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Brain Cancer Patient Drinks Aloe Vera Gel

brain Scan after Malignant Melanoma disappeared after ingesting Aloe #1 Genuine Aloe Vera Gel now only available from Stockton Aloe 1, Inc.

The patient’s wife writes:

Jan. 26, 1993

Dear Rodney (Mr. Stockton):

I thank you so much for your cooperation & understanding. We both thank you for giving Clifford back his life. This sounds rather flippant for such an amazing, enormous part of history.

God Bless you!

Most Sincerely,
Phebe Larsen

brain Cancer Testimonial

brain Scan with tumors
brain Scan after Malignant Melanoma disappeared after ingesting Aloe #1 Genuine Aloe Vera Gel now only available from Stockton Aloe 1, Inc.

Patient’s Medical History

(The following comments were noted by Rodney M. Stockton, who has the previous and more recent CAT scans and a copy of the medical reports supplied by the patient’s family.)

The above letter refers to a gentleman, 68 years old, where his cancer, Malignant Melanoma, ended up on both sides of his brain and was inoperable. The Doctors could do no more for him. His life span was estimated at 3 weeks.

The Doctors reportedly stated there was no way to reduce these tumors in his brain. However, 60 days after consuming the GENUINE ALOE VERA GEL HEALTH DRINK, CAT scans revealed that the tumors on both sides of the brain had reduced dramatically, by better than 50%.

Later CAT scans revealed then all but gone. The gentleman is in good health today!

Addendum by Michael Haley 11/17/2010: I spoke to family of the patient. This patient passed from unrelated causes about 10 years after being healed from malignant melanoma. He was cancer free when he passed. Aloe Vera does NOT cure cancer. A person’s immune system is supposed to fight cancer and some foods, such as Aloe Vera, may provide nutritional support for the immune system. Acemannan, a nutrient from Aloe Vera, may play a role in supporting the immune system.

6 thoughts on “Brain Cancer Patient Drinks Aloe Vera Gel

    I am so pleased to see this post.
    Our 13 year old daughter has a tumour and though benign it has already caused serious eye problems for her (a grade 4 papillodema/eye haemorrhages)…I have been buying Aloe Vera as a supplement even before her diagnosis though she refused to drink it as she thinks it tastes disgusting!!!
    However after reading this and showing it to her we are going to put it in some juice or yogurt so she can hopefully benefit from the healing benefits.

      May your daughter crave all the foods that she should consume for optimal health and that her body would replace ill cells with healthy.

    I’ve to go to repeat M RI in October 19,202 0 when.I finished do MRI in three weeks to go get the result by m y doctor.I want to kn ow if.I’ve good news about my head

      I’m praying right now that your results are better than hoped for and that you continue a healthy lifestyle and long happy life.

      I went do MRI for my head on wednesady January 13,21 after M RI and then.I did that s on Wednesday Janu ary 20,21 to take the MRI CD to kingsbrook hospital that day and then assistant the do ctor told me that’s th e tumor is back and then its big that’s the doctor sending me ot her doctors to go get second opinion for m y head

    My name is Augusta Holly.I did surgery on tuesd ay january 12 ,2016 that’s make fo ur years ago.I starting taking aleo vera & ga rlic turmeric in morni ng before.I eating my breakfast time & the n.I taking turmeric pil ls lunch time and the n.I then.I taking tume ric in the night time f or dinner too before.I go to bed.I taking vita min C with vitamin E at the night time whe n.I wake up from my bed go straight to the fridge get some water to drink three things like aleo vera & garlic & turmeric.I would li ke you to know that’ s.I’ve tumor out of my brain.I am taking aleo vera pills with g arlic t ogether

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