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Aloe and Acid Reflux and Heartburn

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The following testimonial comes from an Aloe #1 Aloe Vera Gel customer. To see the original, click here.

To my new Best Friends at Stockton Aloe. Thank you for your miracle. You told me what to do and it worked!! Please pass my experience on to others, so they can find resolve for their health issues.

For about 7 years, I have been dealing with Heartburn/Acid Reflux to such an extreme, that in the middle of the night, I would have to sit completely upright for hours. This is worse than you can imagine. The pain still continued, even sitting up, but not as severely as lying down. Lying down made it catastrophic. Needless to say I tried everything. I had to find relief. Nothing worked. So I suffered. Just dying to sleep, but the pain would wake me and keep me awake for hours.

I tried everything. I tried internet ideas. I went to a doctor, who wanted to put me on prescription drugs — many of which have now been recalled for causing other health problems. I am a health-conscious person and do not put conventional medicines in my body, as it does not solve the problem. It typically just masks it. At best it alleviates it, but only for a short time. Not to mention, it does not cure it. It just places me on a lifelong regime of drugs with their harmful side effects.

I recently purchased your Aloe that is specially prepared for internal use. I was told that it would line my esophagus and stomach lining with a curing effect. I have heard that Aloe can help even cancer patients, so I gave it a try.

I was amazed!! Within a night or two, I had relief. Now it’s been a month. I am overjoyed!! I found it! This stuff is a miracle! No wonder it has such a good reputation. I am so thankful to the Stockton Aloe 1 folks to tell me how much to take and when. I take about 4 oz. before breakfast and 4 oz. before lunch religiously. I have not had such a good night’s sleep for years. Even more so, I am amazed so few people know of this incredible cure.

When you HAVE to sleep, there is nothing to describe the crying out for help your body displays. To have this behind me is the best thing to happen to me healthwise in years. I want to spread the word to others.

If you have a health issue, try this. It WORKS and not only for acid reflux, I understand it can handle a number of health issues. The Stockton Aloe 1 folks know their business. Thank you so much!!

Keith Hartke, Reston Virginia

11890 Sunrise Valley Dr. Reston, VA 20191 Toll Free 877-577-4600 Fax 703-860-8512 (O) 703-860-4600

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