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66 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

    When thawing, if it got too warm, bacteria can grow? What would you see symptom speaking, if you had aloe where bacteria may be present?

      The taste gets like old salad… and loose bowels might be a symptom, similar to having too many probiotics. But aloe does not culture as fast as most fruit and vegetable juices. But for the best product, don’t let it get too warm for too long.

    Hey I live in Kansas and I will need to bring the Stockton Aloe Vera in for the colder months!
    I just wanted to know, if I am growing Stockton Aloe Vera for eating or skin care is it worth my time to grow the Stockton Aloe Vera due to bringing it indoors for the winter months?

      Probably not. It’s nice to grow a plant with special qualities… but it will not grow well there and will not yield much aloe. I suppose if you just wanted it there… in case a small need came up, sure. But it won’t produce enough for regular use.

    I love this product. I was thinking of stopping it though, because my stools have gotten loose and sticky. Is this a reaction to the aloe Vera product? I don’t want to stop, maybe decreasing the amount would correct this?
    I haven’t measured the amount I was using, just drinking some periodically throughout the day. Thank you!

      This is NOT something I have heard before related to our product… however, everyone is different. If you want to find out, I recommend you stop using it until the symptom changes and then start again. If the symptom comes back, it is probably the aloe.

    My wife and I bought our first four gallon bucket a month ago after reading about Stockton aloe on Chris Warks website. I am fighting melanoma and my wife has recurring squamous cell carcinomas.. Her last treatment by a dermatologist left her with a silver dollar sized hole in her leg from the dermatologist treatment and a three month recovery. she has many age spots and Keritoses (hope I spelled it right!).
    After three days of only drinking 3-4 oz, her spots faded greatly, and continue to…many have disappeared. Many of the keratoses are softening and improving greatly. Though it is too early to predict, it seems that her squamous wound is healing well and no other likely squamous cells are showing up. My wife is very sensitive to any drug or therapy and she is thrilled with her improvement from the aloe since it is the only supplement she is taking besides changing to a mostly plant based diet with myself. Thankls!

    Today I received my first order of Stockton Aloe drink. 🙂
    After reading the printed information that was sent with my first order… I read that aloe has a bitter taste..
    This made me curious as to how bitter it REALLY is . So… after unpacking my shipment, and deviding it into the handy 8 ounce BPA free plastic bottles that I purchased from Stockton… I gave it a quick “taste test” straight up . I must say that it indeed has a strong bitter taste. But… after reading one of the inserts, regarding different ways to “flavor” or “mask” the bitterness…I immediately thought to pour it in a glass of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar grape drink. YUM!!! I can’t taste the bitter Aloe when it is used in the Bragg’s drinks.
    Next I plan to add it to my morning smoothie, which contains organic lemon, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, organic frozen berries, plus many other nutrient dense ingredients.
    Looking forward to soothing my weakened digestive system from Celiac Disease, with the Stockton Aloe drink.

      You may want to buy a bunch of stackable ice cube trays with lids (Amazon has some). You could pour your fresh aloe juice into the trays and use them when you make your smoothies.

    How do you thaw a 58-oz bottle of aloe? After setting one day on the counter, I was able to pour off enough to fill two little 8-oz bottles. I have tried thawing the bottle in the refrigerator, but after a day, there was no liquid. Is it better to thaw in layers, pouring off small amounts? Or thaw the whole bottle to stir up the contents before dividing into smaller containers?

      Better to thaw all at once… and refreeze in smaller portions if you don’t plan on using it up within 10 days. It should take 5 or 6 hours to thaw… depending on the room temperature and air movement…

      I take a bucket, put the jug in it, and fill it with warm water until I get to the neck of the jug. I keep checking on it every hour or so and give it a little shake. The water in the bucket will get so cold it’s like a refrigerator, but it still makes the aloe melt MUCH faster. I like doing it this way because it melts the core chunk of aloe in the jug much faster, allowing me to include more evenly distributed pulp in each glass. Note – I use this same thawing method to thaw many types frozen items.

    In one of the reviews someone asked where to buy organic aloe. Is yours not organic? If not, what does that mean–surely you don’t spray pesticides etc? Can you expand on this please so I understand your product better in relation to organic, etc? Thank you!

