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How To Fillet Aloe Vera

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This video will teach you how to filet aloe vera to make an Aloe vera gel health drink.

Filleting an Aloe vera leaf is the difference between making gel and juice. Aloe vera juice is made from the whole leaf, including the outer leaf that contains the bitter yellow substance known as aloin. Aloin is the phytochemical that is often cautiously used, by drinking aloe juice, as a laxative. I say “cautiously” because dosing for use as a laxative can be difficult and is not advised as severe diarrhea and cramping can occur.

But Aloe vera gel is the inner leaf only. By cutting away the outer leaf, you are removing most of the yellowish aloin substance making the gel palatable, healthy, and safe for consumption in much larger servings.


Making your own aloe vera gel from Barbadensis Miller Stockton aloe leaves using the technique from this video really is the best way to get aloe. We provide the NEXT BEST. That is, we have cut and filleted the leaves for you, we ran them through a grinder, bottled the gel, and froze it. We did not filter, heat, or use preservatives. It truly is the next best thing and you can get it right here:

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8 thoughts on “How To Fillet Aloe Vera

    Can I consume the whole leaf-drop it in my smoothy? Recently I read of a product that used the whole leaves.

      When people consume the whole leaf, they have smaller amounts because it is bitter and has a laxative effect. To me, it’s like eating a banana without peeling it… or an orange… probably not what was intended.

    hello, thank you for the tips.
    Do you know if aloe vera is efficient against vitiligo?
    Thank you very much.

      I am not aware of any studies relating Aloe vera to benefits against vitiligo.

    Hi, so when I took an aloe leaf off my aloe plant the aloe Smelled like onions and turned orange and red is that normal?

    Hi there
    I’m on a low methionine diet as a protocol and some of my supplement drops make my mouth raw. I want to know if the methionine has been measured (like other foods) to see how best I can use your product for treatment. Maybe I’ll only be able to rub the aloe leaf on soreness but hope I can drink it too. Help

      For mouth sores, swish your aloe before you swallow.

    Is aloin good for your skin ?

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