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Dimethyl Sulfone – MSM

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO2. It is also known by several other names including DMSO2, methyl sulfone, and dimethyl sulfone. This colorless solid features the sulfonyl functional group and is considered relatively inert chemically.(1)

MSM is one of the purest, most bio-available forms of sulphur. Sulphur is very important to living bodies, being one of the most crucial to regenerating cells. Sulphur is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the human body and is known both as the ‘beauty mineral’ and the ‘healing mineral’ for its ability to support collagen production, promote circulation and decrease inflammation.(2)

I’m sure most of you have seen MSM and Chondroitin sold at health food stores to help with arthritis and joint pain. At one point I think we even sold it at our Chiropractic office. At that point, I didn’t even know it’s benefits for strong hair and nails, skin beauty and psoriasis. My knowledge of this beneficial compound was limited to joint health – but it makes sense that a collagen builder for the joints would have the same effect on the outside of the skin.

In researching ingredients for our new Youth-Derm®, I was compelled to add the purest, most potent form of MSM to our product. After searching many different sources, I settled on a company that exclusively makes the MSM in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Facility right here in America. Since they only manufacture one product – MSM – this gets rid of contamination that might happen from other toxins such as benzene, toluene or pesticides. This MSM is pharmaceutical grade and is produced by the method of distillation, effectively removing any impurities. It is held to strict quality standards, tested by independent laboratories, and ultimately guarantees 99.9% pure MSM. In fact it is distilled four times to completely remove all traces of impurities that might be present. It produces MSM that is identical to what is found in nature. Now if that isn’t enough already, it is the only MSM that is backed up by double-blind clinical research.

Here is part of that research:

Numerous clinical trials, including double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, have been carried out proving the beneficial effect of MSM on collagen production. Additional research and clinical trials suggest that MSM aids the production of hyaluronic acid, protects against inflammation and protects against collagen degrading enzymes, as presented by researchers from the University of California, San Diego, 8th April 2008: a new study presented at the Experimental Biology 2008 Annual Meeting.(3)

So let’s highlight that – the study suggests MSM can help make natural hyaluronic acid, protects us against inflammation and against enzymes that break down collagen!

Here is a little science lesson. Collagen and elastin are the things that make our skin thick, tight and elastic -giving us a youthful appearance. MSM provides our body with the material it needs to facilitate new cells and repair the ones that get damaged from free radicals and other environmental stressors. MSM also promotes the exchange of nutrients and waste products by maintaining flexibility and permeability in the skin cell membrane. It can also aid in maintaining the skin’s all important pH balance.

Please do not misconstrue MSM with Sulphites or Sulphates which can be harmful petrolium derivatives of the sulphur family. MSM is very similar in toxicity to water – no joke! In irritancy tests it comes up with the lowest score.

It wasn’t until I was writing this article that I found out a very large natural skin cream brand based in London – uses this very same source for their MSM.  Interesting enough -one of their 30ml (1oz.) cream sells for $68 US dollars. I promise – I am not a copy-cat.  I tell you this only to let you know that I picked the best of the best!

This journey of learning about, and sourcing each ingredient has been very time consuming, yet rewarding.  We will both benefit from this research by using Stockton Aloe 1’s – Youth-Derm® Ultra Healing Aloe Cream on ourselves and our family.


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    Sure. It’s great! Unless your allergic 2 all forms of Sulfer, as I am!

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