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Aloe Vera and Liver Toxicity

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QUESTION: (Is Aloe Vera Toxic?)
I’ve been taking your delicious aloe for a few weeks now and am loving it. I recently started working with a nutritionist; she will be helping me detox my liver and strengthen my digestion. When I mentioned I was drinking fresh aloe vera gel, she said I should stop using it because it could be hard on the liver.
She gave me the following site as reference:

Can you let me know your take on what they say? I know all supplements can have their detractors, but I’d like your opinion on this one.

Thank you very much.

This is a difficult one since they do not tell us if the extract was inner leaf gel or outer leaf anti-nutrients. With aloe, extract really does refer to the outer leaf anti-nutrients since the gel is merely dehydrated aloe vera and not an extract.

Around 2000, the NIH and FDA teamed up to research outer-leaf anti-nutrients and determined that they should not be consumed. “drugs” made from the outer leaf to cure constipation were banned in 2002.

To make this clear, it would be like saying “you should not eat the peel on an orange” (without actually making any distinction between the peel and actual orange that was in the peel).

But in these cases of liver inflammation and signs of liver failure, we have no sure way of knowing whether it was the outer leaf extract or the dry aloe vera powder since “aloe vera” merely tells us it came from the aloe vera plant. We also don’t know what preservatives or processing agents were used in the manufacture of these capsules. I personally have only seen case studies related to capsules and not from drinking the gel – though suspect either could do it. Sometimes the drinks are “whole leaf (containing outer leaf parts too) and some are inner leaf (containing almost no outer leaf parts). If it was dehydrated gel in the capsules, the amount was very minimal compared to what many of our customers consume in a day. But if it was an outer leaf extract, then 400 to 500 mg. is quite substantial for the irritating properties of the anti-nutrients. I suspect it was from aloe vera outer leaf extracts… but have no way of knowing.

I hope that helps. You might want to share my answer with your nutritionist. I wrote more about actual research pertaining to Aloe Vera here:

30 thoughts on “Aloe Vera and Liver Toxicity

    How much amount of aloe vera gel should I use for fatty liver?

    I drink. Some times a gallon weekly cured barrets 20 years ago drink 4 oz first in morning 15 drops of Osha ,oregano ,drink thruout day with all vitamins before bed with 1tablespoon honey with turmeric or ginger ,drink fresh made inner jelly my garden ,buy also inner jelly at Wal-Mart and other organic suppliers ,at 7.00 gallon I have personally see aloe shrink a cancerous liver , use the outer leaf on skin ,tired eyes ,endless benefits

    Modern quackology not only allows for but recommends yanking out body parts instead of healing. Since when is yanking out body parts good for the human body? I look forward to the day natural medicine can be incorporated into our lives as the medical doctors are all placed in a 12 by 5 cell to consider their crimes against humanity.

      Good luck, that’ll be the day, Ron

      I love reading things like this. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the medical world does more harm then good ?

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, Ron! I have been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver from Hep C that I got from a blood transfusion years ago. I take only natural herbs and supplements and am doing great! Some of the medications the doctor prescribed for me are bad for my liver. I found all kinds of info about that on the Internet from reputable sites. Those medications are going straight down the toilet where they belong. 🙂

      I agree. It’s coming.

    I have been drinking 1 oz in the morning of Nature’s Way Organic Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice for about 3 weeks and it seemed like the answer to my constipation issues but this week I have been noticing swelling from my liver are I would say pressure no pain. why would this be happening and anyone have a certain brand they use that does not cause problems

      Parts from the outer leaf… which comes with “whole leaf Juice” have been known to cause liver inflammation in some people. I strongly recommend you stop using aloe vera that contains outer leaf “aloin”. Using something to loosen your bowels is NOT the right way to treat constipation. It is merely treating the symptom without fixing the cause.

        Kathy what supplement are taking, I’m also suffering same thing here ,,please I need it help thanks

      Is that organic Aloe? Do you take other drugs like Prescription drugs?

      Tina , I have the same problem like you. My specialists told me ok last year , after diagnosed and heal of Hepatitis C. They are not sure how I got ,and I may never had it. She did not put that in my files. This makes me look like a crazy person s when I told it to my family doctor. I take medicine for two types of Arthritis, Medicine for sleep issues, and others for something. All goes in the trash every month. All hurt my liver, but doctors say in good to the Kidneys. How does the body knows what drugs go where. It’s crazy. Skin. Kidneys, and liver filters everything.

      You take care.

    Please how effective is aloe juice in treating hepatitis B

      Aloe vera is not scientifically documented treatment for treating hepatitis B.

    i have been taking aloe vera gel ( 200:1 concentration) 25 mg for over 2 years for digestion problems and gas. i have had no problems with my liver or any thing else.the gel is from the inner leaf. when i was reading the cases these people were taking high doses. i take 3 pills per day at 25 mg with meals. moderation is the key. those people were overdosing. you can get this from walmart or mail order vitamin companies.

      I suspect the cases of liver toxicity involved outer leaf parts… if indeed the aloe was responsible for the problem.

        So what are the remedies if you have liver damage due to the aloe vera gel?

          There are many liver detox programs. However, usually just stopping the intake of offending agents is sufficient.

    My daughter was just told her gall bladder is functioning at 14%. She is scheduled to remove it. Any solution other than surgery?

      There are many things to do before considering surgery… unless surgery was urgently necessary immediately.

    I do not get whether the inner or outer is okay for the liver? Your answer was technical but never said which one is POSSIBLY good or bad for liver.please, help me understand.? Thank You. Dezlyn

      The inner leaf is generally beneficial. When it comes to the outer leaf, some people will have problems with it, especially if it is consumed separate from the inner leaf.

        I am drinking aloe vera gel is that inner or outer part of the plant ?

          The “gel” is the inner part, the “latex” is the outer part. Aloe vera “juice” usually refers to a drink that includes both.

        Dr. Haley: I have had my gallbladder removed. In 1996. I have struggled ever since to digest my food. Aloe Vera JUICE (not gel) helped me for a few months, but later it gave me chronic pain so I stopped drinking it. Only drink a sip or two, now and then if my intestinal tract or stomach is acting up.

        I have read that even the INNER filet should not be consumed internally. So much confusion.

        Lastly… stomach reacts harshly to ensymes, which I need badly for digestion. I feel drug out and extremely tired after eating and have for years. Food allergies befall me as well.

        What suggestions might you have for better digestion so that I can move forward to “living”…….. I havent “lived” for years. (Dr. Atkins Diet in the 80’s I believe caused my gallbladder issues. 🙁 🙁 :(……. )

        Thank you.

          There are some “GAPS” tests and procedures for determining which foods you should / should not be consuming. Feel free to contact me.

            How can I use aloe vera gel for my fatty liver treatment

            If you are being treated by a physician, you should ask your physician. But for general information regarding “how much aloe to drink?”, click here:

    Fda and nih and big pharma is a global drug mafia. So any natural thing that ca help you will not make them happy because their product is anything at the drugstore, not the one in your garden or kitchen.

    Good information video in my opinion. .and it say here it is good for detoxifying the liver among lot other ( have many Aloe Vera plants but sadly in Iceland we have to grow the I at least getting good informations about the plant though I knew most of them I at least know what to do and work it properly for most benefit ..thanks to your site…

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