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Aloe Vera Scam

Fill the bottle to the bottom of the handle

This is certainly not the first time we’ve had this complaint. Are we trying to scam you? Remember this is about raw (unpasteurized), unfiltered, aloe vera gel…

Question: I’ve ordered your product on various occasions. I wanted you to know that I have been disappointed that the bottles I have ordered the past couple of times are usually not full bottles. I mean that they are not even filled close to near the top of the lid. Maybe you have reasoning for this but when you pay this kind of money for a product you want a full bottle instead of feeling slighted. I wouldn’t mention this if it had happened once but it has been more than once.

Answer: Thank you for your concern.

We do fill the bottles just above 58 ounces. The aloe is put into “64 oz” bottles (which actually hold 70 ounces). The reason the bottles are labeled 58 ounces is because we purposely only put just over 58 ounces in them. This helps prevent¬†the plastic from stretching when the aloe expands during freezing. If you refreeze the container completely, you will see the level rise toward the top of the bottle.

If you purchase the 4 gallon bucket of aloe vera, it actually contains 4 gallons and 12 ounces. Again, we give more than what it is labeled. That way, those that purchase the bucket can fill 9 bottles up to the 58 ounce line (the bottom of the handle) with a couple extra ounces just in case.

I hope you find this explanation to be beneficial.

On a side note, many wonder if the plastic is BPA free. Indeed it is. The manufacturers resin statement is found here:

Do you like what we are doing? Please let us know in the comments.


Michael Haley, owner, Stockton Aloe 1, Inc.

4 thoughts on “Aloe Vera Scam

    why would you put your healing product in plastic?

      We offered it in glass, but not a single person paid chose the extra cost for the glass and the extra cost of shipping. We have had customers who transferred it to glass and told us it was a bad idea because it broke. When you understand plastics, temperature, BPA’s, and more, you learn to choose your plastic use wisely. We feel we fit into the wise use spectrum.

    I am going to be purchasing your products but I have a concern with your plastic bottles. Are they BPA free? Thanks for you assistance in this matter. Have a great day. Cherry

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