      Most aloe vera is organic. But not all products have the expensive label on it. Pesticides are not used for growing Aloe vera since it is not the kind of plant that suffers much insect damage. We do not use or do anything to our Aloe that would disqualify us from being organic… in fact, our standards are significantly higher than organic standards.

    We purchased aloe a while back from Stockton for my daughter who was experiencing severe stomach pain and cramping after a round of antibiotics for wisdom teeth removal. Dr Haley was kind enough to take the time to talk to us and give us his feed back and help. And Silvia was so kind and helpful as well. They were both so pleasant to speak with. I have to say after trying the Aloe for myself it was so mild tasting. I have tried other aloe that are so bitter, that I cringe. However Stockton is so mild. Great product. Thank you Dr Haley and Silvia for taking the time to answer my questions and offering whatever help you could.

    with gratitude,


    I would like to ask if you can ship your aloe vera pups to the Philippines. If so, please tell me the
    requirements. I have some aloe vera plants here. One has dots even in the adults while the
    other one has dots in the pups that disappear when it matures but doesn’t quite look like the one
    that you showed in the video. It has less leaves and the leaves do not become as thick as the
    ones that you have on your plants. Thank you for sharing with us all the info. Your response
    will be very much appreciated. God bless!

    Hi Dr Hayley,

    I saw your interview with Chris Wark. Do you ship your aloe drink to outside of the USA? I am based in the UK and have been looking for a good quality aloe drink for a while but haven’t found one. If you don’t ship outside the USA, do you know of any product which is available in the UK which is of your products quality (pure/raw/chemical/preservative free)… I haven’t found one!

    Many thanks!

    Hi Dr. Haley,
    I just listed to your interview with Chris Wark and decided to review your aloe further.

    I am a big believer and consumer of Aloe Vera and I thought I had done considerable research on the various brands out there. I’ve tried nearly all of them–except this one! I have always understood that the whole leaf Aloe Vera has 200+ active elements not available in the inner gel. The company that I finally settled on claims the “yellow sap” that is only present in the whole leaf has the highest concentration of the beneficial aspects of the plant…I have also heard that raw unstabilized aloe vera juice cannot be bottled and sold for consumption? They are organic as well and your aloe doesn’t seem to be but….they do use sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. I contacted the owner of this company about this and she explained they were “safe preservatives” used as mold inhibitors not “killing anything”.

    Finally, I always thought re-freezing things was something you shouldn’t do as it affected the quality and flavor of anything.

    I thought I had finally found the best Aloe in the market but now I am not so sure.

    Your thoughts? Thank you for your time.

      Sean, it is obvious that you have done your homework.

      Yes, there are many phytochemicals in the outer leaf that are biologically active. But, similar to an orange peel, although they can be used medicinally, it doesn’t seem they were intended to be consumed. I suspect that, like many plant foods, they are there to protect the goodness that is inside, like a natural pesticide. Many people do use the outer leaf juice as a natural laxative. FDA / NIH research demonstated that this may not be the best way to loosen bowels. I agree. That is, constipation needs to be corrected nutritionally or neurologically rather than using something that will intentionally create a purging effect to compensate for the unhealty gut.

      Raw unstabilized Aloe vera will deteriorate quickly, however, freezing does stabilize it. Many preservatives are considered “safe”, but, of course, that does not mean they are good for you. Since most aloe companies “Hot Seal” their aloe (have it put into 55 gallon containers at pasteurized temperatures), technically, the added preservatives are NOT killing anything. But they are preventing new life from growing in it. So technically, the owner that you spoke to is being accurate. But when new life is “inhibited”, that is, put into an environment that does not sustain life… it’s really symantecs.

      Our Aloe vera IS grown on USDA certified organic property and there is nothing in our procedure that would disqualify us from organic certification. But, our Aloe is already expensive enough… we have chosen to not add to our costs at this time with organic certification.

      Regarding freezing and re-freezing, we have tested our Aloe after freezing and refreezing for key nutrients. We have not seen degradation with freezing. Of course, the duration that your aloe is thawed will affect the quality.


    Do aloes Blume?

    i just purchased a few bottles recently, and am very happy with the aloe. I had a chance to speak with Dr. Haley and Silvia about some questions I had and they were extremely helpful. Very nice people and a great product.

