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Aloe Vera On Muscle Pain And Inflammation

No Cox 2

By Kieren Blaze

Searching for a proven result to soothe your aching muscles? Let the mother of all naturally occurring healing plants comfort you in her succulent embrace. Aloe Vera, also known as the true aloe, is a species of succulent plant in the genus Aloe that is grown in arid climates and is distributed worldwide. The species is frequently cited as being used in herbal medicine. The following information will help those who suffer from muscle aches and inflammation and, moreover, equip those who seek a natural path to healing.

Muscle and Joint Health

Consuming Aloe Vera as a supplement can aid in maintaining both muscle and joint health. It promotes cell growth in these areas, works as an anti-inflammatory substance and helps cells operate properly for healthy muscles and joints and relief of muscle and joint pain. Along with these findings Aloe Vera has been shown to help with such issues as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and sore muscles.

Our complicated, yet amazing muscular network, can run into problems derived from a multitude of reasons. While there are patients who have a specific diagnosis which results in a targeted treatment plan, most people simply over do it. It is a consequence of one’s modern day life; Work, play, stress, sudden movement, cardio/gym, emotional anxiety; Even having the wrong thoughts can flood your body with toxic chemicals, which left unchecked, can and do end up using the muscle as an unwilling sponge.

STOP THE STINKING THINKING TODAY! Let’s face it, if life doesn’t work out the way we planned and all our dreams don’t come true, it is then still true to say that living life with a positive attitude will pay you back dividends beyond that of any fleeting dream. You will receive for your efforts a mind that is at peace, a heart of joy and… Wait for it; a body you can enjoy!

The truth is, having sore / inflamed muscles is not a sentence to suffering. You have been paroled by a powerful plant and friend that is prepared to free you from your prison of pain. Her name is Aloe. Do not confuse her with popping pills – or lessen her with synthetic steroids. She is pure and purposeful. In-fact Aloe Vera has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are also present in anti-inflammatory drugs. The difference being of course that Aloes makeup is unforced and naturally occurring. This enables your body to assimilate and utilize it in the way it was designed to. The body can fight or reject man made drugs for many reasons. But with Aloe, it accepts and receives its goodness as if embracing an old friend.

COX-2 – an enzyme (cyclooxygenase-II) responsible for inflammation that causes pain.

The COX-2 Effect

Dr. Robert Davis gives us a succinct, but balanced look at these medical aids know as COX-2 inhibitors:

According to the article “Aloe Vera, Hydrocortisone, and Sterol Influence on Wound Tensile Strength and Anti-Inflammation,” published in December 1994 in the Journal of the American Podiatric Association, by Dr. Robert Davis, aloe vera has a natural cyclooxygenase (COX-2) inhibiting effect which reduces pain, fever and inflammation in the muscle without the harmful effects of the COX-2 inhibiting drugs. Cox-2 inhibiting drugs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s). Harnessing these facts with extensive research, it is not surprising that many who suffer from muscle pain reach for the healing properties of aloe vera gel, which have been proven and trusted since ancient times. According to an article by Boudreau and Beland in the July 1, 2006, issue of the Journal of Environmental Science and Health, published on the Informaworld website, “More than one-third of the U.S. population uses some sort of alternative medicine.”

Yes, America, along with the people and nations of the world are falling in love with Aloe. In a united sigh of relief they proclaim this miracle for all that it is: Healing, helpful, obtainable and affordable. Let’s run down some bullet points of interest.


Studies confirm that aloe vera contains glucomannans, special cell-surface receptors which repair damaged tissue

Plant hormones in aloe vera called auxins and gibberellins accelerate healing by stimulating cell replication

The combination of salicylic bitter and magnesium work together like an analgesic to soothe and relieve pain on contact

The sodium within aloe vera helps prevent calcium build up in joint and bones

The absorption benefits allow the penetration and incorporation of other active constituents to maximize their known benefits of combined and anti-inflammatory properties

Dr. Ian Tizard of Texas A & M University did research on aloe’s effect on inflammation. Results showed that aloe has a second anti-inflammatory mechanism by blocking indubitable bacteria or viruses that invade the body. Evidence has been presented to show that certain aloe-derived carbohydrates bind specifically to carbohydrate-binding sites. In doing this, they significantly dampen swelling and redness in some models of experimental inflammation. Is it any wonder then that millions lean on the strength aloe vera provides. Its use in nursing and healing aching / inflamed muscle is merely one of its talents.

