Shipping Options

Stockton Aloe 1 sells raw aloe vera gel from the Barbadensis Miller Species, Stockton variety. There are no preservatives in our aloe vera gel. We freeze the aloe to preserve it.

If your order contains frozen perishable products, we must choose a shipping method that will get our product to you within 3 days from South Florida (shipping Mondays and Tuesdays for most of the Country… Wednesdays and Thursdays to some States near us). After 3 days, the aloe will be mostly thawed and ready for consumption or “pouring” and refreezing (see our YouTube video for pouring aloe details). After placing your order, check your email for a tracking number that will be sent when we process your order. You might have to look in your “SPAM”.

During the summer months, there is a good chance your Aloe vera will be completely thawed by the time you get it. If it is, this is a good opportunity to pour it into smaller containers for re-freezing. If you choose to do this, do NOT use glass. Aloe vera expands more than most liquids breaking glass for even veteran foodies.

If your order does not contain perishable frozen products, your shipment will likely leave our facility within 1 business day.


Our website calculates a “Flat Rate” postage. We programmed our site to have a cap based on the products you are purchasing. Your postage WILL cost us more. We will pay the difference! We will try to get your product to you in 2 to 3 days from the time it leaves us. We expect it to be relatively thawed… but still cool.

If you require further information pertaining to this, please contact us


People frequently ask us if we ship our products outside of the United States. We do. Please see our  International Shipping policy.