Is it OK To Re-Freeze Aloe Vera In Glass?

Many customers ask why we recommend re-freezing aloe vera in plastic rather than glass. In this short answer, we will address your question and concerns about plastic. We have found that when aloe vera freezes, it seems to expand more than water and with more strength than water. Over the years, we have even had […]

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What is the Best Aloe Vera Drink?

When it comes to Aloe Vera Beverages, there are many to choose from. Here we will explore the differences in products based on how they are made and what there intended purpose is. This will help you determine what product is the best for you. TWO PARTS OF THE ALOE VERA PLANT USED There are […]

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DIY Skin Allergy Testing

There are 3 main forms of skin allergy testing; one of which should only be done by a medical professional. Two options are safe to do at home when you are testing for possible allergens to things you already include in your diet. When performing any of these tests, first clean the area where you […]

Foodie Resources

If you are reading this, you probably like Raw Aloe Vera… and if you like raw aloe vera, you like super-healthy things… and if you like super-healthy things, you’re going to like these 3 resources… E3 Live E3Live is organic blue-green algae in fresh frozen liquid form. I like to melt the whole bottle and […]

Things You May Need

8 oz. Bottles – If you are not going to drink all of your aloe vera within 7 to 10 days, it would be good to thaw and refreeze in smaller BPA free containers. Many like the 8 oz. size; but you can search for larger size on Amazon if you desire.

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You want an Aloe1 Special Discount Coupon Code?

We frequently get phone calls from new potential customers seeking a discount… we HARDLY EVER discount our products… but you may be in luck! You see, the frozen food industry has the least room for profit. When we took over this product line in 2010, we actually lowered the prices and kept them the same […]

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What Is Sacha Inchi?

Grown largely in the South American Amazon, and more recently in Asia, the star shaped fruit “Sacha Inchi” yields 4 to 7 seeds each. It provides a premium source of healthy fats, is high in protein, and is a nutrient dense superfood. It has been considered the most nutritious fruit in the world. The fruit […]

Where Am I On The Waiting List?

We do make little aloe plants (“pups”) available for purchase. However, we can not ship them during the cold months… so we have a “waiting list”. During the winter time, hundreds of people join the list… so during the warm months, the pups continue to be “out of inventory” as we work our way through […]

“Best Greens Super Powder”?

These days, naming a product is challenging… You want to describe the product… but not infringe on a trademark… You  should call it something that can be remembered… but not infringe on someone else’s trademark… The name should represent your Brand… but not infringe on a trademark… It’s that trademark thing that kept getting in […]

How To Grow Sprouts

Last year, one of our customers sent me a sprouting jar and seeds. At the time, I didn’t know what to do with them… so I turned to YouTube and researched “How To Sprout Mung Beans”. After watching a few videos, I was ready… and quite surprised at how easy it was. Up to that […]