found products with affiliate links to purchase them on Amazon or ebay – All of them, which means they are only there to make a commission. It is difficult to see the affiliate links since many are using redirects. Our product can not be bought on Amazon, so I suspect that is why we are not in the list on those pages. If you found a legitimate page about “best aloe vera juices” we don’t belong in the list because we are not considered an aloe vera “juice”. In our product space, juice implies either whole leaf or aloe as an ingredient of a flavored juice. We are considered an aloe “gel”. By the way, I did find one company that uses a “test for potency”. Obviously they couldn’t include us in their chart because they would no longer be in the number 1 position. I hope that clarifies any confusion.

    Hi. How much acemannan is in yr liquid drink and what is the daily recommendation?
    How much latex remains in the drink please.
    Thank You

      The aloe is first dried. Acemannan accounted for 7.73 Wt% of the dry matter composition. Several aloin tests averaged 4 PPM. Regarding the daily recommendation, please see “How Much Aloe Vera Should I Drink?”

    Is the Aloe organic? If not, how is it treated when grown? Thanks!

      It is not certified organic… but is grown organically. Our standards are actually much higher than organic. That is, we don’t filter, pasteurize, or preserve. Just chill and freeze.

    Hi, How long from the time the aloe leaves are cut for harvest to do you process your aloe vera gel drink? I have read that a lot of the nutritional value is lost after 6 hrs. Is this true?
    Some of the health food stores in my area carry aloe leaves, but I am wondering if they will be of benefit not knowing when they were cut. Your thoughts on that? Thanks very much, Janice

      They are processed the same day. It’s not that the nutritional value is lost… but, rather, it begins to change. This video will help…

    Will this help with inflammation with Hashimotos hypothyroid?

      Although there is no science regarding this… aloe vera should help heal a leaky gut… which can be a likely cause of any auto-immune disorder. So whether or not it will help… there is only one way to find out!

    Once my pups have grown into adults, how do I prepare the aloe to use as a gel for smoothies or can I just scrape out the inside to put in smoothies?

    Sorry! One more. Do you offer any discounts on 4-gallon buckets if purchasing two or more? Thank you

      Thank you for asking. And I did not feel attacked. I habitually answer very direct, so it could sound as I felt attacked… no worries. Regarding the buckets, we do not discount. And very few qualify for wholesale accounts.

    I am coming across several videos and sites stating you claim B12 is in aloe. I am not sure if you are familiar with Jack Norris’ work, but he argues the claim is erroneous and points out discrepancies in several studies people use to support this claim. I have posted a comment of his below. Would you mind sharing the resources you use to support the belief B12 is in aloe? Also, your take on the International Aloe Science Council and why this company has chosen to be certified through them? Thank you.


    “I appreciate that we don’t know everything about science but I think there are good reasons for strongly doubting he evidence that aloe vera contains vitamin B12:


    This article simply contains the statement, “It also contains vitamin B12,…” If you assume the citations provided earlier are where the author gets this information, they date back to the 1990s before it was well known that traditional methods of measuring vitamin B12 in foods were not reliable for plants. When you consider how many other published papers have stated that various plant foods were sources of vitamin B12 that actually turned out not to be, finding one that says aloe vera is a source provides no practical evidence that aloe vera actually contains vitamin B12.


    I see that this journal claims to be peer-reviewed, but they don’t even cite their specific information in the paper. I’m not surprised it’s not indexed on PubMed (though I can’t be sure it’s because the people in charge of indexing PubMed don’t find the journal up to their standards). Once again, this paper simply has a statement saying aloe vera contains B12 without actually showing how that is the case.

    3. To date, no plant has been shown to require vitamin B12 and there is no likely reason why aloe vera would create B12. B12 is a large, complicated molecule and for one species of plant to have evolved the DNA to create B12 seems highly unlikely, though, of course, not impossible.”

      Regarding what people are saying I said about it… I only know what I say about it. I’d love to know some of the references. No, I don’t know who Jack Norris is.

      Regarding the International Aloe Science Council and why companies choose to be certified through them, their memberships and certifications support the organization. I appreciate their work. We are not certified by them (for good reason… our product does not meet their certification standards… it is NOT shelf stable for 2 years).

      There was a theory that aloe turned pink… and clear again… possibly due to the presence of forms of B12 changing and then changing back (such as hydroxy or methyl to cyanocobalamin). If there is B12 in aloe, all forms would have to be tested for from the same sample… at the same time. We have only tested for methylcobalamin and none was observed. Unfortunately because our test was so limited, it does not prove anything one way or another. The B12 theory was not invented by me. I have talked about it, but certainly haven’t claimed “aloe contains B12” I do believe in science, and, for whoever wants to spend the money on further testing, I’d love to know the results once and for all.

      If you could, please let us know a couple of the sources that say I am stating B12 is in aloe.

        Thank you for your response. I hope you did not take my original post as an attack. It was primarily out of curiosity and to somewhat seek out some guidance. I wholeheartedly respect the quality of product you create and I have personally gained knowledge from you sharing. I have watched several videos (all interviews) so I will need to go back and pinpoint where I got this from. I apologize if I am attaching your name to the belief system of those who post using you as a reference. That could certainly have been the case! But if I do I will let you know. I believe I had found my answer (for now) through Aloe’s monograph that it has not been proven to contain B12. Thank you, and again, I apologize if my post seemed to attack your credibility.

    Hi – I have been using your aloe vera for about 3 weeks. My urine ph is usually around 6.7 in the morning. The last week of so I have been very acidic (in the 5’s). Do you think the aloe is detoxing me or would the aloe juice only change me ph to more alkaline or could it be more acidic initially if it is detoxing?

      Aloe vera is on the acid side of the pH scale, so it might be affecting the pH of your urine.

    Does your aloe contain any preservatives, and when you grow your plants, do you use growth enhancers, ets.

    Why is your product not organic?

      Our standards are certainly higher than organic. The certification process will certainly cost us time and money. We are considering it, however not sure if our customers want to pay more for the product just so it has a certification. We don’t have to change anything about our product… just hire someone to complete the paperwork, do the follow-up… meet USDA in the Dominican Republic every year, etc. So I understand the market demand better, how much more would you be willing to pay for the same product only with the green stamp on the bottle?

        I’m thankful that the price isn’t higher. I have only found reasons to trust the quality of this product.

          Thank you for your feedback. When I took over the product line 9 years ago, we lowered the price just a bit… improved the quality, and haven’t raised it since. We’ll continue to do our best.

        Please don’t raise prices just for certification!!

    How do you prepare the empty bottles before pouring the thawed aloe? Do you wash them?

      You never know what may have gotten in them while in the mail to you… I would certainly rinse them out with tap water (treated / chlorinated municipal water).

    i have an aloe vera plant in which the gel turns red in color after cutting it. which has no odour or smell ..
    is it a rare aloe vera plant ???

    Have people been successful healing gingivitis and gum disease, including receding gums with your aloe vera? Diet is very good, but still having issues with this. How would you recommend we use it for these purposes?

      I have heard people say it has helped their gum issues including receding gums. But I am unaware of any scientific studies verifying its use for this. But if I was drinking it and had gum issues, I’d probably swish before swallowing so that I possibly had it working from inside and out… and then draw my own conclusions regarding efficacy.

    I do not understand how one would use the Aloe Joy? The Youth-Derm is like a lotion for the body, the ultra healing is for burns abrasions, possibly the face. What are people using the Aloe Joy for? Thanks

      We wanted to develop a natural lubricant that could be used for intimacy… however, it is not animal tested / approved for such use. We are not fans of the required animal testing… so, for now, it is an all-purpose aloe gel for external use.

    I’ve been referred to you by a longtime friend who is a stock retailer of your products. I typically have very active bowels. However, for the past few months, it feels like there is a knot in my stomach, which is causing problems. Tests have been negative and doctors will only call my problems irritable bowel syndrome. Will your aloe juice assist with my issues? Any other recommendations? Thank you

      People do use our aloe for digestive problems… but everyone is different. You may… or may not benefit as it relates to your symptoms. I am happy to discuss your situation specifically by phone.

    Hi, I recently have had a Pap Test which identified that I have a first degree damage to the cervix caused by cell dysplasia (at stage 3 you have to have an operation to remove the infected part of the cervix).
    A friend of mine recommended that I should start taking aloe vera juice and also apply cervical washes to the cervix. Do you thing this will help?

    Will it affect the Ph of the cervix?

    Thank you

      I forgot to mention it relates to HPV 16.

        I personally would consume the aloe… so that my immune system is strengthened and healing takes place from the inside out.

    Hey Dr. Michael Haley. Will drinking Aloe 1 help with heartburn/Acid Reflux?

      Lots of people drink our product because they say it indeed does… but I say that everyone is different… and it might help… and it might not.

    Hey I live in Kansas and I will need to bring the Stockton Aloe Vera in for the colder months!
    I just wanted to know, if I am growing Stockton Aloe Vera for eating or skin care is it worth my time to grow the Stockton Aloe Vera due to bringing it indoors for the winter months?

      It’s nice to have an aloe vera plant around… but a plant or two won’t provide much aloe for eating… since you can easily eat a leaf per day… In Kansas, I suspect a good plant will yield about 1 leaf every couple months or so. They certainly grow better here in Florida and I might get a leaf or two per month.

    Hello! Are you able to say why the products are not certified by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council)? If the products are not 3rd party tested, I’m not sure how to ascertain the validity of ingredients and processing. Thanks for your help!

      The products are third party tested. We called the IASC to find which labs they used and sent our products to them for testing. For more info, see our post about it here:

    Are your plants organically grown? Silly question.. But is there a difference in using organic or regular soil for growing aloe vera? And is it necessary to grow them organically for consumption. I’d like to grow as many aloe vera as possible in pots due to limited space. (outdoors & indoors).

      We grow our plants in natural earth chemical free.

    I would like to know if your Aloe Vera product uses the “Leaf” or the “whole leaf.” Kindly advise what is the MPS value of your product?

