The Wisdom Factor – Your Health on the Line

You know the maxims. You’ve heard them for years, even repeated them to others. They are the collective truths that get passed down through the generations, changing to match the times, but always carrying a powerful, yet simple message that cuts to the core. Wisdom quotes can seem so obvious that we fail to follow […]

What Is the Best Way to Get Relief From Severe Sunburn?

A bad sunburn hurts — and it was the pain from sunburn that prompted Rodney Stockton to seek relief for his red and peeling skin. In 1941, though, there weren’t many products available for treating radiation burns; vinegar was about the best “cure” he could find. But Stockton kept looking for a way to treat […]

New Bucket Orders

If you just received your first 4-gallon bucket of raw Aloe and feel a little overwhelmed, you are not alone. For many, opening and pouring a heavy large bucket can be a little difficult — but help is here. The above videos and optional instructions will make the task easier. It really isn’t that difficult […]

The Two Things Your Skin Needs Most

It’s the largest organ you have, amounting to about 16% of your total body weight. Most of us take it for granted, though, and seldom treat it with respect—we don’t even normally think of it as an organ at all. Skin. It’s important From your first kiss, to pressing your cheek against your newborn babe’s […]

Why Are You Eating Transgenic Food?

trans·gen·ic (adj.) Of, relating to, or being an organism whose genome has been altered by the transfer of a gene or genes from another species or breed:transgenic mice; transgenic plants. ( Have you ever eaten transgenic food? You’re not sure, but it’s doubtful you’ve ever even seen transgenic foods … right? The sad truth of […]

Why Does Aloe Vera Taste So Bad?

Here’s what Aloe did for my friend Editor’s note: The following letter was written by a new customer who has already realized significant benefits from drinking raw Aloe vera gel. This person also asks an important question—one that absolutely needs to be addressed. The letter is published here, by permission, with only slight editing for […]

Are Pink and Red Aloe Vera Gels and Juices Safe?

YOU WANT ALOE VERA PRODUCTS with the most effective, health-promoting benefits you can find, and Haley Nutrition cultivates and bottles the most beneficial variety of Aloe vera known—barbadensis miller-stockton. One might reason, then, that Haley Nutrition’s owner, Dr. Michael Haley, knows the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions about Aloe vera … […]

How To Fillet Aloe Vera

This video will teach you how to filet aloe vera leaves to make your own Aloe vera gel. Filleting an Aloe vera leaf is the difference between making gel and juice. Aloe vera juice is made from the whole leaf, including the outer leaf that contains the bitter yellow substance known as aloin. Aloin is the phytochemical that […]

Cross Pollination

What Makes One Aloe Better Than Another? Superior Aloe products rely largely on the species grown. There are many different species of Aloe vera. Wikipedia lists several hundred Aloe species. And each species may have many varieties, each with their unique nutrition profiles. Rodney Stockton, the “Aloe Pioneer”, researched and tested hundreds of different Aloe […]

What Is Aloin?

Today I received a question about aloe. The answer to this question is one thing that separates Stockton Aloe 1 Aloe Vera Gel from most of the aloe vera beverage competitors. Susan writes: Does your aloe vera have the aloin taken out? I saw the following information about aloin, and wanted to see if your […]

Transplanting Aloe Pups

Our local customers always comment on how beautiful and big our Aloe leaves are. They see our aloe plants when they come to our home office to pick up their Aloe. Many will go into detail at how big their Aloe bushes are, but explain that they just don’t get big leaves like ours. In […]

Chemical Properties of Aloe Vera

  The medical and cathartic use of Aloe vera has been recorded since the ancient civilizations. The plant’s Aloe vera gel is most commonly employed for everything from bug bites to burns. A deeper, scientific look into the physical and chemical make-up of Aloe vera reveals why the plant is effective in healing wounds, aiding […]

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Sábila is Aloe in Spanish; that is, aloe vera. The inner part, often referred to as the “crystal” is the source of aloe vera gel. It is not uncommon to continue to refer to aloe vera as sabila in non-Spanish speaking countries. The gel from the sabila plant has traditionally been used to treat various skin […]