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How To Grow Sprouts

beans in the bulk section at whole foods

Last year, one of our customers sent me a sprouting jar and seeds. At the time, I didn’t know what to do with them… so I turned to YouTube and researched “How To Sprout Mung Beans”. After watching a few videos, I was ready… and quite surprised at how easy it was.

Up to that time, I paid a premium for sprouts… not realizing that they could cost merely beans…

I have become quite the sprout addict – and that’s a good thing! Sprouts are delicious, super nutritious, and the beans prior to sprouting, don’t perish, which is why they are so cheap.

You can start with things you already have. To sprout chick peas (garbanzo beans), just soak them in water for a day or two. You should change the water a couple times per day or if it gets cloudy.

My kids will get themselves little bowls of sprouted chick peas and snack on them like crackers! Imagine how much better sprouted chick peas are compared to snacks that most kids eat these days.

To sprout beans such as lentils, mung beans, and adzuki beans, soak the beans for about 1 day changing the water if it is cloudy. Then, rinse and strain the beans several times per day… about every three hours, for then next day or two. They should be kept covered… or in the dark… which isn’t necessary during the soaking phase.

You probably have everything you need to sprout mung beans, lentils, adzuki, and more. A collunder will do… But if you want to get a simple starter kit, you can find them here: Sprouting Jar on Amazon.


Within the tiny seeds are all of the necessary instructions and coding to create new mature plants… all by them selves. Even the nutrition to support the seeds in the early days is included. Putting them in water initiates the new plant life and removes the protective barrier, releasing the nutrients making them suitable for consumption.

The nutrition benefits are tremendous. Because there are so many different kinds of seeds that can be sprouted, each with its own nutrient profile, I can’t go into too much detail. But know that the nutrient density can often be 10 fold of the mature food that the seed would eventually produce.

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    I grew alfalfa sprouts in a Mason jar in the laye 60’s through the 70’s. It’s so easy. This makes me want to try the chick pea sprouts and more!

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