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Aloe for Kidneys

Image of dialysis machine

I am a 52 year old woman who has been diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. The kind of disease I have is called IgA Nephropathy, which in my case is probably hereditary. Most people develop this disease because of diabetes. I was diagnoses in October of 2009 because of a drop in my potassium level. The Nephrologist started me on heavy doses of fish oil – 6 grams daily and high blood pressure medication, even though I don’t have high blood pressure and never have. This is the only known way to stop the scar tissue in my kidneys from growing anymore.

My husband and I were praying that God would show us another way to fight this disease. The very next day a friend from church mentioned the Stockton Aloe #1 health drink. She suggested why the aloe drink should be able help the scarring on the inside of my kidneys just like it would do for severe burn patients.

I started drinking the Aloe #1 about a month and a half before my next lab results. The results were outstanding! My particles of protein, which had started at 1000, had dropped to 350 with the medication I was taking and stayed at this level from Oct. 2009 to Aug. of 2010. After taking the Aloe, it then dropped to 144. The Nephrologist wanted it to be 150! Also, my creatine levels dropped to 1.08 – which is normal. My GFR (Glomerular filtration rate) was at 47 percent use of both my kidneys put together, now it was raised to 59 percent. Needless to say, I feel strongly that the Aloe #1 – Aloe Vera Gel health drink has had a tremendous, positive effect on my IgA – stage 3 kidney disease. (Stage 3 is when you have 60% down through 30% use of both kidneys.) My goal in drinking this amazing product is to lift my condition to at least a stage 2, if not even a stage 1. (Stage 4 is when you have to go on dialysis)

I can only hope and pray my story will encourage someone to try this Aloe and get positive results.

Pompano Beach, FL