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How Much Aloe Vera Juice Should I Drink?

Glass full of Aloe Vera

Not a week goes by where someone doesn’t ask me: How much Aloe vera juice should I drink daily?” or “How many times per day should I drink Aloe vera gel?“. These are by far the most common questions people ask. My answer almost always begins with the same two words: “It Depends”.

Aloe For Gut Problems

It truly does depend on many factors. Answering the following questions really helps me provide the best answer:

  1. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Where are you getting your Aloe?
  3. Is it whole leaf or inner fillet only?
  4. How old are you?
  5. How much do you weigh?
  6. Do you have symptoms?
  7. Are you under the care of a physician?
  8. What medications are you taking?

The most common reason people consume Aloe is gut problems, so I’ll focus on that in this article. And if yours is a skin condition… most experts would agree that most skin conditions are symptoms of gut problems.

They might call your gut problem acid reflux, gastric reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), irritable bowel disease (IBD), regional enteritis, regional ileitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, colitis, or any of many more names given to inflammatory problems in the gut. Symptoms range from heartburn to diarrhea and occur in the gut, somewhere between the mouth and the anus. Likewise, skin conditions have many names.

The first thing I want to make clear is that there are many other dietary changes that can and should be done alongside the addition of Aloe vera. Consuming clean inner leaf raw Aloe vera gel might be the quickest internal relief, however, it is important to make the necessary changes to further heal the gut.

With that said, let’s discuss how much Aloe to drink, especially as it pertains to the Stockton brand.

How Much Aloe Vera Juice Should I Drink Daily?

On the high end of the spectrum, many of our customers drink 2 to 3 glasses of Aloe per day, 6 to 8 ounces each. They are the ones that typically purchase it by the 4-gallon bucket. At that rate, each 4-gallon bucket lasts one person about a month.


At this point, I must issue a warning: If you are consuming a brand of Aloe that contains more than 10 ppm aloin content from the outer leaf, ingesting this much Aloe vera may actually irritate the gut. Many brands contain much higher aloin content and that can be dangerous, causing severe cramping and diarrhea.

How Many Times Per Day Should I Drink Aloe Vera Gel?

Although many start out at three large (6- to 8-ounce) servings per day, they usually cut back once they get the desired effect — usually within a few days. Some cut back to one serving per day. Others choose to drink two or three smaller servings. We feel that either approach makes sense. After all, our raw Aloe vera is just a healthy food beverage, not a medication. If you are eating or drinking only from the inner fillet, and not consuming the outer leaf, you can eat or drink according to appetite, just as you consume other foods.

Of course, size is a factor. Smaller people usually require less, and larger people require more. For a 70-lb. child, cutting these portions in half makes sense. But a 250-pound person might have larger servings. 1 oz. per 20 lbs. per serving up to about 12 ounces is a good guide for those that want a “full serving size”.

Regarding taking medications while consuming Aloe: Aloe vera is a superfood. The various nutrients in it do have an effect on the body. As an example, Aloe vera is known to lower blood sugar levels in some people with diabetes. Therefore, anyone taking blood sugar lowering medications should consult with a physician before consuming Aloe vera.

How much Aloe should you drink? It depends … for specific questions, you are welcome to contact us to schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Haley.

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    I just purchased a XPOSED aloe vera plus honey will this affect my thyroid medicine and tremor medicine can you help with those questions thank you

      You would have to take those questions to that specific manufacturer. Thank you.

    I watched your interview, Dr. Haley with Chris Wark and ordered three of the large jugs of Aloe Gel from you. Chris mentioned that his wife drank it straight and he mixed it with his smoothies. The product I purchased from you is so bitter that even in a large amount of juice you can still taste the bitterness. Your statement in one of the reply to questions I read states that the leaf was not cut properly if it is bitter. What can I do??? I have two more large jugs and not sure I can tolerate that much of the bitterness. I can usually tolerate a lot but this is very bitter.

      I have a simple solution… but I want to address the “If it is not cut properly” thing. You have to taste truly bitter aloe to know what I mean. Less than 10 PPM aloin you can taste the bitterness… but 100 or 200 PPM is “bitter”. Many people do not bleed their leaves and their aloe is hundreds of parts per million aloin content. If you taste the aloin when you are cutting it, you will have the taste on your tongue for hours unless you scrub your tongue. Our aloe vera is well under 10 PPM with our highest test to date 6 PPM. That is considered extremely low. Most aloe companies filter with diatomacious earth and carbon to get under 10 PPM. We don’t. We use filet techniques to accomplish this.

      But what about the taste? If it is bitter to you, add just 1 or 2 drops stevia. If it is still bitter, add a couple more drops. It doesn’t take much at all to kill the mild bitter taste – I think you will be quite surprised. Don’t forget to give the bottle a shake before pouring your aloe.

    Hi! Heard your interview on the Learn True Health podcast today. Is there any evidence about your aloe and its effects on moderately high cholesterol?

      We have not done research with Aloe Vera for cholesterol.

      Lecithin takes care of cholesterol. Also helps memory.

    Just wondering about the laxative effect of the juice, since, if I understand you correctly, you said that it’s the outer part of the leaf that would produce a laxative effect.

        Is this effective for high blood pressure? I found out the other day my blood pressure was 169. Of course it was taken at the periodontist so that might have contributed a little bit.

        I’m thinking that getting back into shape will bring it down, but I’m wonderign about aloe since I’ve read that it helps.

        But, I’ve also read that, for example, niaminicide can help and it’s much cheaper than the aloe.

        So, I’m just wondering if you have any handle on how effective aloe can be compared to niacinamide, acetyl l carnitine etc.

          I’ve heard people say it lowered their blood pressure. However, I don’t know anyone that took it specifically for high blood pressure. I believe they were taking it for something else and noticed that there blood pressure went down while using aloe vera. I’m not sure high blood pressure by it self is scientifically a valid reason for consuming aloe.

          I had high Blood Pressure. I did some research and found out that high salt intake can cause high blood pressure. So I stopped eating salt. My blood pressure is now normal.

    Hello, I have used your Aloe in the past for other reasons and love it. However, A recent trip to the ER for a kidney stone revealed numerous, non-inflamed diverticula in my colon. I was treated for the kidney stone with Toradol and ever since then my whole gut feels inflamed wth pain and constipation. I’ve read online that toradol can exacerbate bowel disease and am thinking that caused the onset if this.

    My question is, does Aloe Vera have any negative side effects for kidney stones, and can it help diverticulosis?

      I am not aware of research related to aloe vera and kidney stones. If you find anything related, you will want to find out if it is related to the inner leaf or outer leaf. Our aloe is inner leaf only. From what I see, it is the outer leaf that has negative effects when people use too much.

      Many use aloe inner leaf for all inflammatory gut issues to help calm down symptoms and expedite healing.

    Hi doctor Haley.
    My question is i drank inner fillet from desert valley from whole foods but stopped drinking it because i seen it had citric acid in it. Im on the acid watchers diet and they say to stay away from preservatives. Im trying to heal my gastritis, erosion, and larygitis. Well im a bit worried as to all the claims i read online about how it causes kidney and liver problems. I don’t take omeprazole because i refuse. I drink celery amd carrots juiced on an empty stomach don’t know if its healing but it does empty my bowels right after because i have constipation from the hiatal hernia I’m guessing. I guess my question is how do i know your brand wont be harmful to me? And what is your take on the citric acid? Will it not be beneficial for someone in my condition?

