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Aloe Vera To Reduce Scarring

Stitches on someones forehead

Whether from an accident, illness or acne, few people will go through life without injury to the skin that creates scarring. For many, these scars are unsightly and the person feels self-conscious. Scars can also create lasting effects beyond the skin surface that causes havoc in the body and may ultimately require surgery.

The way to avoid unsightly scars and internal scarring is to soften the appearance of new scars immediately after the stitches are removed. Traditionally, holistic doctors have prescribed topical vitamin E to soften scarring. But many studies have now shown that vitamin E does nothing to a scar. Aloe Vera is a better choice.

How Aloe Vera Impacts Scarring

Rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and other essential ingredients, aloe vera is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a well known remarkable remedy for treating skin problems, including burns, shingles, poison ivy and acne. Applying aloe to a new scar will reduce the redness of and swelling of the skin tissue, leaving less scar tissue, as well as promoting faster healing and helping prevent scar tissue from occurring inside the body at the site of an incision. It works particularly well for facial scars like acne. Unfortunately, aloe vera only works well on new scars, though it may help soften older ones a little.

Scar Treatment

After the stitches are removed, and the scar is still fresh, apply Aloe 1’s Youth-Derm® Ointment cream directly to the scar, working it in gently for five to ten minutes to soften and loosen it. Repeat three times daily until the scar appears less visible.

4 thoughts on “Aloe Vera To Reduce Scarring

    yes, AV is has a really amazing properties. i put it in my scar which i got from vehicular accident. A deep abrasion to be specific. And it is proven to lighten and reduce the scar. It significantly fades.

    This information answered my question on whether to put Aloe Vera (the actual plant gel) on my knee before or after stitches are removed. I know the properties of AV are very good for burns, scarring and swear by it. Thank you.

    Thanks for the write up! But, you could have avoided such a gross picture unless to indicate strong marketing purposes. I, nevertheless, don’t think aloe vera or any natural thing for that matter will work on such big scars. So it’s Aloe 1’s Youth-Derm® Ointment cream then 🙂

      Oh my word.

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