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Does Stockton Aloe Vera Have To Be Diluted To Drink?


I used to drink it straight up… but, lately, I’ve been spoiled…

I suspect most of our customers do drink it straight… and not for enjoyment… but probably purely for the benefit. Adding water or juice to it seems to just make it more to drink while only mildly improving the taste. But when I mix it in my greens like in the video, it seems both taste better. I don’t mind the greens… but I like them when the aloe is in them. I don’t look forward to my aloe… but I like it when the greens are in it!

Some hold their noses when they drink aloe vera straight. Aloe vera is usually NOT delicious. Others add concentrates such as Cherry Concentrate or other strong flavors. Some will add a tiny bit of stevia. And some will put Stockton Aloe Vera gel in their smoothies. For me, mixing it with IAgreens is the way to go.

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    Dr Haley, Greg M from Arizona. Got a terrible reaction from the Covid Vaccination. The worst case of Gout in my life. I’m 72, been dealing with this dreadful disease since I was 40. Always treated it naturally, with a healthy diet, cherries, ACV, KANGEN Water, etc. NO medications. I have 3 to 5 episodes a year lasting a week to 10 days. I usually pop a couple of Aleve and it’s gone.

    This time it hit real hard and have been dealing with it for over a month. The worst spot is my left hand and I’m, left handed. Can’t write!

    Bert Middleton, The Gout Killer suggested using Aloe Vera. He has seen some success drinking and applying to the affective area’s. What kind of advice can you give?

      I must admit, Greg, I have not heard of using aloe vera for gout. I do know that frequently people tell me of getting well from things that I did not know aloe could help with. I suspect that is because so much of our health is related to the gut… and aloe vera really affects the health of the gut. What I do know, like you are doing, if it was me, I would also try many things. 32 years is a long time to be dealing with the same problem. Be sure to address both sides of the equation of course – these are the things that, according to my diet journal… seem to make it worse and these are the things that seem to be safe or even beneficial. Change only 1 food item at a time (don’t add aloe vera and… because you won’t know which made it better or worse.

    Hi Dr. we are on our 2nd 4 gal bucket that we add to our juices that we make daily, after our 3 week adventure at a Gerson clinic for my wife we both enjoy the Aloe and I have 1 oz every night before bed and I now sleep right through the night no more waking up to use the bathroom ??
    So my wife was asking is it ok to take straight or should we always have the Aloe with food or juice as we did at the clinic? Thank You

      Most of our customers do drink it straight by itself. Research has demonstrated better absorption of nutrients when taken with supplements which is why many include some in their juice smoothies. So it is good both ways.

    Is it ok to blend the aloe to get rid of the clumps so it is all liquidy

      Yes… low speed so it doesn’t foam up too much.

    please let me know is this just the pulp?

      It is the pulp… and the gel… from the part of the plant known as the “crystal”. It does not include the outer leaf… where the irritant is.

    Just an hour ago, my order of the (2) jugs of the aloe. Was 95% frozen! Yay! From both containers, poured out what was gel/liquid into that 8-oz container that came in my shipment. Drank about 3 oz and surprised myself that the taste is quite ok. First-time buyer.

    I have successfully used glass for freezing. I only use @80% of the container. Your advisory against glass is related to the expansion- breaking issue, correct?

    Mike B. in Novi, MI

      That is correct… aloe seems to expand more than water and people claimed to be advanced in canning, jarring, and freezing have chosen to freeze even though we advise against it… I remember one in particular where every one of her jars broke. Not that it can’t be done… but we feel this is one of the good uses of BPA free plastic.

    How long will the 58 ounce jug last after thawed and in refrigerator?

      It depends… on a lot of things… including the temperature of your refrigerator and the things around it… so, a good rule… if you don’t plan on using it within a week, pour it into smaller containers and refreeze them to take out as needed.

    In watching the video of how to divide the largest offering of aloe vera, your instructor scooped off a large amount of thick substance and divided it among the bottles. Is this thick substance in your 58 oz bottles and does one shake the bottle vigorously each time serving it to incorporate it into the juice?

      The pulp does float to the top a bit. Gentle shaking of the bottles distributes it quite well.

        Can you blend the pulp. Can you mix with some elderberry juice.

    I drink it with grapefruit juice. No problem.

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    Well, my husband & I received our two 58 oz. bottles of Stockton Aloe #1 today @ 10:22 am while I was on the phone with one of your employees asking some questions about the taste. Now I can confirm it does NOT taste very nice but thankfully I ordered the Cherry Elixade with our order! I was able to drink 4 oz with the cherry flavor in it & then chase it with water. My husband was not game to try it today but I’m sure he will in time once I get the taste perfected for him too. Generally, if I like something he will too. I’ve watched several of your videos and found them very interesting and learned much about Stockton Aloe. I’m hoping in time we will be able to down it straight but if not we’ll add the cherry flavor.

    I just submitted an order tonight for the cream & lotion to give them a try also.

    Patti Morrow

      I read your comment with a chuckle, Patti. To me, it doesn’t taste bad… but it certainly isn’t a delicious treat!, lol. I drink it daily knowing the benefits. After all these years… still don’t look forward to it.

        I am now drinking it straight. I couldn’t the first few times. While, like you say, it’s not a treat, I feel like I’m benefiting more from drinking it straight. I always make a face afterwards; wheatgrass is worse! LOL

          It’s kind of funny… when I put wheatgrass juice in my aloe vera, they both seem to get better.

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