      The reality is… you don’t. Everyone is different. Someone could eat a very healthy food… one that millions do well on… but that one person has a severe allergy to it… so it is harmful to them. If could be that way for you with aloe; but if the other brand didn’t harm you, ours won’t either. Regarding citric acid, some occurs naturally. But if it is on the label, it is added as a preservative and not naturally occurring.

    Just listened to your great podcast with Matt Blackburn 🙂 couple questions..
    1) what is the difference between your product and George’s Aloe? Theirs is a preservative free fractionally distilled aloe.

    2) What would be a good starting dose for my 7 year old with severe GI dysfunction? (Inflammation, gerd, slow motility, dysbiosis)

    Thanks so much!

      Our aloe is not filtered. Most aloe drinks are… but I don’t know of any that have been separated as much as Georges… which is “100% Fractionally Distilled from Aloe Vera Leaves”. If you do a blind taste test with George’s aloe vs. water, I don’t know of anyone that would tell the two apart going by taste and texture.

      Regarding serving size… 1 oz. per 20 lbs. is a good start… assuming you are using Stockton Aloe #1 aloe vera.

    I’m about to create a detox water and i want to include aloe vera juice. How much do you recommend i put in one 12 oz cup?

      It depends what you want to accomplish. If it was for me… and from our brand… no outer leaf parts… I would say 12 ounces!

    is aloe vera good for erectyle dysfunction

      There is no scientific studies related to this.

    I have follicular Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma, I was told that this in combination with other substances will help me. What do you think?
    Best, Jim

      Good nutrition can help anyone… whether fighting an illness or not. There are reasons why I would want to especially include aloe vera… and other foods, when fighting a disease… even though aloe is not a known cure.

    Hi there, any thoughts on aloe vera for bladder infections and inflammation? Desert Harvest Aloe Vera is marketed for this purpose, so wanted to know if you have thoughts on their differences.

      It is not an area I have studied. What I do know… there is no aloe vera like Stockton Aloe #1.

    My husband has a benign growth on his pancreas and some spot in his lungs. Is it possible that aloe vera juice might help this? Kinda spendy for us if there is no homeopathic/empirical evidence. He is NOT going to do chemo or radiation, 68, been doing alternative remedies due to the following issues: has afib which is improving, copd on oxygen that has gone from 3 to 2 liters, diabetic with insulin going from 16 to 3 ml. Weight from 345 down to 312 and working on it. We have been married 6 months and working on these things for about 9 months.

      Aloe does NOT cure cancer. It DOES seem to cause your macrophages to secrete more tumor necrosis factor, among other things. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) helps the immune system identify cancer cells so the body can better do what it is supposed to do.

    I have stage three CKD. Is drinking Alo safe. Or is there too much potassium in it?.

      Some aloe products have potassium added in the preservative. But the natural occurring potassium in all natural aloe vera drinks such as ours poses no problem according to most renal dieticians. However, you should check with your renal specialist.

    I harvested a aloe leave of my plant, mixed it with a bit of olive oil and I kept it in a neon, pink plastic container. Just now, after two days, I noticed that the gel has become pink. The plastic container claimed to be from high-quality plastic, as part of a shaker.
    Do you know what causes the colour absorption? Does it have something to do with the aloe vera’s absorption qualities or does it affect plastic?
    Thank you in advance!

      I have a few things for you to look at related to “Pink Aloe”. Check here: and here: and here:

        Ahh, thank you for your reply!
        After my comment I also noticed that the leaves I kept in a transparent container gave off pink slime as well. So I had a suspicion it’s the plants’ qualities, but your links affirm that!

    I suffer from ulcerative colitis grow and blend my alo Vera water , add mint , tumeric and bit of lemon juice it seems to work to keep my flare ups under contro , so far

    i drank alovera juice and now im suffering from dirrhea so what should i do now should i see a doctor?

      Some aloe vera juices do contain outer leaf intended to act as a laxative. Ours does NOT have that part of the leaf in it. Whether or not you should see a doctor… I can’t give medical advice with so limited information.

      My urologist has suggested Aloe Vera drink with pulp. I use OKF Organic that I get at Trader Joe’s. The doctor recommended 1/2 cup daily. It is a 10oz bottle. The bottle says to consume within 24 hours after opening.
      Is there a danger if I continue to use it after that time? I hate to waste so much as it is rather expensive.

        If you are concerned that it will go bad in the refrigerator within 24 hours… you can always freeze it. But I couldn’t imagine it changing that fast. What are the ingredients?

    Good morning Doc, I have an aloe plant in my yard given to me by my daughter. I normally uses the gel to cleanse my face and I thought ‘ maybe this aloe would be good for consumption’ so I went online to search and came across this. After reading so many of the people’s questions and most importantly your answer have given me the confidence to try drinking some, seeing that it is healthy. Is adding honey to lessen the bitterness okay?

      If it is bitter, it wasn’t cut properly. Watch this and try again 🙂

    When answering medical questions, we have to rely on science for the answers. That also keeps us compliant with the FDA. So, even if there was a theoretical medical benefit, if science hasn’t proven it, we can’t legally tell you about it.

      np. I totally understand. what I’ve started doing is just holding it in my mouth & swish it around a bit to allow it to slowly go down my throat to “coat” it as much as possible. for you & your readers, I put the topical gel where there’s muscle strain &/ inflammation & it helps! that’s what got me thinking to take the oral type internally. thanks for all your feedback-your advice is very much appreciated!
      i’m so happy to have found something that helps.

      Can aloe Vera gel/juice help to increase height? If so, is 1-2 teaspoons a day sufficient for a 70-lb boy?

        I am certain there is not evidence to suggest aloe will affect height.

    great site! I would like to know if aloe vera gel is recommended for muscle strain & inflammation. if so how much should I take? should I dilute the gel?
    I also have hyperacusis in the ears & any anti inflammatory like robax with ibuprophin (not the robaxacet with Tylenol) will worsen the compression in the ear, therefore would aloe vera have the same effect?

      Aloe vera doesn’t treat either of these… but can support healing in your body. It is unlikely that it will affect your ears like the medications you mentioned.

        thank you.

        but it would be helpful to help heal a sore throat that feels tender, gets worse when I talk & is red (per Doctor), right?

    Hello Dr. What are your thoughts regarding Aloe Vera from Trader Joes?

      There are HUGE gaps in content and quality from one brand to another. But I don’t feel right about commenting on specific brands. If you joined our email list, you would get our “Aloe Vera Selection Guide” which helps you know what to look for.

    Hello Dr. Haley,
    I have PMR and I’m researching anti inflammatory foods/diets as I don’t want to take Prednisone. Do you think Aloe Vera would be helpful?



      We have many customers that drink our aloe vera specifically to avoid taking Prednisone. I do not think aloe vera is a treatment for arthritis… but when their joint pains are related to inflammatory bowels and autoimmune pains, the concept certainly has merit.