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40 thoughts on “Aloe Vera On Muscle Pain And Inflammation

    Hi a couple of years ago I had a groin hernia.. However after the operation ive had slight itchiness but not rely any pain .can rubbing Aloe Vera gel onto the groin area help in repairing tissues (from the mesh inserted) etc…

      It could be a minor fungal infection. Aloe vera could potentially help… or worsen the problem. It’s possible that the fungus, if there, could feed on the aloe. So I would probably try something else first. Anything topical could be spot treated… tested in a small area to make sure it helps and doesn’t worsen the problem.

    Is it safe to take Aloe Vera capsules with high blood pressure medication ?

      Technically, you are supposed to ask your physician about things like this… but aloe vera, as a food, has been shown to increase absorption… so possibly your medicine will be absorbed at a higher leverl… and lower your blood pressure even more… so your doctor might have to adjust your dose. Also, many people say aloe vera does lower blood pressure… but I don’t think there is science done to support this claim. But if it does… again, your medicine might over do it.

    I was diagnosed with scleroderma. I have numbness in my feet along with pain and swelling. Would aloe Vera help with any of the symptoms? Either by consuming it or applying it topically?

      Aloe is not a treatment for scleroderma… but can help heal your gut and as a result regulate your immune system which may be the cause of your symptoms. We don’t really know why your body will over-use and over produce collagen. But there’s a high probability that your diet can tremendously affect your results. I would try aloe… and some other anti-inflammatory foods… and avoid a lot of others…

    Hi Dr, can aloe vera help with chest pain say congested chest kind of feeling

      Hmmmmm… Aloe can help support your body and immune system… but it is not a treatment for chest pain.

        My daughter has been diagnosed with Myatetisia Gravis. Can she drink Aloe Vera?

          Short answer, yes. But more importantly, a diet that is focused on healing the gut may tremendously slow and even reverse autoimmune conditions. So, avoiding inflammatory foods and adding additional gut healing foods is HUGE. Feel free to call for a better discussion.

    I have started drinking aloe Vera juice but it has made my sciatica pain worse. Why is this?

      It seems unlikely that the consumption of aloe Vera is related to your increased sciatic pain.

    Hey Michael,

    I am 25 years old from India. I am suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis and Sciatica. Shall I start consuming Aloe Vera.
    Also can you please guide me regarding chiropractor’s help in my injuries and the chiropractors in india

    Thanks & Regards,

      Yes… consume a GUT HEALING and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY diet to mitigate and quite possibly stop Ankylosing Spondylitis. Chiropractic and stretching can help diminish and eliminate the sciatic pain.

    Dear Doctor,
    A friend of mine is suffering from high fever due to reaction of medication. His blood pressure very high and is even suffering from internal bleeding, fatigues and body pains. Is it suggestible for him to consume aloe vera juice for recovery.

      Hmmmm… gel is probably better than juice for your friend.

    Dear Doctor i have pain in lower back now from few days i have pain in legs with knees so i m very worried can i start alovera for eating i consulted orthopedics specialist and i did physio tablets please guide me please.

      Certainly you can… but there is no evidence that suggests it will help you with your pain.

    Dear Doctor,
    After I started taking Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice 20 ml twice daily; my stomach improved. Constipation and flatulance gone.
    However I am having severe back pain episode which had happened 7 years ago. Is that possible. Is it a side effect?
    I was suffering from acidity which as gone completely.
    Request advise.

      I am not familiar with the brand. That would be a question for the makers of the juice you consumed.

    My daughter suffers with pain daily. Is aloe Vera juice good for deep muscle pain in neck and shoulder area? Gets headaches from the pain. Works at a computer daily.