    Can we buy the aloe vera plants from you also aside from the Aloe Vera Gel that you sell by the gallon? If so, How much is it per plant?

    I would appreciate a reply thru Annabbykarefre Alfinda – that is my FB account name or just email me.

    Thank you,


      We wash, cut, bleed, re-wash, fillet the leaf, then grind the filet, chill it, and put it in containers that go in the freezer. Regarding the “MPS value”… kindly tell me what the MPS value is… what it means, and, if possible, I’ll find out. Yes, we sell aloe vera pups and plants in season. Please refer to our online store.

    We used aloe vera gel for our young sons acid reflux, it did wonders. Will the aloe vera gel heal an ulcer?

      It definitely seems to increase healing and speed up the healing process.

    Dear Dr. Haley,

    Why is it not recommended to store Aloe in glass bottles? I read that even BPA free containers are not good.

    Thank you!
    Many blessings to you:)


      Aloe vera expands more than water when re-freezing. Refreezing Aloe vera in glass has a very low success rate.

    Two Questions 🙂

    Aloe is technically listed as GAPS illegal, but you were/are a GAPS practitioner correct? Why is it listed as illegal, and is it okay to have on GAPS?

    Is Aloe okay to use as an enema?

      On page 164 of the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride MD, it says “Aloe vera, once digestive symptoms are gone you can introduce it”. Personally, I have found the quickest way to remove digestive symptoms in most IBS cases is to have them consumer our Aloe vera.

      I discussed why I think some think Aloe vera is “illegal” here:

      Regarding use as an enema… My counsel has always been against using it for an enema… for many reasons including:
      * Enemas only treat part of the gut
      * The enema is eliminated and minimally used
      * Aloe vera does NOT flush the liver such as by coffee enema… or like consuming fats / oils to flush the gall bladder
      * Drinking Aloe treats the whole gut… and more aloe gets absorbed and carried throughout the body for use from the inside out (Enemas are really an outside in approach)
      I could go on, but I’m sure that makes enough sense.

    I was unable to find out where aloe plants are grown and harvested? Do you have a post explaining how Aloe1 is farmed? Thank you

      We grow out Aloe vera in the Dominican Republic. Regarding how it is farmed… We rarely water. We use garden tools to remove weeds. We use the same techniques that you can see demonstrated by me on our YouTube channel at – check out the gardening / farming videos

    I’m writing to ask you foor aloe vera.
    What happen if we left aloe vera in our skin all night?
    And how can we clean our face from the moths or from the brown spots created by the sun?
    Please write me soon

    Is there an instrument I can use to measure the ppm of an outer leaf aloin from an aloe vera plant?

      We outsource to Spectrix Analytical Services, LLC for testing aloin content. Last time they tested our Aloe vera, they used the HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography). It is a rather complex process.

    Thanks for all the great information you provide! I’m on the waiting list for a few of your aloe pups, in the meantime I purchased one on ebay, although I’m stuck taking her word that it is a Stockton variety, but I still want yours because I’ll know for sure. Where can I find information on the best growing conditions and soil for this variety? I live in Washington State, so mine is potted in a 14″ x 6″ pot and will spend the winter in my heated greenhouse, but I would like to try to provide the best conditions and soil possible for optimum therapeutic quality. Thanks.

    I have been reading about Aloctin A and Alexin B as healing components of aloe. The aloe plants most studied in the scientific community appear to the candelabra aloes from South America. Are the Aloctin and Alexin compounds present in all aloe plants – specifically the Barbadensis-Miller-Stockon you use too? Thanks.

    Hello. I was diagnosed recently with LPR Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease. My throat has been swollen for several months and my stomach is in a lot of pain. My ENT said to drink Aloe Vera juice, but I am NURSING my one year old. I get scared that drinking high amounts could harm her, but I’m desperate for healing my gut. Do you suggest I stop nursing her if I drink two 8oz glasses or more a day? What do you think? Thank you!

      With our brand, you will be fine. It is the brands that contain the outer leaf aloin in amounts greater than 10 PPM that will cause problems.

    Have purchased a bucket of aloe 3 times now. This time the aloe is pink. Is that normal?

      Sometimes the aloe does turn pink. And, if you let it get warm, the pink goes away! We have customers that prefer the aloe while it is pink. They say it tastes better… and some say it works better. I personally think its psychological… that it works the same white or pink.

    I have Stage IV Kidney Disease (as of July 2016). Do you know of or has Stockton Aloe done any studies to show if raw aloe vera is beneficial for improving healthy kidney function or at least stabilizing the functioning?

      We do not have studies about this. I do have two customers that come to mind that swear the aloe is what improved there numbers and prevented dialysis. But testimonials are far from scientific results and have to be considered with skepticism.

    Could you tell me the percentage of vitamins and minerals in this kind of Aloe to drink?
    For example, for 100ml which is the percentage of Vitamin A , etc….

      I do not have that information. I don’t think many of our customers… or any of them, for that matter, drink it for the vitamins and minerals… but rather for the key phytyonutrients such as acemannan… and the and mucilaginous polysaccharides.

    I’m so fortunate to have found your extremely exceptional, quality company through a YouTube video. I’ve always been a huge fan of Aloe Vera for over 35 years now, ever since a Lady/Hero (A Capeless Crusader) shared a story with me about The Miraculous Aloe Vera (which all started while looking out her front window). And how she resuced her shirtless 19 year old neighbor after he took the cap off the water tank of his over-heated car that was completely engulfed in steam & smoke.. She watched scalding steam & hot water gush out with pressured force all over his chest. She told her husband to call Paramedics ASAP as she’s running to grab her Gallon of Aloe Vera juice. He was on the ground hysterical when she started pouring it all over his chest, neck, arms & face. He calmed-down almost instantly she said. In the daya to come he NEVER GOT BLISTERS OR SCARS and was pain-free, YAY. Will Aloe Vera heal my Aunt Rosalind’s Stage 3/4 (1month old) Pressure Ulcers (Bed Sores)?

    I am happy to have found your site. i have been using ‘George’s Always Active Aloe Vera LIQUID? and am wondering what you think of it. They do not seem to mention aloin but do mention things you do not so I cannot tell if it just full of marketing tricks. Unlike your product it does not need refrigeration. it looks & seems very much like water but they claim no water is added. Here are statements from their site: (it is from barbadensis miller)
    Tastes like Spring Water! Requires no refrigeration or special handling. Contains no preservatives or additives.
    Anthraquinone Free! 100% Fractionally Distilled from Aloe Vera Leaves No Preservatives Long Shelf Life
    Never Slimy, Thick or Bitter Tasting
    Although it is believed mucopolysaccharides have beneficial elements, this molecular chain is very large making it difficult for the body to utilize. The complete mucopolysaccharide chain is also the cause of rapid spoilage and breakdown of the product, which is why most other brands contain unhealthy preservatives. We breakdown the mucopolysaccharide chain extracting the sugars in order to eliminate adding any preservatives and increase shelf life.
    A distillate is a liquid that consists of pure components of a plant in its most basic form. It is unique in that a distillate is comprised of a low molecular weight thereby enabling the body to assimilate its components in the purest form at the cellular level. This occurs both internally, and through the skin’s dermal layers, at a much higher rate than would occur if the plant’s components were introduced in any other manner.
    Most Aloe Vera products are slimy and have a very bitter taste. We remove the chemical antagonists and some of the undesirable components that are mildly toxic. As a result, our product has no adverse flavor.
    George’s Aloe is fractionally distilled, meaning it is broken down into various parts, with the undesirable elements removed. It is then re-assembled.
    George’s Aloe is a refined product. We remove the antagonistic compounds that cause the bitter taste and irritation to the GI tract.

    I would love to know your thoughts on these claims. Thank you for making a product we can trust!

      I do know quite a bit about this product… but it is not ours… and I am not comfortable commenting about it. But let me briefly discuss “distilled”. If you look up distill, you will see it is a process of vaporizing, such as by heat creating a steam, then capturing the steam. When you distill water and capture the steam, you are getting pure water that has a forever shelf life since it is pure H2O… though some elements can be picked up along the way in the air and from the equipment. I can distill a fruit juice capturing the water from it… bottle it… and not add any water since all of it came from the fruit juice… making it pure with no water added. I am NOT saying this is what George’s does. I am confident they don’t add water. I am confident that the liquid they sell came from aloe vera.


    Aloe Joy is to drink?

      It is not to drink – it is an all purpose topical.

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    Is any microbiological contamination testing done on samples? How does the product compare to those that are purported to be concentrated?


      Microbiology testing is done on every batch by an independent laboratory. We have never found pathological microbiology. We have never compared to those that have been concentrated (boiled down). The percentage of any nutrient, however, should be higher in those that have had the water removed since most of the weight has been removed. The serving sizes of concentrates are much smaller. So the real comparison, for example, using the extremes… a glass of aloe vera vs. two capsules of aloe vera powder… which is better for you?

        Hi Dr. Haley,
        Thanks very much for the response. I’m excited to try out the product. Are you familiar with the SCD (Elaine Gottschall diet)? She mentions in her book to avoid mucilaginous substances like aloe because it can interfere with enzymatic interaction with food (by placing a physical barrier between the lining where the enzymes reside and the food). This seems somewhat plausible, but I’ve never bought into the theory because there are decades of experience with health practitioners and consumers using aloe to heal the gut. I’m just curious what your thoughts are on her belief.


          It seems plausible… but I’m pretty sure someone made this up – I don’t know of any research supporting the theory, only that which opposes it such as a study at Hippocrates that showed the group that received aloe had higher plasma levels for every nutrient tested.

