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The History of Aloe Vera

Thousands of years ago, our forbearers made the startling discovery that the gel of the humble aloe vera plant might hold wondrous curative powers. Ancient cultures the world over believed the sap of the spiky plant miraculously healed wounds, burns, and other skin abrasions, while unlocking the secret to beauty and vitality.

Aloe vera was first recorded on the walls of Egyptian temples as early as 4000 BC where they called it the plant of immortality. The Hindus believed that the aloe vera was the one plant that was brought to us directly from the Garden of Eden. Alexander the Great actually conquered an island in the Red Sea just to take over the production of the aloe industry that they had there so he would have it for his troops. Legend has it that Nefertiti and Cleopatra drank aloe and that Cleopatra actually bathed in the aloe her great beauty was attributed to that.

Nearly lost to time, the medicinal aloe vera plant was rediscovered by the late Rodney Stockton, a scientist and researcher who stumbled upon the ancient plant while vacationing in South Florida. Rodney Stockton came to South Florida in 1945 as a tourist and like many tourists who come to South Florida he got a severe sunburn. A lifeguard told him that the Seminole Indians were called to the local hospitals to heal burn victims so Rodney went and talked to the medicine man. The medicine man gave him some plants and told him all about the many uses of the aloe vera plant. This really piqued Rodney’s interest in research of aloe vera.

Soon after that fateful meeting, Stockton, a pioneer in aloe vera research launched a national media campaign to educate the public about the benefits of the medicinal plant and share the science and health benefits behind the mythology. Rodney was the first person to ever stabilized the aloe vera and the first person ever put it in lotions and ointments that could be stored and transported all over the world without it losing its medicinal qualities.

Following in the tradition that began with Rodney Stockton nearly 5 decades ago, many of today’s top scientists aren’t working to unlock the secrets of the ancient aloe vera plant. “…but once it goes into your body, then it comes in contact with your mucous membranes in your mouth, your throat, your stomach, your intestines, and your bowels. It works great to neutralize the stomach acid. It regulates the pH and your gastrointestinal system, and it detoxifies your bowel. It’s a wonderful long-term laxative. …Scientists would love to be able to synthesize the aloe vera so they could put it in a pill or something and patent it and then sell it for billions of dollars in products. But this amazing plant that grows naturally…”

In ancient times the aloe vera plant was revered for its medicinal qualities. Since then the plant has entered the realm of modern science with astonishing results. With decades of research supporting its breakthrough products, Stockton’s Aloe One Laboratories harvests its own plants that are unlike any other on the market today.

“The difference is that it is grown from the aloe barbadensis miller stockton species for one thing – and the aloe drink is shipped fresh frozen which no one else does. There is absolutely no preservatives, no additives, no water added.

Stockton Aloe #1® has stood the test of time and is recognized as a leader in aloe vera treatments around the world.

“Rodney Stockton’s living proof that aloe does improve your health and help with your longevity. He lived to the age of 96. He was still very active his mind was sharp he had the health of a man half his age.”

Stockton Aloe #1® products are 100% pure. They are readily absorbed into the body and are used to treat a variety of medical conditions” (Editors Note – this should say “are use to supplement treating a variety of medical conditions”. Aloe vera is NOT a cure for anything). Stockton’s Aloe 1 laboratories provides consumers with the very best in aloe vera health drinks, gels, ointments, and creams, all at affordable prices. The only way you can be sure that you’re really getting the true aloe is to get it from Aloe #1®

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