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Radiation Burns Treated With Aloe

Before and After image of Radiation Burns treated with Aloe

Radiation Burns and Aloe #1® Youth Derm Ointment

Cancer patients are sometimes treated with radiation to kill the cancer cells. The problem, however, is that some of the healthy cells are damaged in the process. Skin burns have been treated successfully with aloe ointment.

The following testimonial is an example of skin radiation burns being treated with Aloe #1® Youth Derm® Ointment available from Stockton Aloe 1.

Dr. Alexander wrote:

“As one of the highest rated oncologists in alternative medicine, I am sent all over the world to treat patients who wish to be treated naturally or the conventional medical treatments aren’t working for them. I have been using Aloe One Liquid for many years along with Aloe 1 Aloe Vera Gel. I was flown to Istanbul Turkey to treat a cancer patient for systemic cancer, when I arrived he had radiation burns all over his head. The photographs show the right ear which I treated with Aloe 1 Gel, the left ear I did not. The results were dramatic. I only had my personal small container of Aloe Gel and could not treat the entire head. I did have a large container shipped to the patient. His burns were gone completely.”

Thank You
Dr. Dennis Alexander, DMQ (China)
Sentient Temple