    Hello Dr. Haley, I am back with another tiny little question about aloes/ gardening in general this time! I seem to.. have made a little mistake. I have received one aloe and some cacti and they may have been infected with those little black flies that I am not sure if they are fungus gnats or not, but I expect them to cause harm to my plants roots! They seem to have extended to my other plants a little.. so what I’ve done until this point is, I searched the internet and found out that if I put a slice of potato above the soil it would attract the little guys that hatched from the eggs, and it really does work, they keep coming to the surface for that delicious treat. Some plants are infected it seems, some aren’t at all, which is weird. But changing again and again the potato slices got a little tedious.. and so I wish to know how to get rid of those little guys for good. I searched for something called “diatomaceous earth” but I haven’t found it so.. I was thinking of another solution. Would sand on top of the soil prevent the gnat babies from emerging, and the adults from laying eggs? I’ve read about that but I am not sure if it would work and if sand above soil would actually harm my aloes? Just now I’ve placed a fresh batch of potato slices on my plants and I’m going to buy some sand in a few moments actually, to experiment. I don’t like the idea of pesticides.. I don’t want to hurt/ cause long-term damage to my plants. I don’t care as much of the cacti as I do with the aloes so what I’ve done is placed a potato slice on the soil of the cacti and dipped that slice in a soft pesticide, to see if those little buggers will still emerge or not or if they will and they will die. So to do a summary about all this, I am going to try and place sand on top of my plants soil and even on the plate beneath if it is necessary, if gnats would still lay eggs from beneath and emerge from there. I’ve heard good things about diatomaceous earth but I just couldn’t find.. Basically, would sand damage my plants in any way, prevent water from evaporating and do harm or anything like that? Also, do you have any other suggestion for getting rid of tiny flies/ fungus gnats in your home? Since aloes can live long without water, I’m letting my soil completely dry out for a week or two, do you think that would kill the larvae and prevent the gnats from reproducing? From what I understand, sand would give them the impression that it’s dry and they would not lay eggs anymore, so if it doesn’t harm the plants and it also prevents gnats from ever coming back, I will gladly decorate my home with a top layer inch of sand for my plants 🙂 I would just like the opinion of a more experienced person in this matter, so thank you very much for your time and I am sorry for writing such a long paragraph!

      In Florida, our “soil” is very much like sand and they thrive! I do not THINK the sand will do any harm… at all… but I could be WRONG… just probably not 🙂

    Is it okay to mix the Stockton A 1 Aloe with some type of flavoring or raw juice?

    How long will a opened gallon bottle keep in the frig after it comes to you in the mail? thank you

      It varies… it will eventually ferment. We recommend 7 to 10 days in the fridge. If you don’t plan on consuming the whole container in that time, as soon as its thawed, pour it off into smaller containers for re-freezing to take out as needed.

    Is this a hybrid form of aloes? I live in South Florida. The shop you have listed in South Florida to they sell the aloe plants or just the gel?

      It is a naturally evolved variety of Barbadensis Miller and one of the more popular varieties in South Florida. At our location is Pompano Beach we do sell some plants and lots of gel.

    Hello. I am curious after reading some of your information that was emailed to us (specifically the Clifford Larson malignant melanoma thank you card.) My wife was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma. After 5 weeks on the Gerson Therapy, it has progressed quickly. We are changing her treatment plan, but have four gallons of aloe drink that i feel will be very useful to her. How much and how often should she drink everyday. I know this is not a medication nor a cure, but i do believe it can make a big difference in her journey back to health. Thank you to all involved. Keep up the good work.

    Love & peace. Calen & Malia

      Cliff drank 3 glasses per day, 8 ounces each. He did NOT do all of those other things. The way I see it, ask your self “How much should I eat or drink of this particular food”, whatever it is. Or, if someone says “drink 8 ounces at a time”, does that sound like a lot? Or is it what you expected to hear? Did you expect a larger serving? Because your answer to that is probably what is right for you. If I say “twice per day”, were you hoping for 1 time? 3 times? Because, really, you already know. When it comes to any food that we don’t have science telling us how much is the correct amount to eat, we really have to decide for ourselves.

    I would carry aloe pups from US to Europe inside my checked (cargo) luggage. How many days do the pups survive without water? Lets say I would count 2-3 days to receive them to my East Coast USA address from your shop, I would order it 4-5 days before I fly just in case they will arrive for sure. So we are talking about 1 week from your shop to the garden in Europe. Will they survive for sure?

      They would probably be fine… but unfortunately, right now, 2016… we have a 1 year waiting list.

        Ohh, Doc, that was a shocking news. I am on your waiting list now but please make a note I will buy 25 pups next year from you as it is a crazy long waiting time and I really want a have a good amount from these next year. Million thanks.

    while i was on the waiting list for the aloe pups, i purchased an aloe from english gardens in the spring 2015. in the summer of 2016 it had a yellow flower that grew from it. the leaves are about 18″ long. is this a barbadensis miller-stocton species and how can i tell how old is this plant? do you think it is ready for consumption?

      Please post a picture of the plant on Facebook with the same questions… that way I can see it and give my opinion

        I have sent you a picture of my aloe with the question and the web site your provided in the visitors post

          Thank you for sharing at – I just replied. It looks like you have a good species.

    Why do you suggest filling the empty bottles with water and storing them until we refill them again?

      We recommend filling them with tap water… which is chlorinated… because it prevents mold from growing in the bottles that may have moisture trapped in them. It will also swell up any remaining pulp to easily rinse out prior to re-using the bottles.

    Hey Doc, I’m back with another small question! I love that you are so open and answer the questions that you can, and for that you have my appreciation, thank you. My question would be, can an aloe plant actually die from lack of sunlight, or will it just go into a dormant state? Some of my aloe’s leaves are starting to curl up inwards. I am currently living in an apartment and will keep living for another 4 months at least, and let’s say 8 months at most. Will this do any harm to the plant or will it just be born anew when the time comes for it to absorb that delicious sunlight?
    Thank you in advance doctor!

      Yes, the plant can die from lack of sunlight. Sunlight is the fuel source. After eight months, it may or may not not survive… But probably will.

        I understand, thank you very much. If hypothethically an aloe would be on its “death bed”, would a whole day of strong sunlight theoretically remove it from that state, thus reviving it?

          I doubt a day of sun would do much for it. Also, aloe plants are quite hearty… yet they don’t like significant change, so a sudden change in environment seems to push them in the wrong direction, even when the change is an improvement.

    Hey Doctor Haley, I just received from my relatives a big aloe plant, more than 15 years old. It’s not Stockton variety but it is barbadensis miller alright, and I was wondering what would happen if hypothetically all the leaves would be gone off of it? Would there be more leaves growing back afterwards on the side? I know aloes grow new leaves from the top and this plant is just a beauty, I really don’t feel like leaving it naked even if it would take me years to do so if I used sparingly. I don’t have much experience in aloes so that’s why I am asking, I currently have 19 or 20 other pups that I just transplanted in their own pots and I hope they will grow nicely ^^ But I don’t want to use leaves from them anymore and I want to use the more mature plant that I received and let them grow in peace.

    And another question I would have is, if I cut the sides and tips of the leaf and then stored it in a closed plastic bag in the freezer, would that be fine? And also, more importantly, fi I were to use fresh leaves from the aloe, freshly cut.. Would it do harm to the aloe to cut just a piece of its leaf at a time?

    And also, if I intend to use that leaf topically, is aloin bad for the skin also? Would I need to place it in water for 5 minutes before rubbing it on my face for example?

    Thank you very much for your time!

      You should only remove about three leaves at a time. Try not to harvest from the same plant more than once every month or two. The leaves will probably continue to grow from the center. If you plan on storing the cut leaves, filet them before freezing them. In fact, you might want to filet and grind them before freezing. That way, you can store them in bottles.

      If you cut one portion of the leaf at a time, the leaf will probably heal… But that is not the best way to do it.

      Do not use the aloin on your skin. It is not the part that you’re after, it will also stain your skin. Use only the aloe gel on your skin.

        Thank you very much for your reply doctor ! Wish you the best, stay healthy like always ^^ Keep spreading the aloe love 🙂

    I currently drink 3 glasses a day of your aloe juice. I have a 5-day trip coming up in 2 weeks. What is the best way to make sure I have the aloe drink with me at the destination (a hotel)? It’s not a driving trip so probably not feasible to pack it in a cooler with ice (or is it? – I’ve never flown with a cooler).

      We can ship to the hotel. Some of our customers have taken frozen bottles packed in their luggage… that they check in. The clothing insulates it and keeps it frozen.

        Those are possible options. I need to make sure the hotel room has a fridge.

    I have access to large aloe leaves but I don’t know how best to use them. Is there a place on your website that would discuss how to use the leaves?

    Thank you,

      This video shows you how to filet aloe vera properly: what you do with the gel from there… drink it, put it on your skin…

    Hi Dr. Haley,

    Can I use aloe Vera ultra healing cream as a daytime cream while out in the sun?


      You certainly can… however, don’t expect much Sun Protection Factor. It was not formulated for SPF.

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    Which one of your product do you recommend for anti-aging for someone in their early 30s?

      Health comes from the inside out. Ingesting healthy aloe would probably be a lot more beneficial than putting an aloe cream on you. Therefore, I recommend the gel to drink. As to whether or not it will slow aging… I can’t really say… though those that consume it tend to look younger… and it is not uncommon for those that consume a glass per day to notice a difference in the mirror after a week or two… and tell us that others are suddenly complimenting their complexions.

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    I’m in early thirties and want to start using all natural anti-aging products. which one would you recommend: just simple aloe vera gel or the aloe Youth-Derm Ultra healing Cream?………..Thanks

      Health comes from the inside out. Ingesting healthy aloe would probably be a lot more beneficial than putting an aloe cream on you.

    What is the shelf life of your products if they do not contain preservatives?

      Our products do not have a shelf life at all. That is, the shelflife is zero. You will never find them on a shelf. You might find them in the frozen food section however. Once thawed, and kept very cold in a refrigerator, they will last about 7 to 10 days before the taste begins to change. That’s why we recommend people pour off into smaller containers the amounts they do not plan on using within 7 to 10 days. The smaller containers can be put back into the freezer and saved for another time.

