Aloe #1 Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink Bucket 4 Gallons

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If you don’t have empty bottles… make sure to include them with this order, PLEASE DO NOT USE GLASS TO RE-FREEZE YOUR ALOE. Also, WATCH THE VIDEOS before purchasing this for the first time. You might also want a “Bucket Kit“. Limit 1 bucket per order.



Four Gallons of Aloe #1® Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink

100% Pure Gel. No Additives. Fresh-frozen.

Comes fresh-frozen and packed in a food-grade bag inside a 5-gallon sealed bucket. This is inner leaf gel, hand-filleted and taken from the Aloe barbadensis miller-stockton variety of Aloe only. It is the same plant Aloe pioneer Rodney M. Stockton used to manufacture his famed Seminole Aloe Gel Ointment at the Alo Crème Laboratories, beginning in 1951.

The Bucket Kit

The bucket kit is made of 3 useful tools:
1. a Bucket Opener
2. a large 32 oz. BPA Free Funnel
3. a Stainless Steel Skimmer

As the company designated by Rodney Stockton to carry on with his work, we are committed to the traditional way of growing and processing Aloe vera in its raw and natural form. We use no additives, preservatives, or colors and we do not subject the gel to the elevated temperatures of pasteurization. Our Aloe gel is quickly frozen and shipped.

You get the real, 100% Aloe gel, not a watered-down chemical soup. Perfect for making Aloe juice drinks, adding to smoothies, or drinking straight and pure. Enjoy the many benefits of Aloe vera – fresh from the plantation.

This is the best way to buy bulk raw Aloe vera gel from Stockton Aloe 1.

You care about your health, and Stockton Aloe cares about you too … naturally.

Your four gallon bucket of raw aloe vera gel leaves our facility frozen and will begin to thaw on the way. Upon receiving your bucket, please remove it from the box and remove the plastic lid immediately to check whether or not it is ready to be poured.

UPON DELIVERY: You will need nine empty BPA Free 64-ounce jugs with your first bucket order (see options). As soon as you can, pour the cold liquid into the jugs (filling to 58 ounces in order to leave room for expansion) and put all but one of them in the freezer (see a video demonstration here). Store your “working jug” in the refrigerator. We do not add preservatives to our Aloe gel, so we recommend you consume each jug within 7 days of thawing. If you do not intend to use 58 ounces in this time frame, it should again be split into even smaller containers and re-froze.


Each bottle is 4.67″ wide at the base and just under 10 inches high. 9 bottles will take approximately 14″ x 14″ x 10″H. Remember, at first you will probably put 8 in the freezer and one in your refrigerator.

Contact us with any questions or suggestions. We are here to help you get and stay healthy.

Additional information

Weight37 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 14 in

Bucket Only, Bucket AND 9 Empty Half Gallon Bottles, Bucket AND Bucket Kit, Bucket, 9 Empty Bottles, AND Bucket Kit

11 reviews for Aloe #1 Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink Bucket 4 Gallons

  1. Mark

    Why only 1 bucket per order?????????? I live in nz and the shipping is crazy way more than the bucket alone 800-900 dollars shipping and bucket emailed for a cheaper option but declined “it is what it is” i have stage 4 cancer and dont have much time wanted to prove these doctors wrong. So thanks for your help.

    • Dr Michael Haley

      Each bucket weight 38 lbs. and our carrier has a maximum of 70 per package. Going over 70 can cause delays which will melt the aloe during shipping. Therefore separate orders calculates separate postage better. If you can source cheaper postage we are happy to arrange a phone order and pickup by the carrier of your choice. We have been unable to negotiate better rates with any of the 3 big carriers.

  2. laurenemiller7 (verified owner)

    I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer back in 2006 and told the doctors were trying to get me five years. At 38 years old with three young children that was not good enough for me. I jumped out of the box and was told at an Alternative Medicine Clinic in AZ. to get on Aloe from Stockton Aloe. Mr. Stockton was still alive at the time and told me to drink 3, 8oz glasses a day for 3 months and do another scan. I never did another scan yet have been drinking your aloe for 13 years and I’m still wearing the earth suit…thanks be to God for natural healing resources like your aloe, I have told 100’s of peeps about this! Just ordered another bucket. I now drink one to two 8 oz glasses every day. Grateful for healing and restoration daily. Lauren

    • Dr Michael Haley

      Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your story. We hope someday the government and people fund-raising by selling pink ribbons and the likes of will support the necessary research to find out if cancers can be prevented, helped, and even cured by superfoods like aloe vera.

  3. Rob Ahlgren (verified owner)

    I do think this is the best and purest aloe gel product out there. I’ve had a few but am hooked on this one. I’m dealing with cancer and I think it helps with my body deal with the many adjunctive therapies while offering it’s own many benefits.
    Thumbs up to keeping a great tradition going as well as developing into new areas.
    Kindest regards,
    Rob Ahlgren

  4. Autumn

    I sent an email with questions and I couldn’t believe how fast the turn around time was. I was sent a nice email with more information on the benefits of aloe and relating to depression. Thank you very much!

  5. Jeff O’Neal (verified owner)

    Just finishing our first bucket. I use some honey and lemon juice mixed with it for a very refreshing drink. I am type 2 diabetic controlling it with diet and exercise. My daily blood glucose readings have dropped significantly since drinking about 12 oz of Aloe1 per day. Thanks for a great product!

  6. Carmen

    So fresh, so crisp, so bitterly satisfying and certainly detoxifying. On my third gallon now. Love it!!! Be safe during storm.

  7. Mike Daush

    We bought from Stockton aloe vera because of the video of Dr. Haley on My wife has had repeated squamous cell carcinoma on her legs along with a lot of redness, scaly patches etc. on her legs. After dring=king a daily dose for less than a week, she saw immediate calming results on her legs and an overall softening of her skin.
    After a month, her legs became close to normal with a 80% or so improvement. She just went to her dernatologist for a quarterly visit and it is the first visit in two years where she did not have a patch of skin removed or burned off. we are very happy with the results!

  8. Patrick Chapin (verified owner)

    In October, 1996 I woke up to a serious bacterial infection @ the bottom of (2) 10” titanium rods that I had attached to my spine to correct a scoliosis from 1992. After (2) more surgeries I had to have all the metal removed. A friend told me about Rodney’s aloe so I ordered a tub. After over 100 tubs I not only survived the infection but have not even had a common head cold in 20 years. If there’s a “Fountain of Youth” it’s Stockton Aloe.

  9. Pat Redmond

    I’ve tried many aloe products, nothing compares to the quality of this. It has absolutely no bitterness at all and can be easily combined with other juices with no detection. I’ve only placed two orders and look forward to many more. I know and appreciate the value in a product that is not pasteurized or loaded with preservatives. I also appreciate the great customer service. I left a message with a question regarding my order and Mike returned it personally promptly. Thanks for a great product at an affordable price!

  10. Lionel Henderson (verified owner)

    Just got through my first two bottles and I must say this is one of the most purest aloe vera juice I have every drink. I’ve tried all sorts from different sources but nothing compares to this very natural wholesome taste. I’m going to go ahead and take Michael’s advice and get the bucket kit from here on out because now that I have been spoiled with this high-quality product this is something I will want to continually have on a day to day basis.

    • Dr Michael Haley

      Thank you, Lionel. It is feedback like this that really gives us the joy in what we do.

  11. Josip

    Hi Aloe1

    Is it possible to ship this product to Europe ?
    Possible discounts on larger orders ?


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