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Aloe Margarita


When those that are not used to the taste of raw 100% pure foods try Stockton aloe vera gel for the first time, they usually ask “can you mix it with something?”. When others are in ear shot, they’ll often chime in with a little humor “yah, like vodka”. The humorous suggestion is then usually followed by a real discussion of aloe vera recipes with suggestions such as stevia, cherry concentrate, fruit smoothie, and many other possibilities.

But one enthusiastic consumer decided to have a little party with raw Stockton Aloe Vera.

Video Removed Due To Possible Trademark Infringment

1/2 cup 100% Pure Raw Aloe Vera Gel (inner leaf only) grown organically
1/2 cup of Agave
2 Lemons
2 Limes
1 sprig of mint
4 Shots of Tequila
6 cups crushed ice

This post has been modified from the original version to eliminate possible trademark infringement.

4 thoughts on “Aloe Margarita

    Dr Haley, I will ask you one more time to stop using the name AloeRITA. I own this trade mark and have since 2012. Please don’t let this issue progress any further. Thanks


      Shawn, if you look at this page, you can see we have removed every instance of your precious name… and we did it on January 30th, 2016. Maybe clear your cache? Hit refresh? This page is now about “Aloe Margarita”, which I don’t think you own… do you???

    Here’s my thought! I own the name AloeRITA and its trademarked. PLEASE cease and desist using this name or I will be forced to come after you legally. If you have any questions you can call me at 817 995-2607 and my name is Shawn!

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