    Dr. Haley,
    Due to the harsh winters here in northwest Arkansas, I bring my 3 year old aloe plants in the house for the
    winter. I just took them outside after all danger of frost and they began to turn from bright green to a very
    pale greenish and the tips are like drying up, turning blackish. I put them on the north side of the house
    out of direct sun, which seems to make them worse. Moisture level is “moist to slightly on the dry side”.
    I have lots of pups I was going to transplant, but now I am afraid to do anything. What has happened to my
    beautiful green aloe vera plants?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Ray Benge

      They definitely need and love lots of direct sunlight… but aloe plants do stress and take a while to adapt to significant changes like when you transplant them. It almost sounds like they froze… got to or near to freezing temperatures, but I am guessing you didn’t let that happen. When they do get to freezing temperature, they usually die… the leaves droop… get sort of soggy.

      If it is just stress… and you try to over-compensate… they can stress even more. So don’t try to make too many changes.

      Also, if you “fertilize” them, be careful. DO NOT use coffee grounds or anything unusual… since that will also do what you are describing. Minimal organic plant food if you ever choose to fertilize… but probably best to NOT add anything.

      They really don’t need much water… but they do need the light which is there fuel to be able to drink the water.

      I hope that helps… I’m sending happy thoughts to them now…

    How can I find out how much Vitamin K is in Aloe Vera Juice, I have someone on Coumadin

      I am sorry… I do not have the answer to that.


    My husband was treated for tonsil cancer last year; 35 days of radiation and 7 chemo treatments. His weight is down, immune system compromised, and recently got so sick that his throat closed and he almost died. They are thinking it was a “super big”. He was intubated for 4 days and a camera confirmed that he had scar tissue in his throat and his lymph nodes don’t function normally. I’m hoping your aloe vera will help build his immune system, heal damage on his throat, and help prevent this from happening again. Would you recommend this to him? He’s 160 pounds. How much should be take and for how long?

      Lea, we need to discuss this. I feel there is so much more he could be doing. Please call on Monday.

    is your aloe vera safe to drink while pregnant or nursing?

      This is a great question. I have to explain the differences and concepts for you to understand as it relates to aloe vera since there are many.
      When it comes to aloe, there are two things the FDA would especially be interested in…
      The first is “RAW”… and you can apply this to other juices as well (OUR BRAND IS RAW). According to the FDA, raw juices must use the following exact wording on there packaging:
      “WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.”
      although they don’t address pregnancy in this statement, it should be considered. I consider it… But I also consider the dangers of drinking pasteurized beverages that contain preservatives.
      The other thing that people talk about when it comes to aloe vera is the outer leaf aloin content. Aloin, especially, can cause cramping and diarrhea which can lead to dehydration and electrolyte mineral loss. That can be passed on by breast feeding… and may cause contractions during pregnancy. Pregnant people should especially stay properly hydrated for this reason.
      Aloin content is very low with Stockton Aloe 1 brand and this is not an issue. The same can not be said for many brands… so I am NOT saying “aloe vera is safe to use during pregnancy”.
      Some brands do both… that is, they make aloe drinks that are “whole leaf” and others that are only “inner leaf” or “gel”.

    I live in Austin,TX. Can you grow your variety of aloe in full sun or nearly full sun? I am growing a barbadensis variety but I need to use a shade cloth fabric to keep the sun from being to intense. The plants I see around your house look like they may have full sun. I have to protect my plants from winter freezes. I will be ordering plants from you as soon as they are available. Even if I need to shade them. I want them for there health benefits.
    Thank You,

      We do grow our plants in full sun. They soak it up and love it!


    When this product is defrosted will it still maintain its slippery/slimy consistency?

      Like any raw unpreserved fruit or vegetable juice, aloe vera will eventually ferment. When this happens, the mucopolysaccharides will be consumed by the probiotics. As this happens, the gel becomes thinner and less slippery. Eventually, when you shake a jug of aloe, rather than making goopy sound, it will splash like water.

      We usually don’t see changes like I am describing here for at least a couple weeks as long as the raw gel is kept refrigerated. That is why we recommend pouring into smaller containers and refreezing if you don’t plan on using the whole container within a week to 10 days.


    I am allergic to some of the ingredients in your topical aloe creams. I have very sensitive skin. I have tried your sensation aloe since the ingredients listed shouldn’t irritate my skin, and voila!!!! I LOVE IT AS A DAILY FACIAL MOISTURIZER!!!! I know this isn’t the original purpose, but would using this product as a facial moisturizer cause any problems?

      Yes, Aloe Joy is intended to be an “all purpose” topical aloe gel.

    I am from Canada and I noticed you don’t ship there . Is there a similar product sold in Canada?

    Is it ok to use a couple tablespoons of this aloe in an enema?

      That is not a recommended use. We believe gut health starts with what you eat and that the best way to get aloe in your rectum is to eat or drink it.

    I have a little child of 19 months. I am still breastfeeding. I would like to try aloe vera gel or juice for my constipation. They told me they don’t recommend to consume aloe gel while brestfeeding. Why is that does it depend on the kind of juice or how much is consumed ? I keep reading about the health promoting effects of aloe and I realy like to be able to have them too.

      The important thing to recognize here is the difference between inner leaf gel and whole leaf aloe vera. Some people use whole leaf aloe vera to treat constipation. We do not recommend this. The outer leaf parts have not been demonstrated to be safe as a laxative. Furthermore, the outer leaf parts are contra-indicated with pregnancy.

      Stockton aloe one only sells inner leaf gel. It does not treat constipation. It does, however, contribute to healthy bowels. For us, treating constipation would be done through changes in diet for the purpose of normalizing gut health and the micro biome. Our aloe vera gel is not contraindicated with pregnancy. Many brands, are, however.


    I have been trying to overcome acid reflux for the past 5 years using natural methods. I have tried aloe vera products (about 4 different companies), yet none of them worked for me. Why will your product help (or not help)? (I don’t have a hiatal hernia and have tried the popular natural remedies such as slippery elm, apple cider vinegar, glutamine, DGL, baking soda, and about 60 (yes, sixty) other strategies.)


      Honestly, Joel, I don’t know that it will. We definitely have the most pure, unfiltered, raw aloe vera gel. But, from my experience, even the lesser brands still help people. If the other brands didn’t do anything for you, there is a good chance ours won’t either. But if they did something for you, I suspect ours will do more for you.

      When someone has acid reflux, we don’t recommend only making one change. But it does help to make changes one at a time to see which changes have the most impact. We do have a strategy for eliminating Acid Reflux naturally and it doesn’t cost anything. Feel free to contact me for details.

    I was talking to a friend about filleting and making aloe vera gel and/or juice. He believes in straining the gel because of the fiber which he says bacteria can grow inside. Personally, I think the gel is good for us. Like I told him, yes, even with raw foods, bacteria will grow inside us, but it’s the good bacteria. Plus, we will eliminate what we eat…or we should be anyway :). Obviously since it is the aloe vera gel you’re selling, can you please explain the difference between drinking aloe vera gel vs the juice?
    Another side note, I noticed most brands also contain the outer skin, I then later read that it could lead to upset stomachs. It is toxic to consume the skin and the skin is there to protect the gel from the harsh weatherization.
    Thank you,

      We often consider fiber to be “prebiotic”… that is, it feeds the healthy gut flora. Juice usually refers to aloe that includes the outer skin, whereas “gel” usually means inner leaf only. The outer leaf is indeed filled with “anti-nutrients”… there to protect the plant. Some have used this as a laxative. But if you ask me, I suggest it is an irritant and that something that causes a purging response probably is NOT good for you.

    Can I ask…is it safe for dogs? I have been treating my dog for cancer for 3 years…raw food, tinctures etc…she is doing great, but because she gets skin rashes, especially during hot months…would Aloe be ok to give her?

      There is research showing the potential effectiveness against cancer… and dogs were used in the research!

    About a year ago I watched John Kohler’s video with you in it and wanted to buy some of the pups. I went to the website shown and saw they were “out of stock”. We just re-watched the video and I went to the sight again and it read again “out of stock”. I decided to look at your shop button and found there that I could have gotten on your mailing list along time ago. You should print that right after you have the “out of stock” so you wont loose people who want to buy your Aloe Vera plants.
    As I watched the video again John claimed the aloe he drank was not bitter at all but like “watered down sugar cane juice. TOTALLY no bitter or astringent or have any weird taste.”
    What is the comparison in what you sell and John drank as to bitterness? In other words, how does your product compare to what John drank? If he tried your bottled frozen version, would he say the same thing about it?

      Hi Linda.

      One thing that has always intrigued me is the taste comments about our aloe. Two different people at a trade-show drinking from the same bottle at the same time, each in their own separate shot glass. They healthy looking one says “mmmmm, this is good… not bitter at all” and the other makes a stank face and says, “ewwwww… I could never drink this”. This has happened so many times.

      For me, not bittler. For everyone in my family… not bitter. For lots of people at farmers markets, trade-shows, product demos – “ewwwwwwwwwwwww”. But we pretty much process it the same way John did… only we don’t do a final dunk and we use a grinder instead of a blender.


    I am unable to find to aloe Barbadensis Miller Stockton pup/plants in Canada. Do you ship aloe pups outside US to Canada?

      We do not. Thank you for your inquiry.

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    Can I ship the empty box and styrofoam back to your company? I just purchased and received the first box of two 58 oz. pure aloe juice from your company. I put one bottle and filled an 18 oz. glass bottle (with room to expand) in the freezer. The taste doesn’t bother me but I’ll have to doctor it up for my husband. I am planning to buy more every other week, but I’m concerned about all the wastes especially since styrofoam can’t be recycled.

      Ling, we are also concerned about this. We have looked into getting the packing materials returned to us. The problem is however, that it costs more to return the materials than it does to replace them. The only way for us to do this, would be to pass on the additional expenses to our customer. Furthermore, there’s no way to guarantee that the Styrofoam will make it to us in one piece. The styrofoam we use to make our containers IS recycled stryrofoam.

      For our customers that plan on drinking the aloe vera regularly, we recommend they purchase it in the four gallon bucket. The bucket does not need Styrofoam during shipping. It is intended to thaw on the way to the customer. Once they receive it, they can pour it into smaller containers that we provide for them.