      This sounds more like physical stress and “tension headache”. I would look at ergonomics in the work place and consider things like Yoga, Massage, and Chiropractic.

    Hi sir,
    I recently met with a bike accident which caused a hair line fracture in my leg and the entire left side of my body from the lower back to the calf and d ankle has suffered blood clotting and pain. Beacus of all dis i am not able to walk properly and have been taking ETOSHINE MR tablet prescribed by the orthopedic doctor i visited. So plz suggest me should i also take consume aloe vera directly after cutting it from the pot and removing the upper skin if it and also apply on my ankle and back to get reliefed from the pain

      Aloe vera is not a treatment for injury, but rather a support for healthy digestion, immune support, and general health… which may indirectly help.

    My wife has Post Herpetic Neuralgia from shingles, for past 8 months. The pain continues in her back and around to her front, worse in the evenings. For 15 years we both have been drinking aloe vera gel internally , about 2 fluid ors per day. I think my wife should drink a lot more if it s to reduce the pain, what is your view? I cannot find any testimonials on the internet ref pain benefits from aloe for PHN.
    Painkillers she will not take

    Thank you

      Are you drinking Stockton Aloe 1 brand? It makes a difference if we are discussing how much to drink. See here for details:

      If the pain is immune related… that is, virus surviving because the immune system is weak, then there is a good chance she will benefit from internal consumption, assuming it supports her immune system. If the pain is superficial, topical application may help. Feel free to request a sample of our “Youth Derm Aloe Cream” with your next order. We have testimonials on the pain reduction during the active phase of shingles.

    I recetly tried it after suffering with a twisted ankle for weeks and recently picked yp some sore muscles though gardening an article about alovera .. Went to the health food store , made my enquiries a bottle , took 2 tea sppons per night ..after 3 days pain gone both in ancle and back and shoulders …This thing really works than God

    Seems like I get more nocturnal foot/leg cramps when I take Aloe Internal. I wonder if I am the only one?

      I googled aloe and leg cramps, and was led to your helpful comment.

      I was considering aloe juice for stomach pain, but I also have leg cramps. I was concerned about how aloe lowers potassium, a factor contributing to leg cramps.

      Aloe has many great benefits, but unfortunately has this drawback for people in our situation.

        Edward, I am curious as to where you found that aloe lowers potassium… and if it is related to consumption of the inner or outer leaf?

          I found the information on the Mayo Clinic website and other sites; however, it leaves many questions unanswered, such as your question about inner or outer leaf.

          There’s no doubt that aloe, external and internal, is a great alternative to dangerous NSAIDs for muscle pain for the great majority of people. But when I learned about the potassium information, I became concerned, because of my leg cramps and low potassium.

          I didn’t know if my concerns were unfounded, but then I read Barry’s comment. It appears possible that aloe is great for muscle soreness from exercise, but not for someone with leg cramps.

            Thank you, Edward. I suspect it is based on outer leaf which drug companies were making into laxatives. Laxatives cause purging of the guts… which can lead to electrolyte mineral loss and dehydration. That makes sense to me. Aloe gel contains so many vitamins and minerals, including potassium… it just makes sense that the laxative effect of the outer leaf is what can cause loss of potassium and other minerals.

    The use of Aloe vera is described for anti swelling, but how to use it is not mentioned. Should it be taken orally or applied at the site of swelling? Should it be applied as cold or hot? Please let me know.

      Thank you for asking. This article is about the internal consumption of aloe vera gel and the anti-inflammatory properties that aloe vera has on human health.

        How much do I take ?

      how do you apply alo vera to muscle pain

        Aloe vera can be applied topically… but this article is really about ingesting aloe vera so that your body can really absorb and utilize it’s nutrients.

      Can it be used for knee pain?
      Is it better to used a rub on aloe vers product or a pill. Can I use my aloe Vera plants that I grow?

        It may or may not help. Rubbing it on probably won’t. But if consuming it heals your gut… and healing your gut tames an auto-immune problem… and your knee pain is autoimmune related… it might help.

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