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Proper Nutrition – Why Are There So Many Different Diets?

5 Facets of Health

Recently I wrote about the “5 Facets of Health“. Everything good that you can do for yourself falls under one of the 5 categories. Nutrition is, of course, one of the 5 categories. The problem is there is so much conflicting information about what you should or should not eat and drink. These days it is difficult to find two healthcare professionals that can agree on what constitutes a healthy diet.

I have much to say about diet. But before diving in, I think it is important to clear up some of the confusion. That is, let’s consider why there are so many different “healthy diets”.

First, let’s examine the purpose of the diet.

Think about the best diet for an Olympic power lifter. The athlete’s nutritionist probably has a practice that focuses on maximizing strength gains and physical performance. Healthy diet recommendations are going to emphasize energy sources to provide sufficient energy during training and sufficient proteins for muscle recovery.

Contrast this with someone whose goal is to beat cancer. A good oncology dietitian might recommend cleansing foods that detoxify the body and support the immune system. The same energy sources that benefit the Olympic competitor would feed cancer. The growth diet that helps increase size and strength in the athlete would likely be contraindicated in a person with cancer.

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And then there is the individual…

Everyone is different. You have a certain body type and blood type. You have a genetic heritage. You might have white sensitive skin or live in an area with minimal sun and have to get most of your vitamin D from your diet. Or, you may have dark skin and have access to warm vitamin D making sunlight year round. You may have a fast metabolism, or slow. Your immune system might reject some of the healthiest nutrient dense foods on the planet. At Stockton Aloe 1, We have even known people that have allergies to aloe vera!

The diet that makes one person look and feel great might make you feel weak, fatigued, or even ill.

I continue to learn much from Dr. Gabriel Cousens who largely emphasizes a live raw vegan diet. I also subscribe to It is obvious that Dr. Mercola believes animal foods can be healthy and beneficial. I once heard these two dialog in Kevin Gianni’s “Great Health Debate“. Dr. Cousens and Dr. Mercola seemed to respect each other’s different opinions and agree that everyone is truly an individual with their own specific optimal diets.

Stay tuned for future articles as we explore some of the deeper issues of food and the diet.

1 thought on “Proper Nutrition – Why Are There So Many Different Diets?

    As the founder of Annie Appleseed Project, an all-volunteer cancer nonprofit (an Advocate), I often hear frustrated folks angry about their confusion over nutrition. I think you have helped clarify WHY it is important to find your own Nutrition path.

    I also think the media helps to confuse people as they fail to analyze studies but just report whatever silly, one-dimensional bit of knowledge was discovered. There are always choices to be made for ANY individual.

    I am really happy with this article and reposted to Annie Appleseed Project’s Facebook page.

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