    Hi Dr Hayley i have heard that aloe Vera juice can help with fertility and would like to know how true this is and what the health benefits for fertility is as i am currently drinking the TIMJAN 100% natural aloe Vera juice. Will this help towards fertility.

    Thank you so much for your time

      If it does, it would be a very indirect help… such as the whole health being better when the gut and immune system are strong. But I would never market Aloe vera for fertility. I would recommend a healthy diet, healthy mindset, proper rest, get the spine checked for tension that can cause nerve interference, do yoga… etc.

    hello dr. I’m 26 y/o & 58 kgs weight male, I’ve been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome ( ibs-d, mucous with stool) can I take aloe juice

      Aloe vera “juice” implies an aloe drink that has the laxative portion of the plant in it… I would NOT drink the juice. However, an Aloe vera “gel” that has low concentrations of the outer leaf could be rather beneficial.

    Can the aloe Vera gel be mixed with water or it is consumed directly without mixing.

      With or without water… though I think most drink our brand straight. Adding water doesn’t make it easier to drink… but you might want to drink something after as a chaser…

    I just bought a Aloe leaf and I am planning to start drinking a glass in the morning before I go to work hoping it will help me. I get diarrhea often hopefully it will help. One gasterologist asked me if I was taking Boost or Ensure, I told him I drank Boost, he told me to stop taking it. So I did but it didn’t help my diahrea So I am starting your aloe with water. Thank you for the post I work at a hospital and I printed it out right away. What does it taste like? Looking forward to hearing from you,Sie

      As long as it is a fresh leaf… and you filet it properly… you might want to search our YouTube channel for “How To Filet Aloe Vera” just to make sure…

    Hello! I’m 18, I weigh about 140+ pounds. I have symptoms of IBS C. I’m only taking a probiotic called philip’s colon health, and occassionally taking omeprazole from reflux/heart burn. I bought this gallon of aloe vera juice from walmart online and it says that it is inner gel fillet, 99.8% aloe, and the brand is fruit of the earth. So I was wondering how much should I drink of it daily….how many cups a day and in what doses so I could get rid of these symptoms and avoid diahrrea and cramping.

      I am not familiar with the brand’s drink… have only read about their topical gel in the article called “No Evidence of Aloe Vera Found in the Aloe Vera at Wal-Mart, CVS”. You should contact them to see how much aloin it contains from the outer leaf… and make sure you don’t get too much aloin… because it will have the opposite of your desired effect.

    Hi Dr,
    What do you thin about George aloe water . Do you recommend it?

      Well… hmmm… it’s interesting… what you called it…

        There’s your answer about aloe water.

    Hi Dr. Haley, my wife is suffering inflammatory arthritis (Still disease) now she is taking cortisone drug that reduce the inflammation and seems not effective, we are looking to make aloe vera juice to help her to stop that drug gradually now her weight is about 194 pounds so how much Should she drink daily? and is there any possible side effects of aloe vera could happen since she takes cortisone drug? what about applying aloe vera gel to skin to reduce those articular inflammation?

      I recommend front end loading – at least 8 oz. / day for the first week and then adjust from there. Consuming it is the way to go. Topical application will provide minimal if any relief. But Aloe is not a cure for inflammation… though it might help heal the gut and immune system… which could decrease her pain and inflammation.

    Dr.haley I’m 63 and have inflammation in hands and knees would aloe Vera help if so help much and what kind do I take my weight is 258

      Aloe vera might be a very beneficial part of a healthy diet… but there are obvious other changes that you can make… like eliminating the bad foods. I suspect you didn’t get to 258 eating vegetables and seeds… Am I right or am I right? With all seriousness, Aloe is not a “fix” but part of an healthy lifestyle. Don’t look for an outside in approach, where eating something healthy is like taking a drug “if I eat this, will I get this effect?”. Instead, replace all of the bad (or most of it anyway) with good.

    I just purchased some of your Aloe recently and I have no idea how much to drink. Can you please help me? I am 50, a bartender and I am having pain in my back from standing too long, my sciatic nerve goes out on me once in a while, I have pain in my hands and fingers from bartending too many years and in my shoulder. Once every couple months my stomach hurts so bad I can’t even eat. But it only lasts 2-3 days and then it is gone for a few more months. Seems like it mostly comes when I am really worried or stressed.

      I’m sorry, Kristen, I can really only answer that question as it pertains to Stockton Aloe 1 brand since there are so many differences from one brand to another.

      May look into inflammatory diet. I juice celery and carrot on an empty stomach and has helped me.

    I am 87 years old and been taking a super drink every morning for over 3 years. I live in Mazatlan Mexico. We have several coconut trees.and over 100 aloe plants in my yard. I blend in my mixer about 4 inches of alove fileted gel with aa apple, papaya, mango, cucumber, some fresh coconut, a dash of cinnamon, honey and any juice or filitered water. This gives 2 glasses of drink for me and my bwife. I am very active, do my own driving, ,etc. I have a pace maker that makes me take several pills. Every 6 months I go to the. V. A. hospital in Arizona, over 1,000 miles away for an examination & and medicine. The doctor told me, I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up. The only side effects I have are my forehead arm skin turns black. I was told that it was from being in the sun to much caused it or a side effect from the aloe gel that I take every day. It don’t bother me but looks odd. I have very dry skin and often put lotion on it. What do you Think? Bob

      I don’t think it’s the aloe. We have many customers that drink 24 ounces per day of pure aloe vera gel and have never seen it do that. We have customers that have consumed 8 ounces per day for several years and even decades.

      I think you should continue to do what your are doing.

    I drink aloe naturally. I blend the gel with bananas and it taist great . If I drinked it every day will anything happen to me.

    Should I blend the skin when I am drinking it ?

    Aloe can help me to clean my womb and conceive easy?

    I have been taking aloe vera juice for more than three years and has a tremendous positive effect on my bowls, but is it ok to take it for more than three years or more?

      “Aloe vera juice” doesn’t tell me much about what you are drinking. Is it “whole leaf”, inner filet, are there chemical preservatives? sugar? Although it might be “OK” to take these things daily, I might not recommend it… depending on what is in it.

    I am a 29 year old female. Healthy. Always trying to consume healthy products and raw foods. I bought a gallon of 99.8% aloe juice. I drink 16 ounces a day. (8oz in the morning after my small breakfast, then 8oz sometime in the evening) I’m on my fifth day. I’m not sure if anything has changed since I didn’t have any issues before, but I have had no negative results either. I’m going to continue since it really can’t do harm for me.

    it can help immune system to fight HBV virus ? how many can i eat or drink for per day ? thank u .

    i have mens irregularities …will aloe vera jiuce help in this case…if how much i take daily and when..

      Aloe vera can be a part of your healthy diet… and a healthy diet can help your body operate more like it is supposed to… but like any superfood, there is not a “dose”. When it comes to our brand, adult size people usually drink 2 to 8 ounces per serving.

    Sir how much aloe vera juice should i take. Can i intake it mixed with water. Is it good for an asthma patient.

      Regarding how much, please read this page. Sure, it can be mixed with water. Take it for it’s nutrition, gut healing, immune boosting properties… which might have an impact on asthma… but not necessarily.

