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Does Aloe Vera Inner Gel Help Constipation?



Question: Does the inner leaf gel still have a desirable effect on constipation? I am confused by reading information relating to the latex/aloin being the active ingredients in achieving regular bowel activity. If the gel itself is efficacious, would it work in chronic constipation, where previously prescribed laxatives have been needed?

There is a rather simple straight forward answer to the question. But I can’t just answer it with a good conscience without addressing the elephant in the room. You see, if you are taking aloe vera in any form to relieve chronic constipation, then, really, you are using it as if it was a drug and it is hardly different than the medical approach of taking a laxative for the symptoms. I suggest the better question might be: “What must I do to get cured of chronic constipation?”. Because there is a good chance that the cause can be identified and corrected. One thing is for sure, the cause is NOT a lack of laxatives nor a lack of aloe vera.

But, to answer your question, the inner gel will usually NOT have an immediate laxative effect like the outer leaf. In fact, it is suggested that the laxative effect of the outer leaf is actually a detox purging in attempt to eliminate the gut irritating anti-nutrients from the outer leaf. That is why we do NOT recommend outer leaf for the laxative effect. However, the inner gel DOES promote healing and a healthy gut. Therefore, a natural plan to heal and restore the gut to normal may very well include inner leaf aloe vera… among other things, including fermented foods like sauerkraut, enzymes (which are plentiful in sauerkraut), and other gut healing foods. Once the gut is healed, it should be easy to maintain by eating real foods and avoiding processed foods.

Sometimes people have unique allergies and their guts do not accept even the inner gel of the aloe leaf; that is, sometimes the inner leaf gel loosens the bowels. In fact, some people have such problems that it doesn’t matter what they eat… an explosive bloody bowel movement is only moments away. Sometimes purging reactions are due to a random “stomach virus”. Other times it is a chronic condition that needs professional diet advice, and, in some cases, medical attention. But pure inner leaf aloe vera usually does not loosen the bowels.

Over the years, I have counselled many people through their horrible bowel conditions. I often start by recommending raw Aloe Vera inner leaf gel. Many times this has been the ONLY change I make in the initial consultation. I do this not to heal the person of their problems, but rather, to get quick results within only a few days. In such cases, aloe is the “Attention Getter”. Hopefully when things get better they will be open to more diet advice and a plan for healing. Chronic conditions need a healing plan, not a magic bullet and not a drug. In most cases, it is far wiser to consume less gut wrenching foods and more gut healing foods rather than to take a drug.

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    Great article. Excellent advice. Thank you.
    Was recently hospitalized – blockage due to bowel infection. Was administerd1500 mg Flagyl plus 750 mg flex something for 10 days. (Also have partial SI blockage from appendectomy adhesions.) Using “inner fillet” aloe vera juice for healing. Still experiencing some IBS-C. Can the IBS-C result from imbalanced gut flora? Do you recommend a specific probiotic? Any other IBS-C advice? Drinking 60-70 Oz H20 and eating mostly soft foods with beans and avocado for fiber. Also, can Miralax be taken concurrently with aloe vera juice during IBS-C flare? Sorry for so many questions. Just desperate for answers.

      Please call the office and ask for Dr. Haley. This is a better discussion thank comment reply.

    Hi. I did not have any constipation issue and started taking aloe vera juice (inner leaf gel only) recently just to enhance my diet. I was taking one tablespoon in water every day and I started developing bloating and constipation after a couple of weeks. Any thought on why this happened?

      What brand are you taking? Different companies use different ingredients including chemical preservatives, texturizers, and thickeners. If it is our brand, it is extremely likely to be unrelated. Also, consider if you made any other changes. As an example, lots of people use aloe vera with silver hydrosol. The question becomes “Which change to my diet is causing the symptom?”.

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