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Stockton Aloe Reading Circle — Live Beyond Organic

Jordan Rubin
Jordan Rubin
Doctors gave him no hope

Jordan Rubin was down to 116 pounds—mostly skin and bone—and the numerous physicians he consulted were exasperated by his condition. Despite a desperate attempt to survive, Jordan was slowly dying of malnutrition.

In a last-ditch attempt to save his life, Jordan heeded the advice of a nutritionist, one with some unique ideas about food. In the end, it wasn’t drugstore medicine Jordan needed at all—it was the medicinal value of whole, natural foods.

After making a dramatic change in diet, he gained almost 30 pounds during 40 days of intensive dietary therapy.

In a sense, Jordan Rubin was reborn.

A Biblical perspective on diet

Bud Keith, the man who helped Jordan get on the path to health, put Jordan on “a health plan based on the Bible, one that’s been proven through history and confirmed by science.”

The primary tenants of the Keith diet are:

  1. Eat the food God created to be used as food
  2. Eat those foods in a form that promotes health.

Jordan began seeking out organic, living foods—kefir, raw juices, raw milk, grass-fed beef, and the like. He stopped eating for pleasure and began eating for health… and his physical being turned completely around.

Will you join us as we study Jordan Rubin’s book?

Jordan Rubin healthier
After a change in diet

We have begun our study of “Live Beyond Organic,” a story that chronicles the experience of Jordan Rubin, proponent of the “Maker’s Diet,” and founder of Garden of Life, Inc., an internationally known nutritional products company.

This installment brings us up to page 16, and we hope many of you are following along in this virtual reading circle. If you’ve yet to begin, though, it’s definitely not too late. We will take our time—especially here at the beginning—to allow late-comers and stragglers to catch up.

Moreover, all of the discussions will be posted here, on the Stockton Aloe 1 website, so anyone can access the information and get in the circle at any time.

You can get your FREE copy of Live Beyond Organic, complete with recommended eating plans and over 100 healthy recipes right here: Live Beyond Organic.

You are welcome to share the link with your friends, and invite them to accompany you on the journey.

Are you suffering?

We can’t promise results, but we do know that many, many people have received incredible healings from following Jordan Rubin’s recommendations. Our own company president, Dr. Michael Haley, says Rubin’s work was instrumental in changing his own perspective about eating.

So download the book, pull up a chair, and let’s talk about eating for health God’s way.


1 thought on “Stockton Aloe Reading Circle — Live Beyond Organic

    Thank you so much Michael and Stockton Aloe 1for sharing Jordan’s Live Beyond Organic with me. It has been a real eye opener and I’m now in the process of changing a few of my eating habits and enjoying the recipes. Such a pity we can’t get his products over here in France, but I’m on the lookout for possible equivalents and have already found a supplier of raw butter and raw cheese. Grass fed beef is next on the list – I have an address so this is getting quite exciting! Now it’s my turn to share this e-book with friends and family in England and Germany … and explain it to friends in France who don’t speak English.
    Thank you Jordan for sharing your experience and for the enjoyable read – so easy to understand, motivating and simple to put into practise too.

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