    I stumbled upon your website a few minutes ago. Sounds fascinating, but if you recommend cold storage for the product instead of adding preservatives, how will it affect the quality of the drink when it is shipped to me?
    I am in North Dakota and I have never had an aloe drink any time but would like to start.

      We use 3-day shipping to North Dakota. It will still be frozen during winter shipping but might be thawed a bit during the summer when you receive it… but still quite cold. The product will be great – much more complete than a filtered shelf stable pasteurized and preserved aloe. You can also refreeze it in smaller containers for use as you need it.

    Dear, Dr. Michael Haley !

    Can you make an exception on shipping Frozen Aloe to Europe-Hungary-Budapest ?

    I really need this juice. I wanted to order from your website, but when I wanted to pay I saw that you are shipping just to U.S. !

    Thank you for your answer and for your help. Have a nice day !

    All my respect, Eve.

      Thank you for your inquiry, Eve. The only way we can ship outside of the U.S. is if the customer provides us with the shipping label they want to use and arranges for a pickup. No pickup arrangements are needed if you choose UPS, FedEx, or USPS. The transfer of ownership, in such circumstances, takes place when the product is given to the shipping company. That way, if it doesn’t make it to you within 3 days, we are not liable for product spoilage.

      The issue with International Shipping is the cost to deliver within 3 days and products getting hung up in customs. It is too costly and has too much spoilage for us to offer the service. If you choose to place a phone order and email a shipping label to us, I do recommend you also purchase insurance if the carrier offers it – insuring delivery within the required 3 day period. The product will get warm in most cases if it takes 4 days or longer.


      Dr. Michael Haley

    Good stuff. My cousin from Canada got me into this Aloe Vera therapy situation. I never thought that I will be drinking it. I start with a real problem of GERD and since I start drinking this jelly fish vegetable type 🙂 and doing proper diet I really feel great. The price hold me back at the beginning but there is no price for good health so I went for it and no regrets, so far is my second order. Good job, keep the quality at best and you will flourish. Manny

      Thank you, Manny, for the encouragement. I’m really glad to hear you are doing better 🙂

    Thank you for your answer. In the meantime I had contact with the supplier about the preservatives. Sodium Benzoate:

    This is what he says:
    Peresrvatives like Sodium Benzoate are food grade and they prevent life from thriving… Anything liquid or with moisture is prone to fungus hence we have to prevent it from occurring…

    We use preservatives in standards of 0.1% max…

    So as they put “only” 0.1 % is it ok to use this aloe (internal)?

    An other question would be. A friend uses Aloe gel from a different supplier. they to use preseratives like sodium benzoate, carbopol and potassium sorbate. This friend is very happy that her chronic inflammatory bowel disease dissapeared just by using their products.

    She says that if these preservatives are poison and causes cancer, how come she is cured by drinking their Aloe?

    I hope you can help me out with this question.

    Many thanks again!

      To those that like pizza, even the worst pizza they ever had was probably still pretty good… because it’s pizza. In the same way, aloe vera is such a healing plant that even filtered, de-colorized, deodorized, pasteurized, and preserved shelf stable aloe vera can help an inflamed gut. But when it comes to gut health, we need to be aware of these things now more than ever and minimize the intake of chemicals. So, for your friend, maybe preserved aloe is beneficial; but she would be wise to not consume too much other chemically preserved food… unless she really has to.

      We are seeing increased irritable bowel conditions like Crohn’s and acid reflux at alarming rates. Disrupting the healthy intestinal bacterial flora with chemicals, drugs, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and much more in the food and drink is probably contributing to the rise in inflammatory bowels. Preserving food used to be done by culturing… that is, growing healthy non-pathogenic bacteria in the food. Preserving by such natural means actually creates a healthier environment in the gut.

      My purpose in writing the article at was to help people realize that there are things in their food that make the food less healthy so that they could make more educated decisions when they spend their money. Healthy food spoils. If the bugs and bacteria won’t touch it, chances are, it’s not that good for you.

      Regarding the amount of preservatives used, yes, they keep it as low as possible making sure they use enough to get the desired shelf life results. It is considered safe and is standard in the industry. Furthermore, the FDA supports the use of preservatives that are “generally recognized as safe”. When chemicals are labeled “GRAS”, it doesn’t mean they are good for you… but really means that we don’t have any proof that using these within certain limits causes disease.