      Since the BPA free bottles we provide are gassed off and used for storing cold content, we know that “leaching” will be at a minimum. We recommend that they are rinsed, stored with tap water in them which usually contains a little chlorine in it to keep things from growing anything in them. Before reusing them, simply dump, rinse, and refill with aloe.

      Storing in glass is great… but glass seems to become more fragile when frozen, so we advise against it.

    This has recently been recommended to me by a friend. I currently have a polyp on my ampulla I am trying to get rid of before resulting to surgery, as well as 2 small ulcers. How much would you reccommend to take of this a day in hope of alleviating either of those problems? Thank you!

      Traditionally aloe vera has been used externally on damaged skin and internally for ulcerative and inflammatory conditions. I suppose your ulcers would be more likely to benefit from aloe vera. I don’t know how it may or may not affect polyps.

    presently fructose gluten lactose intolerant. using aloe gel from health store and has helped somewhat, will your product help me to heal, frustrated with bloating gas and swelling of stomach, desperate can you help as I watch my diet and read labels but when eating out sometimes reaction even when I order excluding the intolerants. I’ll look on e-mail .

      Although aloe vera may help heal your gut, it isn’t likely to cure your problem. That is, if it helps, you will continue to need it until the cause of your problems is removed. The good news is that there is a way to figure this out… it doesn’t cost anything and you can do it at home. Contact us and ask for the doctor to find out more.

    On your page can you just buy one Gallon?


      We do not ship individual bottles, but we do sell them individually for pick-up.

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    I purchased a bucket from your company a few months ago, and have only recently begun drinking the aloe gel. I have purchased bottles in the past, however, the aloe from this particular bucket is very “watery.” I defrosted the bucket and froze it immediately after bottling it. Is the watery consistency a sign of fermentation? If so, how could this have happened?


      Thank you for you question, John. I am confident that this is merely the difference in harvests. Our previous harvest was indeed the thickest harvest we have ever had. But the current harvest received more rain and came out a little thinner. The current harvest is more typical. If it has fermented, you will know it when you taste it! But I suspect you will be pleased with the taste and results. Please keep us posted 🙂


    I have been using aloe gel as a beverage for almost a year now, and it has been a great addition to my herbal teas and tonics.

    Do you offer mature Stockton aloe plants for sale?

    I live in Orlando and was thinking that I could make a trip down if yall were able to sell me a few.

      We have pups available in the cart and some small plants (1 to 2 yrs. old) available for pickup only. We do not sell the mature plants.

        Hmm… Is there a phone to call to make an appointment?

    Hi, I am about to order some aloe from you and have a few questions regarding the goals that I would like to achieve. I have hashimotos disease and in the process of being tested for lupus, so I have quite a bit of inflammation in my body. How much aloe should I drink for the mentioned conditions? Also, I have a 18 year old son with Rectal Ulcerate Colitis and was wondering if you have had any experience in treating or helping such condition with aloe, he takes probiotics and uses Canasta suppositories at night, his skin is also suffering with breakouts. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

      Thank you, Roxana. Please call so that we can best answer your questions. There is a lot to discuss pertaining to these things.

    Dr. Haley,

    I will start to purchase the large 5 gallon buckets soon, but first I need to buy an extra freezer for my garage.

    Do you have any idea how much space those 9, 64 fl oz. bottles will take up? I am planning on buying a small mini-freezer but not sure what cubic ft. size to buy.

      9 bottles takes 14″L x 14W” x 10″H – but one of those bottles will probably go right into the fridge.

    I wanted to ask about the potency and shelf-life of raw aloe left outside of the fridge.

    I make my own toothpaste out of coconut oil and essential oils – and was considering adding aloe vera to the mix. I do not keep it refrigerated, as there is no need.

    I noticed many mouthwashes have aloe in them I am guessing the aloe vera in commercial dental products is doing more harm than good due to bacteria count though?

      Generally other ingredients in those products are preserving the aloe vera. Additionally, when most cosmetic companies purchase aloe to use as an ingredient, they are buying it with preservatives in it already. They know that they do not have to put the preservatives included in source materials on their labels. They only have to list additional preservatives that they add to the formula.

    I have dreadlocks and I know that the aloe leaf is great for hair. Being that this is bottled would it still have the same moisturizing affects?

      It would have the same effect, however, generally when using aloe for your hair, you would take the gel and use it like a bar of soap. Since ours was already run through a grinder, the pulp is free floating in the gel and would probably look like dandruff in your hair. Therefore, we do NOT recommend using the drink as a leave in gel. Some people do treat the hair with the gel to drink, and then, wash it out. I don’t know how effective this would be with dreadlocks.

    I just bought an Aloe Vera plant and it says it is Aloe Vera Chinensis on the label. I wanted to know if it was edible or not and how to tell if it isn’t.

    hello there do you deliver to the uk? Would appreciate a reply

    Kind regards,

    Mr khan

      I am not familiar with the species you mentioned. However, I was told by a subscriber that: “I have aloe vera chinensis and we use it the same as the barbadensis. It is safe. Chinensis just means that it is the chinese species of aloe vera.”

    Is aloe useful for treating tinea versicolor, either topically or internally?

      Aloe vera is good for the gut… and a healthy gut is a key to good skin. Tinea versicolor is due to an imbalance in the flora of the skin. A healthy skin flora begins in the gut… so there is more to it than aloe. Low sugar and high probiotic or a cultured diet should help significantly.

    I was told by a neurologist that I have a stretched S2 nerve head. I was also told by the neurologist and my chiropractor ( I make weekly visits to my chiropractor ) that I need to reduce the inflammation in the joint so the nerve can heal. I had read that aloe vera reduces inflammation. Will taking aloe vera help? The neurologist had me on Relafen but I bumped the back of my hand and the whole back of my hand bruised. It scared me so I stopped taking it after 3 months. I was supposed to take it for 6 months.

      aloe vera would be part of an anti-inflammatory diet… that is, it is not inflammatory. But you probably wouldn’t notice a difference unless your pain was immune related.

    Thank you for your reply about the Aloe Joy , being a raw product. Have some further questions:
    -1-What might this generally be used for?
    -2-How does this come out? Can’t tell whether it has a dropper or whether it comes out, like the essential oil bottles.
    -3-What % of content is AloeVera?
    -4-How long can this be kept,- assuming it is refrigerated?

      People use aloe joy for all kinds of things. I think this video answers that question the best:

      Regarding how it comes out… the blue bottle has to be shook upside down and squeezed through the flip-top opening. It is a little thick and slimy. The 10 pack of twist of tubes is also forced out by squeezing.

      Regarding how much aloe… it is 97% aloe vera.

      If you keep it refrigerated, it should last at least a year… probably two. The stability testing we did suggests two years… but we haven’t had it on the market too long yet to really know.

    Dear Dr. Haley,

    I read your home made recipe for body lotion somewhere but cannot find it now. Could you please “repost” it.

    I’m from South Africa and recently had a conversation with a traditional “herbal doctor” about the benefits of aloe. Hê uses the big mountain aloes for his medicine and also for his animals. After studying the different kinds of aloes and medicines I got some aloe vera plants.

    It is juSt amazing to see how it heals and revitalises. My whole family is now passionately in love with it!!

    Keep up your good work.

    Sune du Plessis

      There is a funny story behind this article. We have a researcher / writer that decided it would be a good idea to teach people to make their own. So he researched and wrote. I asked him “Did you actually try the recipe?”… he said no. I said, well then, rather than publish this “how to” article, please follow your own instructions and then write about the experience. That is what you will find in this article. I already knew beforehand, of course, that making lotions is not as easy as it sounds. After all, we manufacture skin cream 🙂



    I just heard about you, from Paul Nison’s new site,-

    Glad to hear about this pure unheated drink. (Do wish it came in smaller sizes, though.)

    On your products,- OTHER THAN the Health Drink,- are they heated? Concerned about the loss of enzymes & structure.

      Thank you for visiting our site. Aloe Joy is a raw product. The Youth Derm Aloe Creams use 140° F to emulsify them in the coconut oils properly.

    Hello sir, just need to know what is the best way to preserve aloe vera direct from plant. like wat I do is I pluck many leaves of aloe vera and store it into frizzer and every day I took some peeled it off some amount and have it frozen only. having no problem in doing so. but the thing is I heard that the good stuff get vanished if we store or something?

      Gagan, it is best to filet, rinse the fillet, grind, and then freeze the liquified gel in a sealed container. It does not change much at all when frozen.



      You can place an order and choose “request a call” instead of submitting credit card information. The shopping cart will calculate actual UPS charges based on where you live and what is in the cart. We will then contact you to make the payment arrangements.

      Thank you for asking us about this.

    Is this aloe Vera juice also good for Vitiligo? I have it on my legs not too bad yet but afraid it’s going to spread

      I would ingest it for it’s gut health benefits – along with other gut healing foods. That is, we want the gut to have a healthy flora and not be inflamed. Also, having the immune system work optimally might be a factor. But as far as treating vitiligo topically with aloe Vera or aloe cream, I wouldn’t expect you to see any significant lasting improvements.

    Hi. I have a quick question regarding Aloe Inner Fillet

    Can i cut the whole leaf, extract the fillet and keep it refrigerated or preserve it on a vacum sealed bag for a prolonged period of time without really processing it?

    Do you know of any other method to do this?

    Thanks so much for your help

      It will only keep for about a week in the refrigerator. But you can freeze it and keep it for a year.

        Dr. Haley

        thanks for your reply

        Would you think that if I freeze the fillet and the de-freeze a few months later, the qualities and properties of the aloe will remain?

        Have any tried keeping the fillet on a vacum sealed envelope?

        Thanks for the help

          We have tested it after freezing, thawing, refreezing, and thawing again and have seen mimimal loss of quality including acemannan content. We suspect it is the duration spent thawed where microbiology increases that diminishes the quality and not the actual freezing process. Regarding vacuum sealing, we have not tried it, though there is minimal air content when we fill a bottle and freeze it since the aloe pushes the air out of the bottle when it expands during freezing. Of course, our aloe fillets are run through the grinder before freezing. We haven’t tested freezing it in the fillet form.

