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Can I Order Just One Bottle Of Aloe?

1 Bottle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe No1

Many people want to order just one bottle… but we don’t make that available to everyone on our web store. You may be wondering why…

  1. If you are buying it for the flavor, don’t waste your time
  2. If it accomplishes what you want, and you want to order more, you are likely to run out before you get your next shipment
  3. One bottle may not be enough to see how your body will respond to the Aloe vera
  4. We can eat the cost of the packaging materials on larger orders
  5. Small frozen amounts do not ship well.
  6. It is the least “green” option


Our product is 100% Pure Unfiltered Raw Aloe Vera Gel… NOTHING ADDED. It tastes like Aloe vera. Depending on how much “aloin” is in it, the taste can be anywhere from hardly any to quite bitter. Our brand usually tests between 1 and 4 ppm aloin – which is quite low, but just a little aloin can significantly affect the taste.

The fact of the matter is, people do not drink aloe for the pleasure of consuming it… but instead, for the nutritional health benefits. If you are not in it for the health benefits, this product is not for you.


We ship to the whole United States and many countries. Only some parts of Florida get next day shipping. A few nearby states get 2-day delivery. But most of the U.S. and world get 3-day delivery. That means we can only ship our frozen products on Mondays and Tuesdays to most of the world to prevent getting held up at shipping hubs over the weekends or on holidays. So, as an example, if you order late on a Tuesday, we may not be able to ship  til the next Monday… and then 3 days in the mail… you may not have your shipment for 9 days! That stinks… especially if it really provides you a benefit… and you want that benefit now! (* soon the carriers will work 7 days a week in more locations)


We often eat what we eat for a certain benefit. Aloe vera is one of those “Super Foods” that many people can directly correlate to a change in the way their body functions. For many, it’s relieving their acid reflex, heart burn, or other digestive symptoms. Depending on the situation, it may take several days to see the benefit. For minor digestive issues, it seems the testimonials start on day three. For skin issues, it seems to take about a week… if they are going to see a benefit. Health improvement comes with commitments to change, not with trying something for a few days.

Consider exercise… could you imagine wanting to get in shape, going to the gym for 3 days in a row, and looking in the mirror only to discover that “Exercise Doesn’t Work”?


We ship a perishable frozen product. At the time of this writing, styrofoam seems to be our best option. We do use “recycled” styrofoam to minimize the impact on the environment… but it’s still styrofoam; and it costs money and ends up on the trash mountain. Our custom coolers cost us between $6 and $7.00 each. We further insulate with 2 layers of plastic (which we hope you re-use the thick plastic bag). We also put all of this in a special custom heavy duty white box. The extra thick cardboard further insulates the package. The white helps repel light to further control the internal temperature. All in all, our packaging costs are nearly $10.00 per shipment. The packing materials would be the same whether we ship 1 or 2 bottles.

The “Frozen Food Industry” is already a low profit industry. We eat the cost of the packing materials in larger orders. But it just doesn’t make financial sense for single bottle orders.

To deal with this problem, when someone wanted to order a single bottle, instead of eating the packaging cost, we charged $10.00 for the packing materials… unless it was an in-store purchase.

In 2019, only 7 people opted for the single bottle purchase. We are glad about this considering the waste. It helped us decide to remove the wasteful option from our store.


Imagine drying to ship a single drop frozen. It would probably melt before we sealed the styrofoam container. Small amounts just can’t keep themselves cold enough to arrive to the customer cold. Since the single bottle is not large enough to keep itself cold, we had to add ice or dry ice. Our cost for dry ice is $1.49 per pound. It takes about 7 pounds or about $10 more to get the single bottle package to arrive in similar condition as two bottles. Sometimes we just included a half gallon of frozen water. Either way it added to our cost and your shipping cost per bottle. It was inefficient and our absolute least green option.

As you can see, shipping a single bottle costed more and didn’t makes sense. We had to charge $20.00 more for the single bottle… $67.00 plus postage. Postage will cost the same as for 2 bottles since the packages are the same size and weight. Actually, we are charged “dimensional weight” which is based on the package size… up to 13 pounds. By the time we add postage, the cost of your bottle is near that of a two pack. Also, we charge actual postage cost. You will notice, if you order the 2-pack from our website, a “flat rate” postage will be charged. We actually pay a portion of your postage for web orders. But with single bottle purchases, we just can’t afford to do this.


Most of our customers start by ordering the 2-Pack. This is what we recommend. But you will notice, your price per bottle comes down significantly as you order more bottles. So when people re-order, they tend to get bigger packages. As the size of the package increases, so does the cost of shipping… but not that much! So your cost per bottle for postage also comes down as you choose more bottles. The most cost effective solution is to order the bucket. This is also the greenest solution since we don’t have to use styrofoam for shipping. But don’t order the bucket without first watching the videos.

I hope you find this explanation helpful. As always, if you have ideas on how we could better do something… such as shipping a single bottle without losing… please share your ideas with us. The comment section below is a great place for that…


Sorry. This option is no longer available. If you just want to see if raw aloe vera is for you without the expense, I recommend you go to your local grocer and purchase an aloe vera leaf and filet the leaf for consumption as demonstrated HERE:

14 thoughts on “Can I Order Just One Bottle Of Aloe?