    I am taking daily four capsules of moringo nutramatrix as suplementary Can I have aloe vera juice along with above mentioned capslues

      Aloe vera “Juice” usually implies “whole leaf”, including the outer leaf. It may have a laxative effect – I don’t recommend the juice, but rather, the gel. Aloe vera gel may actually work with your moringa supplement to help you absorb more. The juice is not contraindicated in normal amounts and may also improve absorbtion, but I recommend gel over juice. As with anything, everbody is different and aloe might not be good for you even though most would do well with it.

        I thought the Gel was not a food product as I read before. is it a food product?

    When is the good time to drink aloe Vera juice. Empty stomach or with food. Thanks

      For most people, it doesn’t matter when they drink aloe. Some people like it on an empty stomach, other people drink it with their food to better absorb their nutrients. It seems to do what it is supposed to do regardless of when you drink it.

    can we drink aleovera juice with warm water? if yes then how

      I don’t quite know how to answer this question…

    Hi Dr M Haley,
    Is it safe to drink/eat Aloe Vera gel while taking Eltroxin for hypthrodism.

      You have to ask your medical doctor that has you on medication what foods are safe and which ones aren’t.

    My name is Manpreet. I just started drinking Aloe vera twice a day for my weight loss, As i heard Aloe vera is good for weight loss. I am 28 years old, 150 lbs weigh and i really wanna work on my belly fat. I am using Lily of desert brand. I just wanna know which one is gonna work better on me – whole leaf or inner fillets aloe juice and how much quantity? please reply me.

      It’s an interesting question, Manpreet… because whole leaf might actually help you lose weight faster… but not necessarily for the right reasons… or rather, not in the healthiest way.

    I’m taking aloe vera juice for ulcer. Should i take it before or after meals?

      It seems to work well with or without food… before or after meals… the timing really doesn’t seem to be too much of a factor.

    Dear Sir, I am ssuffering from gatric problems for the lat 7 month and get consulted by a gastro who told me to take Pantocid DSR for 21 days to cure my strucking feeling and irritations and burping gatric. now i am taking the same medicine. I also interested to take Aloe vera juice and Apple cider vinegar for the same problem, can i take thee with the medicine pl replay

      Because I am not a medical doctor, it is illegal for me to give you advice regarding medicine. This is something that only your medical doctor can answer.

    Hi, my name is Angie and I just started drinking aloe Vera juice 2 help with my weight loss, I was wondering if I can aloe Vera juice 2 my waters, I add lemon, oranges and cucumbers 2 my water was wondering if I can add aloe Vera juice or is it better 2 drink it by it self…

      Many people do add aloe to their water and lemon water. Because aloe increases immune activity, it may have a nice synergistic benefit to your metabolism.

    I have been consuming aloe leaf to improve the health of my skin; they say it is high in MSM / organic sulfur, however I have been unable to find the exact numbers. Do you know how much MSM pure aloe leaf contains? What would be a good amount to consume in a day? I’m a fairly small person, weigh about 50 kg. Thanks!

    I mix my aloe gel with bitter lemon juice to take cos of acnes will it work and how soon will it work,I need to know..

    I started taking Aloe Vera Gel for acid reflux (thot I bought juice) It is Whole leaf filtered.. It says it contains full range of polysaccharides. The taste and texture makes it hard to get it down. What is the difference between whole leaf and inner leaf and which is more beneficial.

      Some people use the outer leaf for the laxative effect. When they get “whole leaf”, they get the outer leaf and its laxative effect as well.

        Hi doc. I was just wondering in the Spanish food section of the grocery store they have aloe juice it says 30 % aloe extract. How would I determine how much to take daily as a cleanse and I ternal healing. I was on massive amounts of pain medicine for years and recently detox ed myself. I been pain killer free for 7 months I want to use it to repair maybe the damage those nasty things did to me

          Using outer leaf parts for detox is not something I agree with… so I really can’t advise you as to how much. We appreciate the inner leaf gel for it’s benefits but avoid outer leaf parts that can irritate the gut.

    Just curious; I don’t have any medical problems except for how easy I get colds/coughs and chronic sinus issues but I’m interested in the immune benefits and the skin benefits of aloe vera. I am 27 years old and I drink 8-10 cups of water daily. Would drinking half a cup to a cup of aloe a day drop my potassium levels too much (since I’m drinking so much water)? Would you even recommend that someone (who is mostly healthy) even consider adding it to their diet?

      Aloe vera naturally contains potassium, so it shouldn’t be a problem… unless you were consuming lots of whole leaf aloe… the kind with the outer leaf parts that can cause diarrhea and deplete your minerals. Stockton brand has less than 10 ppm aloin from the outer leaf.

      I am healthy and do drink aloe vera daily for the nutrition benefits… so, yes, I do recommend people consume aloe and other superfoods for nutrition support.

        what is better and easier to drink whole leaf or back leaf or half leaf, i do not know the difference between them.

          ugh… you better call us…

    Dr. Haley – I have been suffering with stomach issues on and off for years.
    I have H Pylori and two small fibroids. Though I recently did an herbal protocol to cure it.
    I also recently got back from a short trip to Mexico. I tried to be careful and not drink water, eat lettuce, etc.
    But ever since I got back (two weeks) my stomach hasn’t been worse. Some days I have loose bowel movements and sometimes I’m constipated.
    I have just started drinking Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice (Whole Leaf). Will this help if I continue to drink it?
    How much should I drink? Would the gel be more beneficial?
    I am so bloated right now, I look 4 months pregnant.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

      My apologies.. I meant ever since I got back from Mexico my stomach HAS been worse.

      “Whole leaf” means you are getting outer leaf also. Usually people with constipation will drink aloe with outer leaf to loosen the bowels. It sounds like you are after the benefits from the inner leaf… and the outer leaf might actually be hindering your success. Yes, I would switch to an inner leaf only product.

        Thank you! How much of the inner leaf should I consume on a daily basis? Should I also take a probiotic?

          Those are great questions, James. Everybody is different and has different needs. Regarding probiotics… in today’s society, our food is filled with chemicals and our microbiomes are compromised. I favor a cultured diet over probiotics. But many people do both!

    Hi, I’m up in Canada and sad that we can’t get your product up here! I read your response to another Canadian asking how much to safely drink of Lily of the Desert slowe vera juice. You mentioned the “inner leaf” is safer in higher quantities. Their product comes in “filet” or “whole leaf” and indicate that whole leaf have more health benefits… Is your inner leaf the same as what they’re calling fillet? It seems you don’t make a whole leaf product – is that correct? Do you believe that the inner leaf is just as beneficial. Does your inner leaf include the leaf or just the gel

      One might suggest that the whole leaf has more benefits because it has a different profile of nutrients in the outer leaf. However the FDA and NIH did a study to show that the outer leaf parts can be harmful. Our inner leaf is fillets only. But it does not mean it is the same as their product. That is, ours was hand cut, hand filleted, run through a grinder, chilled, and frozen. Ours was not filtered, nor pasteurized, nor preserved. So we could not say that it was the same.

