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Aloe Vera Gel – Nothing Added

Aloe Vera Gel – Nothing Added

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Thank you for visiting us, and for your interest in the GENUINE ALOE VERA GEL HEALTH DRINK. This is the same Health Drink that has been researched and studied since 1953 by Scientist Rodney Stockton.

Our Health Drink is harvested and frozen fresh for shipping. It is kept frozen to maintain the healthy nutritional properties of the rare barbadensis miller-stockton species of Aloe. Nothing is added to the Fresh Frozen Gel. That is, it is 100% fresh frozen Aloe vera gel. There are no preservatives, colors, flavorings, water, sugar, or ingredients other than the gel from the leaf of the  barbadensis miller-stockton species  of the Aloe vera plant.

We only carry raw 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel as a healthy nutrition drink. Our cosmetics are made from the same gel. The  barbadensis miller-stockton species has been shown to have superior properties over other Aloe vera varieties.

We have 4-gallon buckets and 58-oz. bottles of ALOE #1® fresh frozen raw Aloe vera gel. We have ALOE #1® Youth-Derm-Relief® in 4 oz. tubes. and now, the new formula Youth-Derm® Ultra Healing Aloe Cream. Please call for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Aloe Vera Gel – Nothing Added

    Which product does Mama Z use in her skin cream?

      The raw frozen gel. Personally, though, I prefer to mix a couple drops of essential oil into our plain formula… in the palm of my hand… before applying it. I can choose whichever oil I want for whatever purpose I desire right before using it.

        I’m confused, if Mama Z uses the raw frozen gel, which product is more plain than that?

          I am not familiar with her aloe cream recipe. But, usually, the aloe would be emulsified in an oil, such as coconut oil… or might have shea butter, essential oils, etc. We make an aloe cream… the frozen gel was used, and it was emulsified in coconut oils, and more, then preserved. We use a weak preservative system with no formaldehyde doning preservatives, no parabens… but it is preserved. So, that makes it a little less natural, but a whole lot more usable. So I’ll mix that in the palm of my hand with whatever I might desire to add to it before applying depending on what I want at the time. So if you want to make your own cream from scratch… her formula might be the way to go. But if you merely want to use essential oils in a really good base, the Youth-Derm Aloe Cream is probably the best option.

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