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Although this is in the FAQ section, it rarely comes up. Yet about 1 or 2 times per year, we get return requests.

Unfortunately, we can’t send replacements nor refund without a return. We choose to inspect all returns for quality. So far, we have never had an aloe vera gel drink product returned that was actually bad. We know, however, that it can happen. When something actually does go wrong, we want to investigate and find what happened to prevent it in the future.

Because our products are unhomogonized, unfiltered, unpreserved, raw, non-decolorized and non-deodorized, we see quite the variation in taste, texture, viscosity, and color. These variations and peoples personal taste and texture preferences have been the reason so far for every single return. It seems to be merely our failure to explain to our customers that to many people, aloe does not taste good and that every harvest is different. Furthermore, every harvest can give different flavors and textures depending on which plant and field it came from. We hope this document better informs those deciding whether or not to try our products.

Return Policy Summary

30 days for un-opened re-saleable condition, product refund less 25% restocking fee. See details below.

Return Policy Details

Our customers are usually quite happy with our products and customer service, however, we have been getting about 2 or 3 requests per year for returns. For that reason, we have created this return policy:

All products returned in un-opened re-saleable condition within 30 days of the purchase are eligible for a full product cost refund less a 25% restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Please do not return our products because you don’t like the taste, smell, or texture… or because “this bottle didn’t taste like others that I have received from you”. If you desire “standardized” aloe vera that looks and tastes the same every time, we are not a good fit and you should not purchase our products.

Most other brands are standardized and it will be very easy to find a standardize preserved shelf-stable aloe vera. Our Aloe #1 is NOT standardized. They are unhomogonized, unfiltered, unpreserved, raw, non-decolorized and non-deodorized. Our aloe will look, taste and smell different almost every time. Sometimes it will be thicker… or thinner. Sometimes it will even turn pink. Sometimes it will be bitter. These are not reasons to return it. These are actually the reasons that most of our customers buy from us. But we will honor returns according to our policy for any reason.

Your aloe might turn pink after you receive it… or, sometimes even before you receive it. Sometimes we ship it pink! We will accept returns for any reason, but again, with a 25% restocking fee… and we might not accept future orders from you. We do this to help you. We are here for the customers that really understand and desire raw truly natural food. So far, in 10 years, all aloe vera drinks returned cold spending less than 3 days in the mail were bottles of good aloe vera.

We don’t do product exchanges. We will only replace aloe when we failed to do our job getting it to you within 3 days from the time it leaves our warehouse which also arrived to you warm.

It is true, we won’t actually “re-stock” frozen aloe vera. When we ship aloe to our customers, they will never get formerly returned products. But we will use returns. For us it is quality control… because of which we know that, so far, every return has been a quality product. We have NEVER shipped bad aloe vera. For that reason, please re-freeze it completely before returning it. Use the same packing materials that it came in… to keep it cold on it’s way back to us. Frozen aloe returns are only refunded to us when they are in the mail for no more than 3 days. It is up to you to choose a shipping method to make this happen.

Shipping / postage costs are not refundable.

Non-perishable sealed re-saleable product returns can be in the mail longer and we will still honor the refund less 25% re-stocking fee.

2 thoughts on “Return Policy

    Thus should be first thing Customer sees not buried in FAQ. I’ve discussed with others who have cancer & they never experienced the HORRIFIC taste of your product that you blame on the cancer patient.

      I’m sorry it does not taste good to you. We recommend you let a few people taste it and describe what they taste. When it comes to aloe, it seems the more someone needs it, the worse it tastes… initially. Then, maybe because of what it does for them, it seems they like the taste.

      So far, you have hung up on 3 different employees. I ask you to please be nice to the loving people that work here.

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