      Do I believe the inner leaf is just as beneficial? It depends what your purposes. Some people use the outer leaf as a laxative. I don’t think this is wise. However, our product would not have a laxative effect. So if you desired a laxative effect, ours would not be as beneficial, because it will not cause a laxative effect.

      Our inner leaf gel only includes the inner leaf filet.

    Is aloe vera juice harmful for a person having a regular cold and cough? If not, how do we take it – with cold water or with hot water?

    hello sir Haley, dont u think its too much 8 ounce to take alovera juice i noe its really cold n my dad is alredy a big problm of lumbar back pain n hornea n breathing problem he is diabetic patient ,his sugar level always use to increase lyk 220 …n i also wanted to take as u told its good to loose weight bt em already slim so is this not good to take im having prblm my hair loss, acne ,blemishes n ol ..sir, can u pls suggest me we both can take this aloevera juice im frm india is it aloe #1 available here n btw tysm sir for sharing this useful article..n onething more i wnt to ask ,can u advice for another problems also as i see u aa a vry experience physician:)

      Regarding the quantity, it really depends on your source of aloe and what is in it – as well as the individual. If your aloe has outer leaf parts in it, then 8 ounces could cause problems. Aloe1 is NOT available in India except according to

    hello sir Haley, firstly i wud really like to thank you fo this share ..actually i hv a doubt father is a diabetic patient , he also suffering frm heart problm lumbar back pain, fileria,, breathing prblm ..always his sugar level increase 220 i know alovera is very cold is there any disadvantage for breathing problm and cough dad is taken only 2 ounce daily n as he is already very slim n said its good for weight loss so is it ok to take this ..n another thing im also wanted to take ..i hv joint pain,hair thinning , acne blemishes, i am also too slim so will this not loose our weight ryt??can we both take this for our diaseas..n can we ask for my another problems as i noe u aa good physian sir:) thank u for ur valuable tym fo us

      We can’t give medical advice without an evaluation. But don’t think of taking aloe for your diseases… but rather, as a superfood with exceptional metabolic properties that is good for you and will support your body as it tries to maintain homeostasis. Try it and see how you feel. If it seems to be good for you, continue. I hope that helps.

    Hi, I suffer from chronic vasculitis and angioedema and see doctors at Mayo clinic. My question is whether Aloe Vera Gel Juice will help with my symptoms. I have swelling daily which is debilitating sometimes.
    Please let me know if there are any studies between aloe and my autoimmune diseases. Even the prescribed medication doesn’t stop the swelling or hives. I’m at the end of my role. Thank you for your time.

      Karen, if it was just swelling, I would say no… but since you mention auto-immune and hives, I would DEFINITELY try expecting improbement within about a week… if aloe is going to help (I think it will). Just make sure you get “inner fillet only” and not “whole leaf aloe vera” since the outer leaf parts may actually irritate your problem.

        does aloe gel ned to be refridgerated???

          Stockton Aloe 1 brand does have to be refrigerated… and has a limited life in the fridge!

    I have lots of Japanese Aloe in my garden (Costa Blanca, Spain). Do you know if these have equal benefits and do the still contain aloin if eaten whole?

      From what I understand, “Japanese Aloe” does NOT contain aloin. That is, it is NOT bitter and does not have the laxative effect when you eat the outer leaf. I don’t know about the quality of the inner leaf gel from that species.

    I have superficial ulceration in my ascending colon, also very high High Sensitive CRP. Will Aloe Vera juice help either or both these conditions? How much would you recommend I take? I am a 66 yr old woman weighing 160 lbs – 5′ 1/2″ tall. I am working on my weight, I couldn’t walk for 2 years with plantar fasciitis, so the lbs packed on, but I am now walking every day and juicing and have lost inches.

    Thank you!

      traditionally, aloe vera has been used for gut problems such as this… and, quite frankly, Stockton aloe is the best. Regarding how much to take, I suggest 2 to 3 ounces 1 to 3 times per day and see how it feels. It is only food, so you really can’t go wrong.

    Also where can I locate the nutritional values? I read it has many vitamins and I would like to know more and what makes it a superfood. Thanks.

    Does it help improve candida?

    I have searched online to no avail. Perhaps your readers could respond. I would like to incorporate the Aloe into freezer pops for my kids. Any suggestions?

      There is a local company that makes frozen pops using Stockton Aloe Vera. Lemon Mango is my favorite!

    Does Aloe help in curing micro-tears/tiny holes in you skin from over-exfoliating?

      I only know of research that shows skin healing faster from burns. I suspect that research on healing after exfoliation would show faster healing… but I doubt anyone would ever finance such research since it makes more sense to not over-exfoliate.

    Paulette, obviously you need more than aloe. Call us and let’s get you on the right path.

    Is aloe vera gel helpful for who has diabetes & enlarged prostate????

      That’s a good question… and much has been written about these conditions… and some content that describes aloe vera as it relates to these conditions. But I don’t know how much hard science there is pertaining to using aloe vera for treating either of these conditions. Therefore, I recommend a search on pubmed for aloe vera and each condition to see what science, if any, exists.

    I am a 61 year old women and heve very painful arthritis in both my legs.I was told to try aloe vera juice to see if it would help.I buy the juice from holland and barrett and drink 20mls per day in fruit juice.the benefits are amazing, I feel like a new person and can walk for miles.the only downside is it irratates my throat and makes it very dry also.have you any suggestions that might help this.than k you.

      It is odd that aloe vera would irritate your throat… unless it is “whole leaf” aloe vera… or if there are other things, like preservatives, in there that are doing this to you. I would try another brand and get inner leaf gel only. Of course, Stockton Aloe 1 has the best and most pure unadulterated aloe vera available commercially.

        I had a neck injury and suffer from arthritis ..I have been taking one ounce of aloe juice for a couple weeks. I still have some discomfort but since taking the aloe it has been about 75 percent better. I am amazed with the results .

          How nice. When I hear that aloe has helped your pain, I suspect you have an immune component to your pain… maybe related to a leaky gut… and that aloe either helped heal your gut or strengthen your immune system. Either way, I am glad for you.

    i am 22years of age, i am taking pills for stomach pain and intestine spasms, i gotta know how long till my aloe vera juice takes affect and helps my stomach get better, i have no history of stomach problems and they just accured out of nowhere

      As a physician, I want to know more. You might be taking something that makes it worse!

    I love these articles. I take aloe vera usually Lily of the Valley . I am hoping it will help with my digestion and constipation. I am hoping this is a good brand. Any help would be so useful. i am 81 years of age. Good chelestrol and weigh 128 lbs. So not overweight. I have had one cancereous kidney removed and and seven bladder cancer surgeries . Doing great and bladder looks normal. Any comments? Thank you so much.
    Marti Carter

    Hi there,

    I love drink aloe vera juice! I have GERD and it makes my symptoms so much more manageable. I’ve read some places that drinking aloe vera juice everyday can be harmful – so normally I drink a full bottle over the course of a few weeks and then take a break for a few weeks/months until I decide to open another bottle.

    You seem to be an expert on this matter, so I was wondering – would it be okay to just drink aloe vera juice every day?

    Here’s the brand I’ve been drinking for reference:

    (Lakewood Organic Pure Aloe)



      Regarding safety of drinking it daily, I recommend the article “Is Aloe Vera Safe To Drink?

