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Aloe Vera For Dental Health

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The most popular uses of aloe vera are for skin burns, wounds and as an internal healer aiding stomach issues. However, recent studies have revealed another use for this healing plant. In his article, “Aloe Vera: Its Potential Use in Wound Healing and Disease Control in Oral Conditions”, Dr. Timothy E. Moore said that aloe vera “has been shown to enhance defense mechanisms.” Moore, a periodontist, added that the plant “has a variety of components to help combat periodontal disease and other oral conditions.”

Moore reported that he has used aloe vera for over 6,000 patients in his recent 14 years of dental practice. “I’ve observed remarkable healing, reduced edema, and pain control,” he said.

Aloe vera is prescribed in multiple instances. After periodontal surgery, it can be applied directly on the site of the incision. This holds true to any oral abrasion. For example, if the gum tissues are irritated from eating, brushing or flossing, aloe vera may be employed to speed up the healing process. Studies have shown that aloe vera contains salicylic acid, an established pain reliever, and other anti-inflammatory agents that aid in the healing time of wounds.

A common problem after the extraction of wisdom teeth is the painful development of dry sockets, an uncomfortable condition that exists when a blood clot is removed, thus exposing the bone to air, food and fluids. “Extraction sites respond more comfortably and dry sockets do not develop when aloe vera is applied,” said Moore in his study, which is available in full on The International Aloe Science Council website.

For patients with denture problems and dental implants, the application of aloe vera may be used to control inflammation and ward off bacteria. It has also shown successful when used to combat symptoms such as dry mouth, gingivitis and painful oral effects caused by diabetes and AIDS. It is also helpful in the treatment of gum disease by reducing the bleeding of the gums and acting as an antiseptic, said Richard Sudworth in his article, “The Use of Aloe Vera in Dentistry”.

“The aloe vera seems to promote more rapid healing and pain relief,” said Sudworth, in reference to cold sores, cracked lips and root canal treatment. Sudworth emphasized the significance of choosing products that are pure and unadulterated. Stockton’s Fresh Frozen Aloe #1® Aloe Vera Gel contains no preservatives or fillers and is of the coveted Aloe Barbadensis Miller Stockton variety, known for it’s supreme health benefits.

The recognized healing effects of aloe vera in dentistry have led to its’ inclusion in many types of toothpaste products.

“Interest is gathering momentum across our country as researchers are becoming interested in alternative therapy utilizing natural products versus synthetic agents,” said periodontist Dr. Timothy Moore, who used aloe vera on the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. “Aloe vera has an unlimited future in new applications, and I sense in dentistry we are just on the cutting edge of promising utilization for anti-inflammatory procedures, anti-viral, and immunological benefits for our patients.”

6 thoughts on “Aloe Vera For Dental Health

    Can i put raw aloe on a cotton ball and sit it where my tooth was pulled..and if so..what would be the benefits of doing so

      I am unaware of any science related to doing that… and therefore can’t tell you what it will do… if anything.

    I’ve used fresh cut aloe for years topically but haven’t ever considered it for inside the mouth. What is the best prep and application after periodontal surgery. Thank you

      “Swish before you swallow”… that way you let it work from inside and out.

    Hello im tiara spates just had three teeth extracted 7 days ago i believe i have dry socket on top left were mu clot came out.. Ive had many terth pulled never this long in pain or to hral period. I searched and found this article now im amazed but not shocked.. I say that because ive always been a natural remedy healer and think its great that aloe vera is safe for oral purposes. My only question is will the aloe i have in plant form going to work with swolleness and pain now im starving and want to eat… Where and how do I purchase the right kind of aloe if my aloe plant here at home isnt the right strand of aloe? Hope to get feed back soon…

      Where we live… in Florida, most grocery stores have aloe vera leaves in the produce section.

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