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“Best Greens Super Powder”?

Gaby who helped name I Agreens

These days, naming a product is challenging…

You want to describe the product… but not infringe on a trademark…

You  should call it something that can be remembered… but not infringe on someone else’s trademark…

The name should represent your Brand… but not infringe on a trademark…

It’s that trademark thing that kept getting in the way. But as the Haley Nutrition team was talking about why this product is so important…

Everyone should eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day… “I agree”.

Different Colors represent different nutrition properties so all of the colors should be represented… “I agree”.

Fruits and vegetables have cleansing properties that you won’t get from animal foods… “I agree”

Fruits and vegetables are expensive and perish quickly; for many in today’s society, it’s hard to get 10 servings every day… “I agree”.

God Bless Gabby… one of our helpers. She agrees with everything good. We love her and named one of our products after her signature reply, ladies and gentlemen… (drum roll please…) we proudly introduce something that meets these needs and more… and, as far as we know, does not come close to infringing on anyone’s trademark…

I-Agreens by Haley Nutrition

We made a product that has the Antioxidant Power of 10 servings of Fruits and Vegetables, is full spectrum with all the colors represented, is affordable, and tastes good.

But that wasn’t enough because people need digestive support. With digestive enzymes and probiotics added to our vegetable and fruit phytonutrient blend, IAgreens is a nutrition trifecta. It supplies the nutrients and life that is missing in most people’s diets. We are confident that those who are deficient will feel the difference.

There are many fruit and vegetable products out there. And, quite frankly, most of them are pretty good for you. But not many have the potency of IAgreens, include digestive enzymes and probiotics, AND taste good… so you can look forward to your daily nutrient blast.

Try I-Agreens today. We are certain you will love them and come back for more.

6 thoughts on ““Best Greens Super Powder”?

    Is the gel for the skin sticky when you apply to the skin, does it stay sticky or what ?
    I know what the gel from the plant is, but just wondering how it is in a tube and how to use it….. Thanks

      The aloe in the tube is a cream – emulsified in coconut oil and applies more like a moisturizer. It is not sticky.

    I thought we should consume aloe vera leaf because it may upset the stomach?

      Our position certainly has not changed with regard to this. That is, you do now want to consume outer leaf aloe to treat constipation. That is, using a large section of whole leaf in a blender… or consuming ounces of whole leaf juice. Even our aloe vera gel, however, has about 2ppm aloin content. It would take literally hundreds of gallons to exceed the daily limit set by the FDA. The same goes with the greens… you will never hit those levels of outer leaf from either of our products.

    Your new product looks awesome. Just a quick note; recheck your label – strawberry fruit powder is missing the ‘r’………… I’m not an English teacher, just a stickler on spelling errors. Enjoy your day!!

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