      I’ll be posting more controversial material real soon 🙂 Also, I’ll probably be moving your question to the other page soon… since I think it is good and beneficial to that post. Thank you for asking.


    I live in the Netherlands and I am looking for Aloe Vera suply. I have found one dealer in India but he says that they have to add some preservatives to give shelf life to Aloe Vera.
    Carbopol and Sodium Benzoate and potassium Sorbet should be ok for internal use (drinking in smoothies etc) he says. Is this true?

    I a not an expert on this field, so it would be great if you can advise me.


    S. Sener

      Preservatives are “OK” as far as FDA and food manufacturers are concerned. But what is a preservative? Something that either prevents life from thriving… or kills. Some are “Bacteriostatic”, and some have a “log reduction”. That is, they kill… which is why they are used – to kill bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus… you get the idea. By killing, they extend the shelf life; because the food is not a conducive place for bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungus to live. So the question is really “What amount of Preservatives will I allow in my diet?”… and “at what point will they interfere with my gut biome?”.

    I would be extremely beneficial for most of your customers if you offered paypal at checkout. It would make the checkout process much smoother and I wouldn’t have we wouldn’t have to add our cc information in every time. Most businesses are doing this now for online shopping.
    Dr. S

      Thank you for your suggestion. We may offer this in the future.

    I have alway have problems with my stomach, bloating, sensitive to fried foods and lately I have being having pain on the left side of the stomach and acidity. Doctors keep prescribing Omeprazole and I don’t want to treat the problem, I want to fix it and eradicate it for good. I’m tired of not being able to have a hot chocolate or an ice cream because of my stomach sensitivity to too hot or too cold foods.
    I stop taking the Omeprazole, and started eating aloe direct from the plant, I’m starting to feel better, but the plants that I found in my area, San Diego, CA., are too young, as you said. I’m ready to order your frozen gel but I read that after is defrosted it has to be consumed within a week. My question is do I supposed to consumed a whole 8 oz glass of gel a day? Also, what is the best way to defrost? So, if I buy 2-58 oz bottles they will last me only 2 weeks? That’s a lot of money…..Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you very much,


      Regarding how much to drink per day… It’s different for everyone. I think it’s best to read about it here:

      But, no… you don’t have to finish it in a week. I recommend that you pour it out into smaller containers and refreeze the aloe… maybe in 8 oz. bottles. That way you can use it as you need it. Maybe an 8 oz. bottle will last a day… maybe a week. When it’s gone, you can take out the next little bottle.

        Dear Dr. Haley,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. it is so refreshing to have somebody that actually cares, and is not just to make money.
        God bless you,

        Ps. I’ll write down as soon as I start feeling better with your Aloe Gel.

    Hi there,

    I am currently living in Europe and there is a big hype around Aloe Vera. After doing a little research I decided to sell this raw product and refresh my shop with something new. My goal is to create awareness and show the people that it is possible (with Gods will) that everything within the nature can keep us healthy.

    As once a man said: Let the food be the medicine, and the medicine be the food.

    Therefore I was wondering if you ship to Europe (Netherlands) Can you provide me more information?

    Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!


    S. Sener

      Thank you for asking. We only ship within the US borders since shipping through customs usually has delays… and the aloe doesn’t stay frozen long enough to make it to the destination without excessive postage.

        You need to get a Canadian seller!

          We are working with FedEx… trying to make it work financially for both us and them… hope to be shipping to Canada in the next week or two… Feb. of 2017.


    I think what you are selling is fantastic. Natural medicine is the only effective medicine. As I have started to educate myself on how much better natural medicine is then pharmaceutical drugs I have also learned of a book called, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. (Updated Edition). This book is written by Kevin Trudeau. In it he talks about the war that the FDA and FTC is waging on companies like yours so that they can keep Americans and other people around the globe on drugs that they endorse and are heavily invested in. It’s my hope that you continue to keep doing a service for humanity by selling your product. It’s wonderful. I also hope that you read this book and educate yourself on what the FTC and FDA are attempting to do (if you haven’t educated yourself already). Thank you for your service!