        I am 36 years old, weight 62kg height 5fit 6inch. My Blood pressure is high, Is it is good to take aloe vera juice daily. If good then hw much quantity intake and when before or after meal.

          AKSingh, feel free to contact us for a detailed discussion pertaining to your specific needs.

    Can i drink Aloe Vera in daily basis

    I watched your video “How to Best Prepare and Eat Aloe Vera & Aloe FAQ” with John on Youtube, and I loved it. I am just wondering approximately, on average how much Aloe Vera juice can I get of out of a full-grown, 3 ft. tall, five year-old Aloe Vera plant? I know plants come into different sizes, but I also want to know if I should wait for the plants to grow to start getting the benefits of their gel.


      Alex, in the right climate you can harvest about 3 leaves every 2 months. Each leaf should yield about 8 to 12 ounces of aloe vera gel. I hope that helps.

    I have known the benefits of aloe Vera. But I want to know about side effects of aloe Vera exactly. I use gel aloe Vera directly from plant.
    I take a few amount of aloe Vera gel, mixed it to water & roughage . Drink it empty stomach per day. I use one aloe Vera leaf for 3/4 days. I have no diseases. I just use it for good health. But is it good or harmful for my health? I don’t know. Is it good for my health to drink Aloe Vera Gel (half cup-direct from leaf which is collect before a weak) with water & roughage daily.

      Barnali, I think this might answer your question: Is It Safe To Drink Aloe Vera?

    I have the same issue as you , and you probably suffer from candida .

    aloe for reoccuring yeast or vaginal infections?


      These are great questions. You can consider Aloe Vera to be a food rather than a supplement or drug… so it is safe to consume daily… providing it is the inner part of the leaf (and providing it is a food that you aren’t allergic to). I believe the brand you are taking sells both inner leaf and whole leaf – so you may want to direct this question to them. I drink 8 to 10 ounces of Stockton brand daily (for years now). Stockton Aloe 1 is 100% pure inner leaf unfiltered raw Aloe Vera with no preservatives added – so it really can’t be compared to any other brand regarding serving sizes. Regarding which brands may be better… I have to leave that for them to make their own claims; but thank you for asking.

    Hey Dr. Haley! I congratulate you all on the work your doing. I’m up in Bronson, FL (About 30min. from Gainesville) and no one sells it near me. So, I’ll go with having it shipped since it’s cheaper than gas. 🙂 Question. I am a 45 year old man with RA and to say that my diet has changed would be a massive understatement. I’m almost entirely alkaline foods since my pH was 5.5 a month ago…..It’s now 6.4…..I’m far from my goal, but closer! 🙂 My body has responded fairly well from Western Medicine….but, obviously, I’m hoping to get off of them slowly. I’m thinking your product would be helpful….until I grow my own. I’m hoping you will have some pups available soon. How much would you recommend I take per day with my condition (Moderate RA). Thank you for your time. Mark

      Mark, please do call us on Monday and ask for me. I’d love to know what else you are doing for your diet. Remind me about the RA and will make sure you are eating the right foods and avoiding those that might make it worse. Will discuss how much aloe vera you might drink as well.

        Dr. Haley, since I’ve been on Aloe Vera Juice my blood sugar has dropped as I was a pre diabetic. Can you explain that for me.
        I am so happy.

          Ruth, I am happy to hear that. Although I can’t explain it, I can tell you that many people do drink Aloe Vera to lower and stabilize their blood sugar levels.


      We do not, Dennis… not that we know of. But, I do know which foods I would eat and which I would avoid. Feel free to contact us about this.

    is it helpful for oral lichen planus

      It is beneficial for a health and a healthy gut… which, in turn, may help lichen planus. However, there are other things that may be more beneficial for lichen planus that should be addressed first.

    I was told I could drink aloe vera juice to help nerve function and decrease inflammation that causes back pain. I have lower lumbar back pain that radiates down both of my legs causing numbness and tingling. I am a 23 year old female and weigh 150. I bought the Fruit of the Earth Aloe inner fillet juice at Safeway. Just wondering how much I should drink and if it really will help with the symptoms I have. Thanks

      I really can’t comment about how much to drink since it is another brand and I am not familiar with it. But, from a chiropractic view point, I would certainly try chiropractic 🙂

    I’ve been diagnosed with H Pylori and at the end of a two week course of horrid triple meds. I’m a little worried because I’m still getting some pain albeit not too bad my stomach. I have bought some Aloe Vera drink which is from a good source but it says to take 2-3 a day but only 50ml. When I read what amount others are taking this doesn’t seem very much.

    Also I live in Spain with plenty of AV around do I need to buy it ready made, I’m a little worried about taking it from directly from the plant
    Hope you can help

      Unfortunately we can’t comment about how much to drink since we are unfamiliar with the brand you are drinking. I would want to know the species of the plant and how many parts per million of aloin it contained to better know what you are getting. Additionally, knowing the preservatives used would be beneficial.

    Hello Aloe lovers,
    My Story.
    I am a man of 69 y/o and very active and still work as a Park Ranger.
    I use aloe every day as an over all nutritional health regimen.
    I buy the whole leaf and filet it and extract the gel. Then I put it in the blender
    and add 16 oz. of bottled water. I usually drink at least 8 oz. daily. Of course when I buy the leafs
    I buy a whole box of 12 leafs,
    I have Diverticulosis and of course pouches in my Colon, so I use to get flare ups of Diverticulitis, but not since I have been drinking the pure aloe gel every day. It has a enormous amount of vitamins in it so I believe it can only be a good health regimen in my old age. I also cut up pieces of the aloe, put in blender and add it to the drinks I consume.
    That’s my story and I will respond to anyone that has questions.
    Chris Berner

      Hey I’m 24 years old and have noticed I need to take tums every once and a while which normally never happened I just used 1 whole leaf that was almost the length of my arm (only used the gel) and blended it with a bit of coconut water. Do you think doing this once a day will harm me? I’m 24 male 5 ft 10 inches at 220lbs

        I know of a lot of people that consumed this much or daily for more than 20 years. It is a food. If you have an edible species (most are) and you are separating the gel properly for consumption, there is no problem with it… assuming you don’t have unusual allergies to it.

          Hi Dr Haley,

          I have recently researched aloe vera and decided that all your website is very well put together. I do have one question.
          Recently my Dad and I have had some kind of skin condition that has taken over our bodies and is rather like either dermititis or psoriasis but have gone to many stores and purchased lotions, cremes and rubs, etc…

          None have helped us, during the day and night we are always itching either our body stomach and legs and feet sometimes. Does aloe vera cure these dermalogical conditions. And if it does how soon could we see some type of results such as healing of the skin patches and more hydrated skin free and clear of these itchness.

          My Father is in his 70’s and regularly takes many medicines from his doctor that prescribed to him. I wonder is the medicines are causing some type of reaction here with his body. His entire back is covered in like scale like patches
          looks similar like Shingles, but not sure…

          Also I am in my 30’s and do eat alot of processed foods on the weekends like hamburgers and also simple fastfoods
          I know these are very quick and easy but may have some effects on our body. At the fastfood place we usually drink sodas and consume fried french fries and other items.

