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How To Beat Cancer

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I have heard that being diagnosed with cancer is like having your hair on fire… when your hair is on fire, the only thing you are concerned about is putting the blaze out.

But if your hair is on fire, chance are you will quickly figure out how to extinguish the flames. Cancer, on the other hand, is not so easily wiped out.

So where does one go to even begin to learn how to beat cancer?

If you are like most people, your first stop is an oncologist; someone who specializes in treating people with cancer. Typically they will use chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to fight cancer. The oncologist doesn’t have much to offer outside of these three treatments.

Oncologists often work with an oncology nutritionist. But the focus of the cancer nutritionist is usually to maintain the weight of the patient and doesn’t have much to do with strengthening the immune system against cancer. Consider this Oncology Nutritionist that recommends “Ice cream with bananas, chocolate syrup, caramel and sprinkles” for her patients.

I am not saying that the medical route has nothing to offer. However, for those solely choosing the medical route, the 5 year survival statistics are not favorable for most cancers. Therefore it makes sense to look into lifestyle changes and adjunctive therapies that may improve your chances of beating cancer.

By now you have probably realized there are a gazillion touted “cancer cures” out there. Filtering through them to find some that have scientific validity can be a daunting task. And the reality is, to my knowledge, nothing has ever been proven to cure cancer. There are no silver bullets. So it’s really a matter of having an arsenal of “Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies” that have known benefits.

One resource that I trust is “The Annie Appleseed Project“. Ann Fonfa, Founder and President of the organization is herself a more than 20 year cancer survivor. Under her leadership, the Annie Appleseed Project continues to explore the latest and greatest Complementary And Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments and helps increase awareness on the most promising advancements.

An annual Conference is held near the end of Winter every year in West Palm Beach, Florida. The location provides a warm weather vacation getaway where you can expect to learn and be inspired to take control of your health. The best part is you won’t have to abandon your current healthcare professionals.

Visit the website now to discover more.

6 thoughts on “How To Beat Cancer

    Hello Dr. Haley,

    I ordered 2 bottles of Aloe1 Gel 58.oz and received them today. My husband is currently fighting with Glioblastoma ~ receiving chemo infusion every two weeks. Will this Aloe1 Gel drink be good for him? Is there any effect on seizure threshold?

      I am unfamiliar with “seizure threshold”. Regarding whether or not it is good… everyone is different, but for most people there are definite nutritional benefits that support gut health and the immune system.

    By the way I,m having Bowel cancer, only early stage but no way ever shall subject myself
    to the commonly known cancer treatments. Believe in alternative treatments several are listed on youtube
    and other websites. Regarding cancer diet conflicting advices on websites. at this time I,m on Green diet no
    animal Protein consumed. Interesting to gather more cancer related diet information

    Thank you –Endre

      endre,..just read your post on aloe1. This morning I listened to an interview with Chris Wark and check out his website: Think you find it extremely interesting.

      Best to you…

    seems that all these cures are NOT BRAIN TUMORS.

      We haven’t singled out any specific cancers in this article. It is about the principle of helping the body do what it knows how to (or should know how to) do… even in someone that is choosing a medical route to fight their cancer. There have been people that have beaten brain cancer naturally. Don’t get hung up on the “blood brain barrier” and think that living healthy and eating better can’t help. Don’t give up.

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