    Dr. Haley,

    I watched a video you uploaded on YouTube and it was about cutting the roots off the plant and allowing it to grow a root system. I have done that, and I followed your instructions by placing it back into the soil. I also took the old root system and placed them in the ground. Will the roots grow pups in 61 degrees F?
    I was also keen to purchase seeds or seedlings from the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Stockton plant. Do you ship them to Sydney, Australia? Or do you know of a website where I can purchase these?

    Thank you

    Daniel Isaac

      61 is a little cold and slow growing. But, if they are the same species, I suspect they will be fine and grow roots and new pups out of the roots. It just might take a little longer. We do not ship internationally and I wouldn’t know where to direct you for more aloe plants.

    Dr. Haley,

    I discovered your Youth Derm cream from a You Tube video about “Bug Out Bag for Women Only”. I’m considering trying it to possibly include it in my wife and daughter’s bug out bags.

    The couple that made the video had the small packets. I don’t see these on your web site, but I noticed the 4 oz. tubes. Can the packets or tubes of aloe vera be stored for long periods (unrefrigerated) in my bug out bag?

    Thanks, Steve

      What a GREAT question. If we ever have to bug out… even us, the makers of Youth-Derm®, very well may have to live without Youth-Derm®. I had never really thought about it much. I bet it would be one of those things we grab on the way out – you know, in the moment… you grab your bug-out bag and then say… what about this honey? Yah… get that… (of course you aren’t supposed to do that – everything you need should already be in your bug-out bag!).

      But Youth-Derm® is a very natural product. It only has about a 2 year shelf life. Heat definitely shortens the shelf life. So does contamination such as using dirty fingers around the opening of the container. At Stockton Aloe 1, our entire inventory is kept refrigerated to maximize the shelf life before it leaves our warehouses. We realize that much of it will end up on store shelves in some cases for a few months prior to being purchased. Furthermore, we have a history of clientele that kept our original formula in their cabinets for years to only use medically for cuts, scrapes, burns and more. But we eliminated all of the chemical preservatives and, although it is great for those things, the shelf life is more for an every day use healing and moisturizing aloe vera cream.

      Regarding the size, currently we are out of individual sachets. But here is a secret… the “Organink®” sachets, that is, our tattoo healing aloe cream… it’s the SAME FORMULA!. That’s right… the same Youth-Derm® cream that conditions your skin and helps heal cuts, scrapes, burns, and the likes of also helps a tattoo to heal quickly so it’s simply re-branded. We do have Organink® sachets available. Also, Organink® comes in a 2 ounce tube which is smaller than the 4 oz. Youth-Derm® Aloe Vera Cream. I’m going to put one into our bug-out bag right now!

    How long can Stockton aloe vera gel be kept in the freezer before it starts to go bad?

      We have seen people keep it for over a year frozen and we are comfortable with the quality of our aloe vera after it has been properly frozen for a year.

    Hello how do I know if the aloe plant I have is safe for use it?

      I have only heard of one toxic aloe species but have not been able to find any real data on it. There are hundreds of species and thousands of varieties. Where did you get yours from?

      I think the real question is “How beneficial is my aloe plant?”.

    Hi Dr. Haley, Do you ship starter aloe plants to plant in our own garden? I’m in CA.

      We certainly do ship starter plants, Jamie. However, at the time, we are out. We will accept about a dozen new orders in about 2 weeks. The best way to get in is to be subscribed to our emails… since that is where we will announce their availability.

        That’s wonderful! Thank You Dr. Haley 🙂

    Hello. Do you give consultation on the best soil to use for growing aloe as well a medicinal products such as creams and lotions?

    what happens to the Aloe Vera Drink if I kept it in my fridge for MORE than 7 to 10 days ?
    is it edible? ie: is there bacteria that may be harmful?
    or is it just that the nutrition value will be reduced?

      It is like leaving freshly squeezed orange juice in your refrigerator… it will begin to ferment. Bacteria counts will go up… but it is similar to that of making wine or sauerkraut… the bacteria are probiotic… unless your aloe… or whatever raw juice you have, is contaminated with bad bacteria. But we have never known this to be the case with Stockton Aloe 1 brand aloe vera. Many people do drink their aloe vera long after 10 days. But we recommend pouring it into smaller containers and re-freezing if you don’t plan on using it within 7 to 10 days.


    Thank you so much for sending out the growingyourgreens video, enjoyed it very much!
    Have been saving up to take advantage of the deal offered thru May 9th. Was planning on using 15% off on 2 gallons of AV juice and 3 pups for the price of 1, but it says out of stock! Oh no! Any idea when they’ll be back in and any chance of a rain check on the deal and coupon if they’re not back in by the 9th?


    Can you not buy just one bottle anymore??

    Can this aloe cure my dog’s rabies? She’s the sweetest creature, yet she was bit by a savage dog while I was away (Always keep vicious dogs on a lease). Also, why are the two gallons so expensive? How about a 50% off this one time to save my dog?!?!

      I don’t know how much benefit the aloe would provide to your dogs immune system – certainly some, but would it be enough?

      The aloe bottles (actually half gallons) certainly are expensive; it is because they are hand cut and filleted… and so perishable not having been pasteurized nor preserved. That is why we keep them frozen – to keep them preserved without chemicals.

      Blessings to you and your dog.


    I was wondering if you would be willing to sell a couple of your 3+ year old plants.

    I live in Estero Florida and could either pick them up or would pay for overnight shipping.

    Many Thanks,

    I saw the stockton variety of aloe for the first time through and I live very close to Pompano beach, is there any way I could buy some pups and pick them up in person to save myself the $10 shipping cost?


      We have them already potted to for those that come to pick up.

    How much should a beginner drink daily?

      Hi Linda. This is one of the most frequent questions we get. whether you are a beginner or not… “it depends”. Check out .

    Please tell me your opinion for ms and aloe
    How aloe can help?

      Multiple sclerosis is a poorly understood condition with an unknown cause and a diagnosis based primarily on symptoms. We suspect that gut health plays a large role in the possible mal-absorption of nutrients and auto-immune disorders. Both of these conditions may very well contribute to MS. Aloe Vera is a superior gut healing food. But we would not merely recommend adding aloe vera to the diet. We would also recommend an anti-inflammatory probiotic diet, largely plant based. Enzymes may also be beneficial. Most importantly, we would want to eliminate inflammatory foods such as gluten.

    Hi Dr. Michael. I enjoyed your lecture at the Raw Food Retreat in West Palm.

    Could you explain a little more about the results you’ve been seeing regarding fibromyalgia? Thank you.

      Thank you for asking, Emily. Fibromyalgia is really a diagnosis given to people when they have unexplained pain. According to Wikipedia:

      “it is “characterised by chronic widespread pain and allodynia (a heightened and painful response to pressure). Its exact cause is unknown but is believed to involve psychological, genetic, neurobiological and environmental factors.”

      Personally, I think it is much more real and physical rather than psychological.

      In my years of helping people with chronic pain, when the usual chiropractic treatments failed to work I would try something different. I noticed that many of those that didn’t respond have previously been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Its as if a doctor couldn’t find the problem so they gave a diagnosis that relieves them of the responsibility of correcting the cause of the symptoms… because medically, when you have fibromyalgia, you are just going to manage the symptoms – there is no cure.

      So, with these patients, I would try an anti-inflammatory diet that includes immune boosting foods. I suspect that many of these chronic pain syndromes involves an attack on the immune system of some kind – sort of like an autoimmune disorder that might be associated with an inflammatory gut. We see similar symptoms in those that have been diagnosed with lyme disease. I wouldn’t really know if it is symptoms related to the Borellia bacteria, damage to the gut from the antibiotics that were used to kill the infection, or something else. But what I have noticed is that treating the patient nutritionally often returns very fast results. It is these responses that make me think it is immune system related – since anti-inflammatory foods don’t seem to have such impact on other types of pain.

      So do we have a cure for fibromyalgia? No; we don’t even know what that is. But can we help those that have been given the diagnosis? It seems that in many cases the answer is yes.

    we received the aloe pups we ordered and they were in great shape upon arrival. We were delighted that you included some other little babies in the box. We have gotten them planted and now we will see how they do. I feel confident that they will grow well as I have been growing two kinds of aloe for over a year now. I was so excited about being able to have some of your variety of aloe vera barbadensis-miller- stockton to raise. because I have wanted to know which kind was the best and it seems as though you guys have it. Also I have really aprreciated the valuable info that you have on various utubes because I really wanted to know more about how to care for the plants and how to filet the leaves correctly. Thank you very much.
    But also I have been trying to find out about one of the types of aloes that we have. We have been trying to find out if it Is a barbadensis or not and if so what kind and is it safe to eat but without any luck so far. We were hoping that if we sent you a picture you might be able to help out. We are out of batteries right now for our camera so we will send you a picture in a future email. Radha and Donald

    Is there ways to drink this other than a shake? I am having a hard time holding food down so a shake is heavy and this does not taste good.

      For most people, drinking aloe is not a pleasurable experience… but something they choose to do, often because they have too.

      Regarding the flavor; a little stevia goes a long way. That is, a tiny sprinkle out of a packet (like 1/5th of the packet) will usually kill the aloe taste. Amanda (a former owner) used to hold her nose when she drank aloe! Most people drink it straight – that is, not in smoothies. But if you are making a smoothie, just flash blend the aloe at the end so it doesn’t foam up / expand.

    Hi, i like these aloe products, where can i get them in South Africa, Johannesburg.


      We hope to someday meet a worldwide need. For the time being, we only distribute in the United States. Thank you for your inquiry.

    Hello Dr. Haley,

    Thank you for making the Aloe information available.

    I have a question about a product made by Market America called Ultimate Aloe.
    It’s a juice and the label lists:

    Aloe barbadensis
    Aloe Vera Leaf
    200X concentrate
    300 mg.

    Does this mean that the juice is extrmely dilute?

