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Essential Oils with Dr. Eric Z

Essential Oil

Earlier in 2016, I had the pleasure of recording a segment with “Dr. Z” discussing Essential Oils and his online summit…

Here are some of the things we talked about…

What Made Essential Oils Important To You? 6:15
What Essential Oils Should A Newbie Start With? 12:20
What is your Soda Replacement? 14:16
Tooth Paste Recipe 15:49
How would you use peppermint… now while congested? 17:31
What is your favorite aromatherapy diffuser? 17:47
Aromatherapy in Capsules 19:42
How to use Aromatherapy medicinally WITHOUT a diffuser 21:53
What’s the best way to use aromatherapy in a pinch? 23:22
What are the best carrier oils? 23:52
Is the skin a barrier? or… 25:32
Do you have house cleaning recipes that use Essential Oils? 30:30
How do I find good quality therapeutic essential oils? 34:50
Dr. Haley’s Confession 37:25

If you want to get to the meaty stuff, CLICK HERE to learn from the experts.

Here’s a summary of our discussion:

What Are Your Most Used Essential Oils?

My favorites are pepermint, clove, and orange. Those are the staples… they are cost effective. If you are on a budget (and who isn’t?)…
Orange – It’s high in anti-oxidants, it’s a mood elevator, it is the traditional oil that people have used to balance hormones and emotions. It’s great aromatherapy… you can put a drop in your water. If you don’t like orange, “lemon”… either or. I like sparkling water with a drop of orange and a couple drops of stevia. I haven’t had soda in years.
Peppermint – “My MVP”. It is a vaso-dialator, a broncho-dialator, and good for exercise. The research shows how a drop of peppermint (diluted) helps athletes perform better… recover quicker…
Clove – Toothpaste… my oral health solution… (Dr. Z discusses oral health and it’s relation to 80 to 90 percent of most diseases. addendum by Dr. Haley not in the video: remember, the mouth is the front end of the gut! The immune system in largely in the gut. Digestion starts in the mouth!)

What is your favorite diffuser?

Go on Amazon and search for “green air diffuser“. They are NOT sexy… It looks like R2S2, it’s 25 bucks, it lasts for 6 hours at a time and will fill a room 500 square feet… it’s perfect functionally speaking, but not the one on our living room mantle. The one on our living room mantle looks nice… “but I’m practical”… It’s the one (green air) I have in my office…

Taking Essential Oils in Gel Caps

I have Peppermint, lavender, and lemon in a capsule… lavender will calm the system, peppermint opens everything up, lemon helps the detox; it’s a really nice 1-2-3 punch. That’s something I’m using to get through this hay-fever thing… The only time I’ll take a benedryll

Your Skin and Gut are the SAME ORGAN!

All of the sudden, pharmaceutical companies started selling drugs that they would deliver through the skin. You have patches and roll-on’s to deliver pain medications and hormones; (just yesterday I saw a guy wearing insulin patches at the beach).
“I did a lot of research on the skin microbiome… there are billions of… bacteria and fungi that live on our body. … When I look at you, I’m looking at 10 bacteria cells to 1 human cell. I’m not even looking at a human; I’m looking at a hodge podge of bugs and stuff… Our skin literally absorbs 65% of the chemicals we put on it.

… We have research that suggests that once you put essential oils on the skin, it will get systemic in the body within 20 minutes. Your body metabolizes essential oils within 4 hours; but drugs… your body is not going to fully metabolize, but rather, store some in the fat cells. Drugs create liver toxicity and¬†kidney damage because your body can’t break down all of the chemicals in the drugs.

You can use essential oils every 4 to 5 hours… because your body will use them; they aren’t going to last forever. If you use lavender for a calming effect, maybe during a panic attack or during anxiety, you can put it on pressure points on your wrists or behind the knees. You can be confident that after a couple hours, the calming effect will go away. You wouldn’t want your calming effect to interfere with wanting to be energized for exercise later on. “The chemistry in the plant works with the chemistry in the body; it’s beautiful; it’s synergy.”


For some great essential oil recipes, check out the “Mama Z DIY” blog. You will find recipes for mood, laudry cleaner, anti-aging skin care, bug repellent, floor cleaner, and more.

Hand Sanitizer

You can use filtered water and any essential oil you want. Essential oils have cell selectivity which can leave the majority of healthy bacteria. You can “sanitize” without destroying your skin flora. Chemical hand sanitizers are like anti-biotics that kill almost everything… good and bad.

Is there a guide to help me find good quality essential oils?

You want to ask the manufacture what their purity standards are, where they get their oils from, and are the “GRAS” (generally recognized as safe)

Tell us about the upcoming Essential Oils Summit

The last summit was called “The Essential Oils Revolution in May of 2015. The new series is called The “Essential Oils Revolution Part II” (EOR2) starts August 22, 2016.

What conditions can be helped with Essential Oils?

“There’s virtually no health condition I can’t talk about with essential oils”… I have protocols for gut health, cancer, diabetes, lyme disease, fibromyalgia…

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    Dr Zielinski said in an interview in the webinar Engineering your Microbiome that there is a cell selectivity of essential oils and that there are studies about this. I would be very grateful if you could tell me where to find these studies.
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