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Aloe Vera and Acne

image of Aloe Vera Plant Flower in the wild

Many Americans suffer from acne. Once typified as a teenage growing pain, acne among adults is now increasingly common. With so many people struggling from acne, many are turning to natural cleansers and supplements for better results.

Today a variety of popular skin care and beauty products include aloe vera. Aloe vera has been recognized as a cosmetic agent for many centuries. It dates back to ancient times when Cleopatra used the aloe vera plant to obtain healthy, radiant skin. But, is aloe vera effective for those suffering from acne?

According to the article, “How to Use Aloe Vera to Treat Acne”: “Consistent use of aloe vera to treat acne can improve symptoms and prevent further breakouts.”

Aloe vera is not an acne cure, but its’ natural properties have been shown to benefit troubled skin. Acne is caused when follicles, or pores, become clogged with oil. This blockage creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which results in the formation of microcomedones, or acne.

Aloe vera has long been recognized as an antibacterial and total body cleanser, which may help prevent infection. The aloe vera plant produces a gel and a juice and both applications stimulate cellular repair, important in healing acne. According to the book “Nature’s Medicine”, aloe vera is an anesthetic agent containing chemical compounds that reduce inflammation. Aloe vera juice increases blood circulation and the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin’s surface, important to the acne-healing process.

Perhaps most commonly known as a remedy for sunburns, aloe vera is a natural moisturizer. It is gentle on skin and when applied to acne, aloe vera may reduce redness and swelling. However, aloe vera is most beneficial when applied to mild acne. If acne legions are deep, infected or inflamed, prescription medication may be necessary.

To make aloe vera a part of a healthy skin regiment—apply aloe vera gel topically to the affected areas. Aloe vera may also be applied to the entire face as a moisturizer to elicit smoother skin and prevent oil buildup. Aloe vera soap may also be helpful in reducing the oil production on skin that leads to blemishes. To combat acne from the inside out, incorporating aloe vera juice (or aloe vera gel to drink) into a daily diet may also lead to a cleaner and clearer complexion.

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