      Thank you, David. We are quite familiar with it and have indeed have answered more than once to the FDA. I’m sure the topic will even come up today at our “Unlock Your Power To Heal” event in Plantation Florida.

    Hi MIchael I received my pups today via USPS thank you very much. Just wondering from previous videos I was expecting an all green leaf for the leaves of the Stockton genus aloe pups. The pups I received have white spots. I thought the differentiating factor designating the special Stockton genus is the all green leaf. Confused in Las Vegas. Please correct me if genus is the wrong word to describe the varieties of Aloe. Thanks in advance.

      Thank you, Arden, for bringing this up. Some species keep the spots. The Barbadensis Miller Stockton will grow out of them. The little plants have them, but when they mature, the spots disappear. When the larger Barbadensis Miller Stockton plants have the spots, it is an indication of poor health that is usually corrected by more sunlight.

    I wanted to let everyone know about Youth Derm. My face had a constant rash that would not go away and I was looking into Rosacea treatments to see how I could make it go away. It would even break out once in a while and it had begun to leave scars. When my boss ordered Aloe Vera gel for the patients, I saw a brochure about Youth Derm and I decided to try it. From the very first time I tried it, my skin improved within weeks. The rash is now only a vague memory and I only wish I had Youth Derm much earlier. This was a miracle for me. I am not sure if the formulation is the same today as it was a few years ago. I believe it had been formulated to treat burns. I would urge anyone to give it a try.

    My husband is 38 and has suffered with leg ulcers since his early 20’s. He’s NOT a diabetic, just poor vein health. He has a huge one right now on his shin and the doctors are NO help anymore so I’m looking into the aloe plant. We started putting aloe on the ulcer for about a month now. Haven’t really seen any healing results so I’m thinking hubs should start drinking it to hopefully speed up the healing process. Do you sale the big aloe leaves for a topical? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

      The aloe vera drink, since it is only the inside of the leaf, could be used as a topical too… but I certainly have to think beyond treating this with an external application. Yes, aloe has been shown to promote faster tissue healing; but we aren’t so much trying to heal a wound, but rather, we should strive to correct the chronic problem. This is going to have to come from the inside out taking into consideration things like diet, exercise, hygiene, sensitivities, stress levels, gut health, and more.

    I broke my fingers on both hands and the swelling and pain was incredible. My daughter’s pup plant was nicely grown so she cut some stalks and wrapped my hands in aloe and gauze. When I took the gauze off 3 hours later the swelling was reduced a great deal. The pain was not as severe. My daughter believes this plant is a gift from God and so do I. We use it for skin conditions, cuts, and sores and it always works. Now, I am ordering the frozen because it proved it works outside the body. Now it is time to heal the inside.

    I wanted to comment about your Youth Derm Cream…. My Father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer back in June and has gone through 6 weeks of radiation and has 2 of 4 chemo treatments left. He has a very unique side effect of the chemo which is a very itchy rash. This is due to the cocktail obviously that is put in to his system. A few weeks into his treatment a friend of mine recommended your cream to me as she has also had cancer and she used your cream for her radiation side effects on her skin….

    To make a long story short… this cream is a GOD SENT!!!!! WOW! My father after breaking out with the rash he was recommended “Aquaphor” which is recommended highly by many radiologists and oncologist…. it hardly had any affect on this rash but after only two applications of your Youth Derm cream he noticed a HUGE difference. WOW… The last visit we made to his oncologist he said that a very low percentage of the population going through chemo get this rash side effect, and that is when I told him about Aloe1 and what this cream has done. He was VERY INTERESTED and immediately jumped on your site. I pointed out the cream and he mentioned he might reach out to you to see if maybe you can come and present to him. If he calls, his name is Dr. Bastos and he treats my father at Cleveland Clinic in Weston.

    I am recommending you to EVERYONE! 🙂 THANK YOU and GOD BLESS


    Which product would you recommend for eczema on the hands?

    Thank you!

    Hello Dr.
    remember me? Lucila the unknown plant that you posted on the web? Have a question, do you ship the plant and or the aloe vera gel to Puerto Rico?

    Also, since I gave you some material for your newsletter, can I have a discount when buying your products?
    Thank you!