          I have never tried aloe vera before and willing to try anything to help the both of us.

          Thanks for your time.

            dont hesitate go ahead & consume this magic herb…follow basic steps (i’ve mentioned 2 pages up) ….trust me…this cures even cancer….rest is history…doc haley seems like a conman to me…like the rest of con medical world…!! gud luk…you will heal….its mother nature…nothin better…

            Roy, I’m not sure what makes you feel that way. But please do feel free to provide me with details… anything that seems less than accurate or upstanding. I will review any content posted by me that you point out that seems to be lacking credibility and immediately take it down if it lacking honesty or trustworthiness.


            Dr. Michael Haley

            hi..try nano silver on your skin where needed, it should stop the itch and clear up the skin!

      Chris Berner….where do you get your aloe leaf’s from? I’d like to order them. My hubs has a huge leg ulcer and my 10yo son has sever acid reflux. I’m hoping the aloe will help them. The aloe plant is hard to find in the south.

        I get my Aloe Vera Leaves from Publix Super Market.
        Then I take the meat or the Aloe out and put it in a blender with bottled water. and drink at lease 8 Oz. a day.
        Call your Publix Market. The order a box at a time for me.

        In the south you can find it at any Farmers Market.

        you can buy the 2ft. leaves in most spanish grocery stores in the south, i live in Ga. and have no problem getting them, their in the produce section usually beside the cactis.

        Whole Foods had aloe leaves a few months ago. Not sure if they keep them year round or not.

      Does it help with constipation and weight loss?

        It helps with gut health, which may help with both of these things. However, there are other things that certainly should be addressed that would probably take precedence over aloe for both of these things.

          I’m 53 and tale BP pills and pill twice a day to control sugar. I brought aloe juice. And wonder how and if it will help me. I’m loosing weight. And have changed the way and how i rat and cook. HELP

          Hello I am wondering if this would help with candida and adrenal issues?

            A healthy diet will help both of those conditions… and aloe can certainly be part of a healthy diet for the gut and immune system… but it isn’t the first thing we turn to for either of those.

          Hi Dr Haley, can you drink Aloe Vera Juice mixed in water or even another juice such as orange juice. Thank you in advance for your answer.

            Yes, many people do… put it in smoothies… mix it with wheat grass juice… The “Earth Diet” author even has a martini recipe!

      Hi! Chris and Dr. Haley,

      I am so happy to see your post. I had been trying to see if drink Aloe can help me. I had Diverticulitis flare up last October, and was in the hospital for 4 days. They did not do anything for me but antibiotic with IV. After they discharged me, I actually got worse, lost 18 pounds in a week, cannot drink or eat in a whole week. I stopped my medicine myself and was very slowly getting better each day, I guess I am allergic to the antibiotics. Since then, my stomach (or colon) hurt/discomfort every day. Do you think drinking Aloe can help my Diverticulitis? Thanks.


        Bren, maybe aloe vera can help you, and maybe it won’t. But I am confident that changing your diet will help tremendously. you may already know a lot about your diet, and what foods you should or should not be eating. But I bet you we can step it up just a little bit and make a lot more improvement. As a certified GAPS practitioner, I am certain that I can help you figure out your best diet. Why don’t you give me a call at the office at 954-532-0792.


        Dr. Michael Haley

        I had diverticulitis flares for years and would have to take massive antibiotics. Finally,my doctor said that I needed to have the affected parts of my colon removed. That sounded like a slippery slope to me. I found a chiropractor who specializes in nutritional medicine. He believed that I had a gluten sensitivity. I was leery but got off gluten. I have not had a diverticulitis flare in four years. I had rosacea for years. I was nearly 60 and my face was always broken out. My face cleared up within 3 weeks. I occasionally had ocular rosacea and have never had another episode of that. I eat fermented foods now to heal the damage to my gut from the gluten and antibiotics. I believe Aloe Vera can help heal your gut but you might see if gluten is the root cause of your diverticulitis.

          I agree, Glenda. We tell our IBD customers that, although Aloe might help with your symptoms, you have to stop eating the inflammatory foods (wheat seems to be the worst) and start eating whole foods that are good for you and anti-inflammatory… if you ever really want to get well…

      Hi, I’m suffering from the same colon problem and started to take the aloe vera gel three days ago. I wondered how long it takes before I can expect to see an improvement and how long is it safe to take it for.
      I understand that it is an immune booster, so that can only be a good thing, right ? I’m also 69yrs of age.

      Hi Chris,
      Im diabetic and have just started taking this aloe. I do the same as you. Buy the leaf and filet it. I don’t blend it but just eat it raw. What do you think ?. I’m 59 year young. Pls share your thoughts how much should I take.

        I am diabetic and I star to eat Aloe the same way as you do, fiilet it, eat the crunchy flesh and use the leftover near to the leaf skin for cooling my skin – I am confused when it comes to the term “gel” and “flesh” (the crunchy meat of the Aloe.
        Some Aloe leaf I bought online the flesh is very solid and less “gel” (the running clue-like) . When people said “gel”, do they mean both : the crunchy flesh and the clue-like jelly runing just around the flesh? or the “gel” means all inside of Aloe leaf? Thanks in advance for your replying to my message.
        -a .

          They are really both the same… though I would use “gel” once it has been run through a grinder or blender, which makes it drinkable.

      where do you buy the whole leaves; and curious about what vitamins it has. I took an herb class and she said to slice one, cut it on the side, open it like a book, and to heat it with a lighter or candle and the jell will relase and to drink that part. I have two kinds of aloe growing, and assume both are edible?

      Where do you buy the leafs.and just mix with water.

        Leaves are available in many grocery stores… but they are usually pretty old :

        You want to get the gel out of the leaf within a day of harvest. Otherwise, the aloin seeps into the gel ruining the taste and adding a laxative effect to your gel.

      Do you cut up the whole plant. Why don’t you have your own plant.

      Hi Chris,I also have diverticulosis.Where can I buy a box of whole leaf of aloe Vera ?thanks,Eddie.

      Did you have several bouts with diverticulitis before you started aloe Vera juice? I am drinking 2 shot of “digestaway ” aloe every night and it’s also got marshmallow root but am scared to drink any more than that amount. Sometimes my left side feels like it’s going to explode so I’m wondering if more would be better.

      Hi Chris,

      Where do you purchase the leaves you use. I’d like to order this juice, but I live off grid and have a small refrigerator
      so storing a gallon jug is not really feasible for me. But leaves could maybe work.


      Chris. I am an old man about your age and I have problem with blood Suger and prostrate. Thanks for your write up. I have difficulty in understanding measure. You said you add 16 ounces of water to one leaf of Aloe, please is 16 ounces of water equivalent to how many Glasses of water, and how many glasses of the juice do you take daily.

      Eugene Okpala.

      Hi Chris,
      I was reading your article. I duffer from GERD, IBS, Bladder issies, lumbar and cervical problems. I want to get off my acid reflux meds. When you make blend of water and Aloe, is it basically ok to take water double the portion of Aloe? Also, I live in a hot counttu so do I just leave it out and consume it throughout the day? Is it best to have it after meals?

      How much juice do you drink daily?