    It also has purified water, fructose, artificial flavor, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, purple sweet potato juice, malic acid and ascorbic acid.

    Can you please let me know any thoughts about this product.

    Thank you very much,

      I am unfamiliar with this product, John. But based on the information you are providing, it seems like they added a tiny amount (300mg.) of aloe concentrate. 300 mg. is about the volume of a capsule of aloe vera powder. Of course, we don’t recommend fructose as a sweetener… and when it comes to preservatives, we are cautious since the same chemical that preserves your food (by preventing bacterial growth) can do the same thing in your gut – interfering with the normal gut flora.

      I am not singling out this product, of course, and saying they are doing anything particularly bad; they are doing the same thing that most beverage companies do – trying to make a beverage people will enjoy drinking while having one or two things on the label that makes them feel good about it.

      In the eyes of the FDA… well… the FDA might actually see this product as safer! To stay FDA compliant, we actually have to have this statement on our label:(ref.)

      WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

        Hello Dr Haley,

        Thank you for your comments about Ultimate Aloe.

        About how many mg of Aloe Vera do most Aloe Vera juices have in a serving?

        It seems like Market America is putting in a fraction of the Aloe Vera that other juices have, and charging double the price.

        And, any idea what is meant by 200X dilution?

        Thank you,

          There are aloe juices, aloe gels, and drinks that have aloe in them. Usually the flavored drinks that have aloe vera in them contain very little aloe. Most aloe juices and aloe gels have much more aloe vera. The primary difference between juice and gel – juice usually refers to the whole leaf drinks whereas gels tend to have less outer leaf parts of the plant.

          Regarding the 200x – I suspect this refers to dehydrated aloe powder – the kind they put in capsules. Quite possibly, the company making this beverage is likely adding some aloe vera powder to their beverage so that they can list aloe on the label. So it is likely a “200x concentrate” that is then diluted in filtered water and other things. But I did not research the product at all… I am just going by the information you provided and comparing it to what is typical in the industry. I suspect any reputable company would verify or refute my analysis.

    Is it safe to give my 7 month old your aloe drink? My mom swears by it, having been the only remedy to help her digestion and stomach issues (3 ulcers). We want to give it to my son bc he suffers from very bad gas pains and has always had a bit of a problem going #2. He is exclusively breast feed and we have started to slowly introduce some first time solids into his diet. Thank you kindly

      That is a GREAT question. The FDA takes the position that raw fruit and vegetable juices “may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems”. But if you find a pasteurized aloe vera, there is a good chance that it will have high amounts of aloin – an outer leaf component that could be much more dangerous for such a small child. You would have to find out the aloin concentration in any product before giving it to such a young one.

      When it comes to a breast fed young one having digestive problems, I think of a few possible causes. From a diet perspective, make sure that the foods you are consuming excellent and avoid those things that aren’t good for you. If there is something you are eating that you think might be making it into your milk that your child is having a hard time with, you might eliminate it for a few days and see if things change.

      As I chiropractor, I have seen incredible changes in gut function by eliminating stress in the spine. It doesn’t take much nerve interference to wreak havoc on digestive function. You might have a pediatric chiropractor check your child.

        Thanks so much for the prompt reply! So basically if I’m comfortable giving unpasturized product we are good to go? We already give him a lil sip of our fresh made veggie/fruit juice. My diet is on the very healthy side, tried eliminating dairy for a few mths, helped a little. I think the problem is my over active letdown and oversupply which leads to hind milk and fire milk imbalance and there is no real cure for this. This is why I’m looking for an all natural product to smooth his digestive system on the occasion he needs it. I will def look into the chiropractor though, thanks!

          Every batch of our aloe is tested for microbiology. We have not detected any pathogenic bacteria in our aloe.

          Without researching this… maybe you have… or you might want to look into it… I believe an over active letdown can be managed by feeding twice in a row from the same side??? It may help fully empty one side delivering an overall better balance of the macronutrients. This strategy may also affect the amount of milk production… one way or the other. But this is far from my expertise – you might ask a lactation consultant. I would love to know your experience or understanding of these concepts since I might be way off base.

            Yes you are correct and that does work some days but in reality when I have to work or be away from the baby for several hours or he has a nursing strike bc teething or he is too busy to nurse for more than a few mins at a time, it throws everything off. Btw is the Stockton aloe on for me to drink while nursing? A lot of big no’s to this question out there on other sites… Thanks!

            It is unknown whether aloe constituents make it to the breast milk. With that said, our aloe is VERY low in the outer leaf parts and does not cause the laxative effect that some are warning against. The fear with “aloe latex” (the outer leaf aloe juice) is that it can cause diarrhea, cramping, and electrolyte mineral loss. This is NOT a problem with stockton brand aloe vera gel. Aloe vera may be contraindicated in some people such as those with allergies to aloe, which is rare.

    My aunt recently diagnosis with brain tumor. Just wondering do you have any experience or know of anyone drinking aloe vera gel and get cure from it?


      When someone gets better from their cancer, you can never say with 100% certainty what got them better. But if I had brain cancer, I would certainly want to eat the most anti-cancer foods along with whatever medical treatments I chose (or chose to not do). Here is one of our customers discussing brain cancer. Of course, his statements have not been evaluated by the FDA:

        Hello, I live in San diego close to escondido
        Do you guys sell and ship aloe vera fresh?
        Like the whole single long grown up leaves
        I can cut them and clean them

        Please say yes 🙂

          We do not ship the leaves… but we do filet, grind, freeze, and ship the gel.

    Hi, Does the aloe help shingles?

    Thank you Dr. Haley! I appreciate your help.

    Thank you so much for responding. What about preparing my drink immediately with the aloe leaf and store the drink in the fridge? What is the fridge life of a prepared drink? Is a week too long? Or just stick with a few days?

      When it comes to unpasteurized and non-preserved clean fresh fruit and vegetable drinks, a week to 10 days is reasonable. But know that your bacteria counts will gradually increase during that time. That is why we recommend freezing the portions that you will not use during that time frame. But make sure you filet your Barbadensis Miller aloe leaves as demonstrated in this video:

    My aloe Vera plant is turning white from the roots up is that ok?

      Hmmmm… Can you send us a picture? What species of aloe is it?

    After rinsing the aloin away for a few minutes, is it OK to store the filleted gel in a glass jar and in the fridge? Therefore, I can take chunks or pieces out when needed. Or, will the gel go bad/oxidize/lost nutrients after it’s been rinsed in water and not used right away? Thanks

      The longer it is kept, the more the bacteria counts will increase. Although they may be probiotic, they are also consuming the nutrients of the aloe; that is, the mucopolysaccharides, or the beneficial long chain carbohydrate molecules responsible for many of the health benefits of aloe vera. It is better grind or blend the filets and store the liquid in a frozen state to preserve the aloe until you are ready to use it. I don’t recommend keeping raw aloe in your refrigerator more than 2 weeks… unless you are a seasoned food culture pro.

    In what zones can the Barbadensis Miller Stockton specie grow outdoors in?

      Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera grows great indoors and outdoors. But it does best with plenty of sunlight. It thrives in a hot tropical climate. Also, it should be high enough above the ground so that it doesn’t get too much water. Barbadensis Miller does not do well in the cold. A freeze will pretty much kill it.

    Hello I am Patty I change my diet for complete 4 months ago and I Just turn 41 years old and same day my birthday ,I star having sharps pain in my abdominal area and was very painfull, I went to the specialist and they make me some test and they found out that problably I have Diverticulitis or Diverticlosis I need to go for more test to found out extlactly my problem, but I am a kind of person that I always looking for natural staff firts, before I take any conventional medication that I do really dont trust just for the side effects. I been reading alot abouth natural staff to help my body to heal and I found that the Aloe Vera is very powerfull with gastrointestinal problems and wonder if I can star taking Aloe Vera rigth away or waith to ask my doctor? I will found the way to heal my body and will study a lot about natural staff and when I see that I been cure or at list control my condition, I will share with every person that have this condition just to help others. I am hispanic sorry if my writing is a little off in some sentences. Waithing for our replay. Thanks ! Patty G

      Good aloe vera is usually the best and fastest help for diverticulitis. You do not need to wait for a doctor because it is only a food. Do be careful, however, since some store brands have high amounts of aloin which will actually irritate your gut and might even make it worse. But properly prepared aloe (inner leaf only) does not have much aloin in it and the benefits are almost immediate.

      ~ Dr. Michael Haley 954 532-0792

    I just heard of your product and bought a gallon of it. Now my next question is how much do you drink a day?

      This is the most frequently asked question. Therefore, we decided to answer it more completely in a new blog post that you can find at

    I live in Australia and was wondering if you’d be able to ship a few pups?

    I want to buy the gel, but I understand from your response to other customers in Canada that shipping overseas is not feasible as one cannot guarantee that the product remains frozen until delivery! Can you please investigate ways to be able to ship the product overseas? (I’m thinking of ice bricks that remain frozen for a few days in some insulated polystyrene container or something !)

    Thanks a lot for bringing your wonderful products to this world.


      Thank you, Helen, for your inquiry.

      Our products AND the pups are too perishable to ship. I suppose it could be done… but for most, it would be quite cost prohibitive. Shipping accross the U.S., getting it to the proper destination in 3 days, costs over $100.00 for those on the West Coast of the U.S.. It is about $10.00 to customers in Florida… everyone else in the U.S. is somewhere in-between.

      Going overseas can start at about $200.00. But the products still can get stuck in customs and perish. This is where things get ugly for us. That is, we are obligated to resend packages that don’t make it to the proper destination. That gets quite costly for us when the shipping cost is far greater than the cost of goods being sent.

      Sorry we can’t help you.

      Yours Truly,

      Dr. Michael Haley

    I do have about ten plants of aloe in my back yard. I want to know if I have the correct aloe plant meaning the one you are selling and cultivating. My plants has white dots or spots. When I looked at your video how to slice the aloe, the plant you are using looks completely green. But when I go to the website to order, I see that the little bud you are selling looks like my plants. I am a little confuse, please advise. Also I read that consuming too much aloe will create a thyroid to malfunction, is this true? Thank you,

    Lucila Gonzalez

      We liked your question so much, we decided to discuss it here: Thank you for providing additional details and photos.