      Hello Lucila. Please do call us during regular business hours. We ship the pups using USPS priority. I’ll have to check and see if USPS flat rate goes to Puerto Rico.

    Can I freeze fresh aloe vera leaves and not damage themt any more than say freezing any other vegetable?

      I do not know of any nutritional differences from before and after freezing. But what I am wondering is this… why would you want to freeze the whole leaf? It is so much easier to use and store if you first filet and grind the aloe and only freeze the gel.

    Let me start by saying you have a very nice and informative site. I am a juicer at most and I used to juice Aloe. That is until I started reading up on Aloe not being very good for juicing, because of Cancer related things (not Verified). I do however use Aloe Vera on my skin.

    Hand Soaps, lotions, gels, etc… I think are very good for you and cause no harm. I hope the information I have given you is to your liking. I will continue to come to your site for more information and to look at Aloe related things I can purchase in the future.

      Terri, thank you for your feedback. I delayed responding to your comment… until now. You see, you inspired me to write a post addressing the negative publicity aloe has received related to cancer. When you see the explanation, you will be quite surprised at what the researchers actually tested. You can find the details in here: “Is Aloe Vera Safe To Drink?“.

    Hello Doctor,
    I purchased your aloe Vera gel at the new life
    expo last weekend and believe it or not I’m almost done with it! Before I place another order I just wanted to know 2 things about your aloe.

    # 1. Why is your aloe gel a light pink color? We defrosted it, and its now a pink color.

    # 2. We use to fillet our own aloe plants purchased at the grocery store and they were extremely bitter in taste… Why doesn’t yours taste that way? Unlike some other people, I don’t taste a thing! It taste like water to me.. It just makes me wonder… Is your product diluted?

    Please advise,

      These are two great questions, Andrea.

      I’d love to have your taste comment added to our recent post “Why Does Aloe Vera Taste So Bad?“. To you, it tastes much better than what you have had. I think this video will help explain the taste difference. It is the “aloin” that makes aloe vera so bitter. Our fillet technique really prevents that bitter laxative from getting into the drink. Try to fillet a leaf using this technique and please let me know about the taste difference:

      Regarding the pink color… well… we haven’t figured that out completely. But here is what we do know: Why Is Raw Aloe Vera Gel Sometimes Pink?

        Thank You Dr. Haley.
        I appreciate your reply to my questions! I will definitely try out your technique. You can post my comment under your “why does aloe Vera taste so bad” post. To me it’s a bit funny to see how everyone reacts differently. It simply taste like water with chunks to me! I must say my husband and I have experienced a mild detoxification within our bodies with only consuming it for one week! Does aloe have ditoxification properties? Anyway we will be contacting you soon to re- order.

        Thanks again,

        Hello…I’m again…

        Can I buy Aloe Vera miller-stockton “seeds”? Please.. I’m from Philippines.. How much 50-100 seed plus the shipping?

        I hope you can help me… I’m very glad to have your product… thank you so much….

          We cut all flowers off of our plants to protect the species from cross pollination and do not have seeds. Thank you for asking.

        Hi. I’m just starting to research using aloe in my own diet. In regards to the pink color, I was reading in another article that when the aloe is fillet it is soaked in water to draw out the iodine. Is there any truth to that or is there a process you use to reduce the iodine to make it safe? Like I said I’m just in the beginning of research so I AM NOT an authority on the subject but just trying to learn as much as I can before making my purchase. Thanks!

          I assume you are referring to aloin. Please watch this:

    Succeeding in replacing my harsh meds!! I was diagnosed with crohns disease 6 years ago, at the age of 23. I have been put on 6-8 different types of prescription medicines including steroids, life-long anti-inflammatory medicine, 6-hour monthly infusions, and other things i have no idea what were. Years later I realized through continued flair ups and constant pain, I should be doing some natural stuff. The Aloe Health Drink was recommended by a friend who also has crohns, much less severe than mine. He said it helped him, I can say that it certainly helped me. Everything began to just feel better after a few days of drinking it. Some say the key to a happy life is a happy stomach, thats certainly the truth in my case. I still take meds every now and again, but I also plan on drinking more aloe and adopting a better diet for myself, so hopefully soon i can avoid all the harsh meds that are doing their damage on other parts of my life.

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