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Where Am I On The Waiting List?

Barbadensis Miller Stockton pup
Aloe You Too!

We do make little aloe plants (“pups”) available for purchase. However, we can not ship them during the cold months… so we have a “waiting list”. During the winter time, hundreds of people join the list… so during the warm months, the pups continue to be “out of inventory” as we work our way through the list of people that joined in the previous winter. Usually around the beginning of cold weather, we are just finishing up with the waiting list from the previous season.

With hundreds of people on the list, we do not have time to field calls regarding how many people are in front of you and when we will get to you. Please keep an eye out for your invitation to purchase.

Regarding people that join the list multiple times, please do not. We delete duplicate entries without regard to which entry was made first. Therefore, adding your name to the list a second time may delay your invitation by as much as 1 year.

For those that claim to have been on the list for years. I can assure you that everyone that joined more than 12 to 14 months earlier has been invited. When we used to take time to look up peoples name on the list, the date they joined it has ALWAYS been much sooner than their estimate. I know it seems like it has been a long time. Please understand we are doing our best.

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    Hello. Odd question… How long before a pup has grown enough to start using for my tortoises to eat? I think I saw on your video that pups need about 4 years before you can use them for juice. Thanks for any info on that…if you know.

      The leaves are usable as soon as you can get gel out of them… but you won’t get much out of the pups! The leaves get more nutritious as they mature, so we harvest only mature leaves from 5 year or older plants. But the younger leaves will still have amazing properties.

    Hi, Is it possible to get seeds by any chance? Please.

    The excitement was huge when my oldest aloe bloomed for the first time this summer. ? Now that it’s finished, what should I do with the flower stalk? Is it best to cut it or let it dry & wither?
    Thanks for your help.

      If you cut the flowers off before they bloom, you can help prevent cross pollination with other varieties which could change the offspring. But if you keep the flowers… eventually the stalk will let go… pull off without any force.

    Hi there. I would like to join the Pups waiting list. If that is possible.
    Thank you!

      If you navigate to the pups product page, there is a link to join.

    How do I get at the waiting list for pups?


      The pups page mysteriously disappeared… I suspect our website got an “update”. We restored the pups page in the shopping cart where you will find a link to join the list.

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