    I’ve heard that soaking the aloe leaves in water overnight helps remove the aloin. Is this true? My friend did this and the water turned red. What is that? Are there any other ways to manually remove aloin from leaves?

      Veronica, it takes about 5 minutes to bleed out the aloin once you cut the ends off. This video demonstrates the proper filet technique:

    I have a little rosacea on my face. It flares up mostly during the hot heat of the day and calms some at night only to repeat the next day. Over the pass few years my Dermatologist has had me try Oracea by mouth and Aczone,Finacea as creams. None has worked,they only make my skin peel in the areas I treat and the redness doesn’t go away,. The rest of my body skin is normal. Besides moving to a colder place, can your Aloe#1 cream help? Should it be used at night? I use a sunscreen for babies and sensitive skin during the day and I limit my exposure to the sun,etc. I came upon your site by accident and looking for advice.Thank-You…

    I would like to drink aloe Vera to help with regularity without any dangerous side effects. Will your product promote regularity? I love the way you ” process” your aloe Vera- very impressive!

      This is a question that needs a detailed explanation; maybe even a phone consultation. There are two parts of the leaf – inner and outer. I recommend the article “Is Aloe Vera Safe To Drink” to really understand the two parts. But to summerize, the outer leaf (considered dangerous when consumed in large amounts) is the part that has a laxative effect. The inner leaf (what we sell) is known for its gut healing and immune boosting properties.

      When it comes to irregularity, we recommend dietary changes which will likely include aloe. But, often, a more complete plan is needed with certain foods introduced in certain order… which is different depending on the individuals needs. It will likely include probiotic foods, lots of hydration, fiber, vegetables, and more. But the key is that everyone is different and a consultation with an expert is appropriate.

    Hello! Would you be so kind as to advise me if your aloe pups for sale are the same variety/species as described in Father Zargo’s writings of using “aloe aborescens?”

      They are not the same. The pups we carry are “Barbadensis Miller”, the most nutritious known specie.

    Is this gel carrageenan free?? I live in Canada and I am trying to find PURE aloe vera gel that I can purchase in Canada.

      Alex, you found 100% pure gel. We haven’t heated it, added anything, taken anything out… only filleted the leaves and then run them through a grinder. We then merely bottle and freeze the gel. However, due to the spoiling nature of the product and difficulty keeping it frozen while crossing borders and clearing customs, we don’t ship to Canada.

        Hi.. can i buy your Aloe Vera pups but I’m from the Philippines and how much the shipment to the Philippines?..I hope notify me. thank you so much..

    Can fresh aloe vera leaves be frozen?

      A funny thing happens when you freeze and then thaw Aloe leaves; they turn a dark color. But if you fillet them, and grind or blend them into a drink, freezing the drink does not seem to change it so much. It tastes almost as good, when thawed, as it tasted fresh.

      We have had our raw aloe independent lab tested for key nutrient content after one and two freezes with rather pleasing results. But we have never tested the gel from a whole leaf that was frozen, so I don’t know whether or not it would be nutritionally different.

      Many other foods are regularly subjected to low temperatures – think of the frozen foods isle at the supermarket. I wouldn’t expect Aloe to be much different in that respect. Normally, frozen foods maintain nutrition value quite well without needing chemical preservatives.

        Can I Order Your Aloe products, through the mail to Nova Scotia Canada ?

          We get lots of requests for our products in Canada… however, we don’t ship our aloe gel to drink to Canada. We do, however, ship our aloe creams for external application across borders.

    is excess of aloevera is good for health

      Possibly what you really mean is “Can you drink too much aloe vera?” or possibly “Is drinking lots of aloe vera good for you?”. It is possible to drink too much of a good thing. Kids have actually died by drinking too much water.

      But the real thing to consider is “how much should I drink”. And, quite frankly, this is a complicated question for various reasons including:
      1. People consume aloe vera for different reasons.
      2. Aloe beverages can be quite different from one manufacturer to another

      If you are consuming aloe vera for a medical purpose, it is best you get advice from your physician. If you are merely consuming it as a food, then you should consider it as you would any other food and eat or drink what seems right for you. If you are consuming “whole leaf” aloe, start with small servings since it might contain much aloin from the outer leaf. If you are consuming inner leaf only with less than 10ppm aloin, you really don’t have to be concerned about the possible laxative effect of aloe. Most reputable brands indeed have less than 10ppm aloin.

    I absolutely LOVE your Youth Derm Ultra Healing cream – please, please, please don’t ever stop making it. My skin is very picky and I’ve struggled my whole life to find products that I can use & love. This one is absolutely #1 on my list. I’m ordering the other one to try to get through it until this one is available again. When I put it on, it is so soothing, it feels like I gave my skin a vacation – I get comments all the time, you look so rested – even if I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep! I cannot say enough good things about this cream. I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to have it in stock again – just wanted you to know how important & loved it is.

      Thank you, Lori. We love the Youth-Derm Ultra Healing Cream too. I am confident that the new Youth-Derm Aloe Cream will be a huge hit too. I remember how upset people were when we discontinued the original formula. They were certain we couldn’t make a better aloe cream. Your comments and others like it are very encouraging to us.

      We should have Stockton Aloe 1 Youth-Derm Ultra Healing Cream back on the shelves in about 2 more weeks.

    I noticed that your Youth Derm Cream is out of stock! Oh no! That stuff is magical; my husband just came down with a nasty fever rash that itches like crazy and we ran out of the cream and I rushed to buy more, only to find you’re out of stock. 🙁 Can you tell me when it might be back?


      Thank you, Allison, for your inquiry.

      Our recent shortage has been quite good for us: we realized just how important our topical aloe creams are to our customer base. Even in our own home there has been a slight panic as we have run out of our New Youth Derm Ultra Healing Cream and have resorted to test batches from our product research and development team. Luckily, even those that didn’t make it all the way through product development are excellent and meeting our personal needs.


      Well… the good news is we went into production at the lab this morning, April 16th 2013. We are making a new product that is similar to the New Youth Derm Ultra Healing Cream, but without all the fancy synergistic ingredients. We left out things like Essential Oil Lavender, Theobroma Cocoa, and Manuka Honey. This new formula still has 70% Barbadensis Miller Stockton specie, so we are expecting it to perform quite well. Yet, by leaving out a few of the lush ingredients, we are able to bring it to the market at a fraction of the price. We will send it off the lab for testing. Assuming all goes as planned… we should have our newest formula available in about 2 weeks.

      Regarding the New Youth Derm Ultra Healing Cream that you have come to love; we are waiting on an ingredient to arrive from Australia. We will likely be in production in a couple weeks and have that product available in mid May.

      Please subscribe to our email newsletter for the latest product announcements, specials, and more.

        Thank you for the response. I will be on the lookout 🙂

    does this cream help with psoriasis

      Aloe products and raw aloe gel from the plant have been used on psoriasis for many with varying results. I have heard many testimonials pertaining to aloe and our aloe cream. However, testimonials don’t qualify as science, so we won’t make any claims. I suspect that higher amounts of aloe and lower amounts of other ingredients will give good results. Our product has never been clinically researched related to psoriasis.

      With that said, as a physician, when it comes to psoriasis, we look to healing from the inside out starting with the supporting the gut by eating the proper gut healing foods and avoiding those that irritate the gut. Even if the topical works, it will be a temporary fix. But if the inner problem is fixed, then you wouldn’t have to treat the psoriasis externally any more.

        When will you have more pups?

          regarding your question “When will you have more pups?”…

          We invited another 100 people from the waiting list just yesterday to get their orders in. We shipped many of those today.

          We’ll probably tackle the next 100 next week… and so on…

          Once we complete going through the waiting list, we’ll show it on the cart as “in stock”.

        Now that is an answer I can definitely respect!

      can I drink ur aloe gel and drink some whole leaf aloe Vera juice for constipation?

      I also have aloe Vera juices from the inner plant from this company is it strong as the gel or the same strength?

        The Aloe Vera gel from Stockton Aloe 1 has minimal aloin content from the outer leaf… about 2-3 ppm. Therefore, you can drink as much of our Aloe Vera gel as you want in addition to any amounts of other brands you choose without having any significant increase in the laxative qualities that are coming from the other brand. That is, due to the clean fillet technique we use, our brand has much less purging effect compared to most other brands.

      Hello Dr. Haley,

      Will this form of aloe help with the healing of basal cell scarring/inflammation?


        Are we talking about scarring due to trauma… or an inflammatory diet… surgery… or maybe even cancer? Because if it is inflammatory from an inflammatory diet or trauma, I would start by reducing the inflammatory foods or avoiding the trauma.

          Scarring due to surgery. The inflammation I speak of is the scar tissue, at times, becoming sensitive and red.

            Got it. The older it is, the less it will respond. However, aloe cream directly on the tissue regularly will soften it up and may increase blood flow to the area which is one of the proposed ways in which it helps heal burns.

      Hello Dr. Haley,
      Is there any variety of aloe in which the gel is not edible?

        I have heard of “aloe venenosa”, that it is poisonous, but I’m not familiar with it.

      Is there a specific use for “Sensation Aloe”?

        There are many uses for Aloe Joy. But I think this song better answers your question:

      How does Aloe Vera compare to organic raw apple cider vinegar? Since both are gut related is one better than the other? Can/should both be taken? Taken together? If I’m after clearer, healthy skin and reducing minor gut problems…?

        Many notice a difference when looking in the mirror after just one week of aloe vera… 8 ounces per day. I’ve never heard of that happening from Apple cider vinegar.

        But to more accurately answer your question, aloe vera and raw apple cider vinegar are for accomplishing different objectives. Aloe vera promotes tissue repair and causes your body to secrete more healthy immune factors, amoung other things. Apple cider vinegar creates a healthy environment for your gut flora.

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