        We manufacture Aloe vera gel. For questions about how much “juice” to drink… which usually implies “whole leaf”, check with the manufacturer of the juice, since they can all have different concentrations of outer leaf parts… which can irritate the gut if you drink too much.

      Hi my name is Tammie, I also have Diverticulosis and I have Gastro Paresis and Acid reflux. I just started drinking Aloe Vera juice and it’s 99.8% Aloe Vera. Iam almost 53 year’s old next month. I weight 108lbs and I have been having flare ups. I’m also dealing with the acid that sits in my stomach and I have a burning sensation most of the time and I get very nauseous and sometimes unable to work. My GI doctor suggested I try the Aloe Vera juice to see if that helps. I just started drinking it yesterday. My doctor put me on a liquid diet because of my flare ups.
      I guess what I’m asking is just how much of the Aloe Vera juice do I drink since mine is so bad? My family and friends are so worried about me and so am I.
      Thank you,
      Tammie Price

        Tammie, no one can really answer the question for two primary reasons:
        1. I don’t know what’s in the other .2%
        2. I don’t know what’s in the 98%… how much is inner leaf gel vs. outer leaf anthraquinones?
        There are other factors as well to consider. This post addresses some of them.

      Hi Chris, this post is so old I dont even know if you’ll get it. What do you do with the leaves if you by a whole box, do you freeze them? I’m intrested in using Aloe Vera….

        Just in case Chris doesn’t reply… you can filet them, grind them, and freeze it in the drinkable gel… and it will stay quite well for a year or more. Here’s the filet technique:

      I have lots of aloe Vera and want to know if you just scrape out all the inside to the skin and then blend with water? Also how much of the leaf are you using such as a 3” or 6 “ leaf… thanks Sandi


    I eat Aloe Vera gel from leaves for 8 days, I have colon problem. I was wondring for how long I should eat the gel and what time of the day is more effective. Thank you

      There really isn’t a best time of day to eat… Aloe vera seems to work well at any time and with or without other food! But it does seem to work better if you spread it out in multiple servings instead of one big serving. When it comes to aloe, the most important things to consider are the part of the plant you are eating and the kind of the plant.

        Hi, I’m just experiencing Aloa Vera Juice, I suffer with anxiety, I’ll like to know if it will do any harm with anxiety problems, I hear it good for losing belly fat, which what I’m working on. Can you please answer how much should I drink daily..

          Many agree that the gut is the “2nd brain”. People consume aloe vera to help heal their leaky guts which can have a significant impact on the way their minds work. So, for you, your anxiety may change, improve, lessen… who knows. Regarding how much to drink, use the content above to help you determine what is right for you. There is no recommended “dose” since it is food.

            Hi doc, I want to ask you something..I have a severe gerd. I tried allopathic first but it didn’t help. Currently taking homeopathic treatment which is again not helping much. I want to start taking aloe juice. Can you help me with the dosage? I am male with 64 kg weight.

            There is too much to discuss… such as juice vs. gel, how much aloin is in the “juice”, etc. Please refer to the article above this comment section for more explanation or call to schedule a consultation. Also, you have to address the other side of the equation… what to NOT consume.

            Hello Doctor,
            I am Having Lower Back Pain Problem, One of My Freind suggest me to drink Aloevera Juice,
            I want to know will it work in Back Pain?
            and How much should i Aloe Vera for Back Pain

            Thanks and Regards

            Aloe vera is not a treatment for back pain.

          I added aloe to my diet,and lost 35 lbs,i mix straight aloe gel from plant and add to my aloe juice,not the flavored juice they sell in store,to much sugar added to those. I like king aloe.

            How long did it take to see results

        Hello, my dad was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis about 4 years ago. He has gone threw several different medications over the years and nothing seemed to really help. Just make life “livable”. He is now on Humira and prednisone. Usually, he can’t go a day without either or he is in some serious trouble. He now has been drinking about a cup of Aloe Vera juice a day for 3 weeks now. He hasn’t taken the Humira in about 5 days and feels really good. Is it safe to drink this daily for someone in his case?

          Candace, “It Depends”… That is, some aloe drinks have too much outer leaf parts in them and drinking that much daily can cause problems. Stockton brand has so little outer leaf parts that it is safe to consume even larger amounts for long periods. We have customers that have been consuming daily for years.

          Just remember, consuming gut healing foods like aloe is only half the battle… avoiding the things that upset the gut is equally or even more important.

            How do I know what foods to eat? I have microscopic colitis and take a prescription drug for it. Is there a diet you recommend?

            GAPS practitioners have a wonderful way of helping you find what foods you can or should not eat. Other practitioners might do blood testing such as those done by Immuno Labs.

        Hi I have been taking the Aloe vera Gel raw from the plant for a week now. Every morning I prepare water and lemon and cut about 3inches of the plant and I take the inner gel and swallow it with the water and lemon. I would like to know if is ok to continue to drink it like that. And one time day in the morning is it enough gel to consume daily or do I need to take more daily? I am trying to consume the gel daily since I heard is a great for the health and to treat other any antibacterial infections. So Im just trying to consume enough daily and I need to know how much is enough. Thank you in advance do your time.

          I’m sorry, Charla… there are too many variables for me to answer your question.

            what will happen to a person if he or she drink more the minimum rate of Aloe Vera bjuice

            It depends on the person and the brand – what’s in it… whole leaf or inner gel… what the aloin content is, whether they have allergies to it, and much more.

        Hello Dr. Michael Haley,
        I am the 63 years old, asian female , 96lbs , 5′ 01 , petite, I have been drinking Alovera gel (boil with water)last few week , 2 leave /week. yesteray, I have stomach ache came from my belly button , when the ache is strong , i sweated and exhauted. i have to take a nap to regain my energy,, last 2 days they are smoothering . it was the food that i ate or I hake too much Alovera gel . I did not consume the green leaf ? Thank you for your prompt reply

          Sorry, there are too many variables for me to reply to this.

        hi doctor
        my name is Nana from Ghana Africa,I am having these severe stomach ulcer.have been toned hospital so many times..and dey gives me PPI..but still no improvement,so my doctor told me about aloe vera,i want to know if boiling the whole Leaf is good or eaten only de gels thank u very much doc

          I would only eat the gel.

          rinse the yellow aloin off that seeps immed after the cut…. strip the thorny sides off & soak it in water for 30 mts…after this cut with or without skin into pieces, quick rinse and run in grinder with whatever u feel like adding to ease the bitternesss…& drink…extra pieces or juice can be refrigerated upto a week for best results…i’ve been having it with the skin…i seen its magic effects overnite when my bruised son’s legs healed after a glasss of this magic herb with skin & gel he consumed…he literally walked the next morning when he couldnt the prev 3 days….i stopped all medication and this magic herb (glass a day, five days) healed him clean…thanks to google n you tube….i pass this on…gud luck…ignore the ‘donts’…its mostly from the medical world of thievery….they’re shit sccared of lossing a few bucks….this wonderful cured a friend of mine in india from cancer…she took nothing but this 6 months…no meds nothing…she’s fit as a fiddle now…!!…cheers

            Hi , what else did your friend with cancer eat other than the aloe? Thanks, Sincerely

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