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Ask Us A Question 12-6-2013

Questions And Answers

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Q: How many billions in your probiotics?
A: I believe you are referring to the Biokult. We don’t manufacture the Biokult and only sell it because in my experience as a physician, it is the one that people come back for… they can actually feel / experience a difference. But the manufacturer does not make it with big numbers in mind. The capsules are small and intended to make small changes with a healthy diversity of cultures in mind. I have spoken with Dr. Natasha McBride (the formulator) about this. She is concerned about people starting out with too much probiotic and the potential “die off” reactions. Her philosophy is to start with a small capsule – gradually increase to more than one capsule, etc.

Dr. Natasha McBride (and myself) are even bigger proponents of culturing your own probiotics – making your own sauerkraut, for example.

So to answer your question directly, I don’t know the actual numbers on the Biokult.

Q: I want to know how many ounces are in your buckets of aloe Vera, and how long can I freeze it if I wanted to use a little a month from it?
A: We think it is reasonable to freeze aloe up to a year; There hasn’t been a maximum time established for raw frozen aloe and it really doesn’t change much when it is frozen in a sealed bottle. But we recommend that once it is thawed, you consume it within 7 days… or refreeze it in smaller containers.

Q: The aloe has a different taste than the store kind. Why?
A: You are correct… our aloe is made very differently than the store bought brands. We do NOT use diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, pasteurization, nor any preservatives in our aloe. Furthermore, we don’t filter it. We also don’t use a machine to filet the leaves, but rather hand filet the aloe. Doing that prevents much more outer leaf from contaminating our aloe. Our process is VERY different and minimal compared to store bought brands. That is why our product tastes so different… because it is quite different.

Q: Is your business in the Council of Better Business Bureaus?
A: I am unfamiliar with the organization and where they get their data from. So whether or not we are “in” it, I don’t know.

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    I dont have a comment. I have a question. How long can the aloe stay frozen?

      The answer is relative to the quality that can be expected upon thawing. We feel a year is reasonable.

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