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This Aloe Vera Tastes BAD!

Glass or raw pink aloe vera image

Aloe vera drinks come in all kinds of textures and flavors. Some are close to the real thing, and others have very little Aloe vera in them at all. Some taste delicious, and others are horrid. At Stockton Aloe 1, we hand filet, grind, bottle, and freeze the Barbadensis Miller Stockton plant. What comes out of the leaf goes into the bottle. The color and taste are not altered by us.

Some love our gel, and some hate it. But there is a group in the middle that likes it only sometimes. This page is really for those people; to help them decide whether or not Stockton brand is really for them.


You will probably like us if you:

  • Like things natural and organic
  • like raw live foods
  • eat lots of vegetables
  • avoid artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • avoid or limit processed foods with added sugars
  • like to taste the inherent flavors of real food
  • like variety
  • like to exercise
  • like to garden

You will probably NOT like our gel if you:

  • Like your foods to be the same color and taste every time
  • eat processed and packaged foods
  • count french fries as one of your daily servings of vegetables
  • have a gag reflex when occasional chunky things pour into your glass
  • eat fast food
  • use a microwave
  • smoke cigarettes
  • like to sit on the couch and watch tv for hours at a time
  • are particular about your lawn

Sometimes Stockton Aloe #1 aloe Vera gel turns pink. Sometimes the pink gel turns white again. And there are various colors in-between. Regardless of the color, you will ALWAYS see pulpy plant parts inside the gel. You will likely see small pieces of green from the plant as well.

Sometimes a customer will report back to us that the reason it is pink is because it is bad. Some will support their claim by telling us that it “muscle tests bad”. While others will claim that the pink gel both tastes and “works” better… and “muscle tests stronger”. What I have come to realize through this is that your satisfaction comes down to what you believe before you even try it. I can confidently say this because I have often personally consumed and tested many of the aloe Vera returns over the years. I have also seen plenty of peoples responses to consuming Stockton brand aloe Vera gel. Most have made up their minds based on appearance.

Generally speaking, those that are excited to try it and thankful they found the answer to their aloe Vera needs are happy with the “results”. While those that were strongly urged or forced to try our product by someone else, aren’t so pleased. The thick gelatinous and sometimes chunky texture seems to be the biggest factor in what people think. Many will make up their minds about the brand just by watching it pour from the bottle to a glass.

I frequently drink returns to make sure that the aloe Vera that was delivered was every bit as good as we say it is. To date, I have never tasted bad aloe Vera that was returned from a customer. I have never had ill symptoms from aloe Vera returned to our company. I do one of two things with aloe Vera that is returned – consume it, or compost it. For me, it mostly depends on how long the aloe Vera has been thawed and whether it has begun to ferment. I like sauerkraut; but I do not like cultured aloe Vera.

We rarely get returns. But when we do, there is usually an interesting story attached to it. One time a customer returned aloe Vera and indicated that it made her immediately dizzy, so she took it to her doctor to try some… which he apparently did (as the story goes), and likewise he too became immediately dizzy. However, when the product was returned to us, it did not make me dizzy – though it may have made me a bit crazy… since I continue to consume the returns.

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