    How long can the juice be kept in the freezer?

      1 year is reasonable. We have known of customers to keep it frozen for more than that though.

    Do the aloe juice bottles have to be stored in the freezer? Or can they be stored in the refrigerator?

      Stored frozen… or in the fridge for up to about 10 days.

    What is the recommended serving size per day? I am trying to figure out how long one or two bottles will last me. Thank you!!

    I have a recipe for a healing cough syrup using 2-3 leaves of aloe that are blended (Vitamix). About how many ounces of your aloe drink would that be?

      We get 6 to 8 ounces per leaf.


    The reason that I want to only order a bottle is that in years passed, I’ve had a bad reaction to other aloe products. If I purchase two bottles and have a bad reaction, can I return one of them or get some kind of refund? OR do you have a smaller sample that could be used for a few days to be sure I can tolerate it. I have a sensitive make up, it seems and have positive markers for several auto immune disorders. I am a chiropractor and hope to be able to use this product for a long time. Thank you for your consideration.

    Dr. Mary

      You can always order just one bottle. You have to call in the order… and unfortunately we have to add our full postage, packaging, and dry ice costs. With one bottle purchases, we can not afford to eat portions of these costs like we usually do. Packing materials (box, styro, two plastic bags, tape) alone are $10.

    Hi there, to be honest I’ve been watching videos by John & Marcus was particularly impressed with the one with John and Dr. Michael Haley. I would like to start growing from pups and put myself on the back order list last night. I am also an associate with the Univera Co. world leading distributor of the Aloe Vera with growing zones & research labs in various regions of the world. Their website is also very educational & includes in-depth scientific research with a tour of their labs, This Aloe Vera is processed in state of the art labs under pharmaceutical conditions, where they’ve isolated the active component in the plant responsible for its great healing potential and that is the most effective polysaccharides within the plant – those that fall within a range we like to call the ‘Aloe Sweet Spot’. They standardize the amount of those perfectly-sized polysaccharides in each batch. That means MORE of the RIGHT KIND of polysaccharides in every drop. Through farming research & technology they have by altering the growing and the harvesting increased the polysaccharides content in the plant. Tested at independent labs (outside labs) against the world’s top ten competitors they are off the charts with up to 300% more polysaccharides in their juice which is 100% pure no added anything. With all said & done one can only tell if anything is really any good by the results they get by using it over a period of time. In the year & half I’ve been using this product I have not seen any real significant change in my condition which are multiple due to a very compromised immune system. I landed in the Hospital last June for two weeks with pneumonia & more recently with that flu bug that was putting everyone down, still not over the fatigue it left me with. Common sense begs attention here with the logic that nothing processed can be as effective as eating the gel right from the fresh Aloe Vera leaf as was the case with the founder of Univera a billionaire from south Korea 4 decades ago who after searching the world over for a cure for his terminal prostate cancer at home and dying was told about the miraculous healing properties of the Aloe Plant which he had growing in abundance on his estate & after eating it every day experienced a total complete recovery for which out of gratitude decided to bring this miracle healing plant to the world. It wasn’t ’til 20 yrs. later after his passing from old age that his son Bill Lee & his sister with the combined inheritance of 2 billion dollars were able to fulfill his dream of “Bringing the Best of Nature to the World”. And so from Korea, to worldwide this company has grown & continues its expansion to include 23 countries thus far and still going. I didn’t mean to write a thesis here. I would like to know if in your processing you have standardized the Aloe & what method of extraction do you use? I would like place an order from you but will wait on your reply to this thesis. 🙂 Thank you ever so much it seems like you have a fine product.
    Healthfully yours

      Bhavani, there are a lot of great aloe vera products out there. Ours is actually probably the least standardized. That is, we merely wash the leaves, fillet them, grind them, and freeze them. We do not filter the gel. We do not use processing agents such as diatomaceous earth or activated carbon. We do not pasteurize the gel. We do not add preservatives.

      Our product is based on the philosophy that mother nature knows best. That is not to say that these other products do not have efficacy or their place in helping people get well. I’m confident that in some circumstances, a concentrated dose of a specific nutrient may be better. Consider someone who did not have the physical ability to consume the volume necessary to get all of the nutrients.

      With that said, we also want to consider additional nutrition that does not come from aloe vera. That is, to get well, you want to consider the whole diet and other factors as well such as exercise, rest, and mental well-being.


      Dr Michael Haley

    I need a whole body cleansing – detox not just the liver…I have very bad GERD. Will this aloe vera product do this for me? What kind of diet do you recommend on the cleanse? I cannot fast because I have diabetes and is it a good glycemic control agent? As you informed readers you can mix this in a smoothie with same results and this will not lessen potency of the aloe vera gel? Can you buy this product in Tampa, Florida at the Whole Foods, Abby’s etc….

      Sharon, you may want to try the GAPS diet… which should help tremendously with GERD and it is low glycemic. You may be able to find our product at “Sponaugle Wellness” in the Tampa area. They can also help direct you with regards to GERD.

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